Whenever I introduce myself to someone I’ve never before met before, this often tends to be the usual reply, “Never trust a guy with 2 first names.”

What does this mean…?

Why would certainly you say some point prefer this to a complete stranger? I’m still trying to figure it out.

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My last name is Mike, initially name David. This has been a resource of confusion for world, my whole life. What sort of perboy has actually Mike for a last name anyways?

It’s exceptionally unique and type of weird.

When asked what ethnic background Mike is, I provide them the ago story.



Great-Grandpa Mike

My Great-Grandfather, Giuseppe Antonio Michele, made the decision to leave Italy to make a much better life for himself right here in America.

As is the case through many type of immigrants, the agent that processed him either might not understand his accent, or simply wanted to Americanize his name and changed it to, Joseph Anthony Mike.

His decision to relocate below, not just boosted our family’s top quality of life yet, additionally provided us the possibility to play the name game.

When I was younger I told civilization that our last name was really Skullnelly. Mike was simply the last name offered to us once we gotten in the witness replace regime. There’s just no way Mike just can be a REAL last name.

To day, I’m not sure anyone ever before actually thought me.

If you check out the picture of me in my youth, you’ll understand also that I needed all the cool points I can obtain.



David “Skullnelly” Mike

Over the phone, once asked for my last name, and also I say Mike, the usual response on the other end is, “I sassist your LAAAAST name.”

After reassuring them that I understand also inquiries presented to me in English, the usual comeearlier is, “Then exactly how carry out you spell that?”


And those bad telemarketers that ask, “May I please soptimal to Mr. Mike David?”

“Well sorry, he doesn’t live below.”


Private First Class Mike

Throughout Basic Training the object is to protect against pain, experiencing and humiliation from the Drill Sergeants.

Your primary goal is to blend in and also not get singled out for any kind of reason, from all the other shaved head, camouflage wearing people.

No luck for me in that department… “Hey… you… two first names, gain over here…”

One of my favorite comments from my fellow soldiers was, “Why execute you acquire to have actually your initially name on your uniform?”

At my present job as a Cosmetology Instructor, I go by Mr. Mike.

It appears as if the Mr. part just gets dropped off after a while by our continual clients.

It is just, “Hey, Mike!” , “Isn’t that appropriate, Mike?” or “Go get Mike, he knows just how I prefer my hair reduced.”

After finding out that my initially name is David, they commonly say, “You don’t look prefer a David, you look favor a Mike!”

Well I am technically, sort of ish.

Fortunately for my three daughters, the Mike girls will not have the last name curse follow them after they get married.

Unmuch less they make the guy adjust his last name to Mike, or what if his first name is Mike?

I really do choose my last name and after many kind of years I am used to all the comments.

This is a great point, bereason they will certainly probably never speak.

By the method, you CAN trust me.

My middle name is Charles which triples out the two first name thing…

Is anyone else out there through me?

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David Mike is a Christ folreduced, husband also, father, writer and Cosmetology Instructor in Omaha, NE. David blogs to share humorous life occasions and also also tell the story of the 3 years invested in the UNITED STATE Army’s Prichild, Ft. Leavenworth, sharing the message that we carry out not have to be characterized by our previous and that God deserve to usage our kind of mess for excellent.

To review David’s story, click the book title listed below.

Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption

Originally publiburned at dilemmamike.com

David Mike

Christian, Husband also, Father, Cosmetology Instructor, Author of Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption.

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Christian, Husband, Father, Cosmetology Instructor, Author of Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption.

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