Chances are that, if you are traveling roughly Spain, México, South America, or all over else in the Spanish-speaking people, you will certainly accomplish some awesome people! And, when that happens, you will desire to expush exactly how grateful you feel about it. So, how execute you say “Nice to fulfill you” in Spanish?

We’re below to help! In this brief write-up, we’re going to display you how to say “Nice to accomplish you” in Spanish.

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Nice to Meet You in Spanish at a Glance (via Audio)

All the Ways to Say Nice to Meet You in Spanish

Mucho gusto

This is the one-in-all way of saying “It’s nice to meet you” in Spanish. It’s the short variation for Mucho gusto en conocerte, yet extremely few human being actually use the entirety expression. Mucho gusto is just enough. Some world even say Un gusto , which is even shorter. Let’s check out an example:

As you deserve to view, the simplest and also shortest response is igualmente ; you deserve to additionally say lo mismo digo .

Encantado de conocerte

Encantado literally implies “Charmed”. Because of this, encantaperform de conocerte and its variations intend “I’m chequipped to accomplish you.” Why did we say “variations”? This expression deserve to take many forms depending on whether you’re in a formal or informal context, and also depending upon the gender of the speakers.

First of all, you need to take into account your gender. If you determine as male, you will say Encantado, and if you recognize as female, you will say Encantada.

As you may understand, in Spanish there are 2 pronouns for the singular second person. Usted is booked for formal treatment; the various other one, , is provided in informal settings. If you’re in an informal setting, for example, speaking through a frifinish or a peer, then you will certainly use Encantado de conocerte.

Here we usage the informal reflexive pronoun “te” which synchronizes to the informal pronoun “tú”. This situation is rather straightforward, as you usage “te” ircorresponding of the sex of the perkid you’re speaking with. Encantado/a will be various relying on the sex of the speaker. See below.

In a formal establishing has actually a couple of other combinations that make it a tiny tricky, but it is simple as soon as you gain the hang of it. If you are in a formal establishing, you will certainly desire to use usted, and you will certainly have to readjust conocerte for conocerlo or conocerla, depending upon whether the perboy you are talking to is a male or a woguy. You might usage this expression at job-related, or in a formal social environment. Let’s take a look at the 4 variations in a formal setting.

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Es un placer conocerte

This formula is comparable to that of the last area. But, in this situation, we are replacing encantado/a via es un placer. Es un placer conocerte is the tantamount of saying “it’s a pleasure to satisfy you” in Spanish.

Es un placer doesn’t have a sex difference prefer encantado/a, so it is a little bit less complicated. But, just as before, if you are addressing the perboy formally, be conscious of the sex of the perboy you are talking to: it can be Es un placer conocerla or Es un placer conocerlo.


As you can watch, tbelow are many ways of saying “Nice to fulfill you” in Spanish. You will have many type of variations to select from as you’re off meeting all kinds of interesting people. You have the choice of practicing grammatical ideas choose reflexive pronouns and sex agreement by saying Encantaexecute de conocerte or Es un placer conocerte in all their gender and pronoun variations. If you’d like something less complicated, Mucho gusto is always a safe bet.


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