When you consistently press yourself to perform more than you think you can, you will repeatedly perform more than you believed you can.

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According to the laws of nature and physics, empty or unfilled spaces are unherbal. Wherever tright here is a void, the cosmos looks for to fill it.

Turns out Aristotle was mostly ideal when he sassist “Nature abhors a vacuum”.

This expression popped right into my head as I wrapped up my cardio session at the gym previously — and also was had in my E is for endorphins short article on facebook.

There are two times of day when seemingly random points just “pop right into my head”. The initially is immediately after waking up (sometimes those thoughts are good — and also sometimes, ummmm, yeah!).

And the second the majority of regularly time this happens, is while I’m at the gym — typically doing cardio (that’s my “meditation time”.

Although my short article to Facebook earlier was intended to be light and fun, I’ve been chewing on it ever given that. I know I’ve heard this “nature abhors a vacuum” expression before, but I wasn’t certain wbelow it came from, so I looked it up — and that’s just how this article got started.

At least that’s how I initially thought it acquired started. But then I looked back at something else I posted earlier in the day — a quote by Charles Burke about “Giving thanks” — and also realized it felt acquainted. While he doesn’t clearly say the words, Burke’s quote has this phrase:

“When you offer many thanks — real, soul-lifting, jubilant many thanks — for things you don’t have yet, nature rushes in to fill that vacuum.”

It’s pretty clear my brain was making connections in between this quote and also Aristotle’s before I was even conscious of it. (And I’ve written before around how the subconscious mind will certainly frequently do this.)

So I was thinking, possibly tright here really is some scientific research behind the universe’s basic tendency to fill voids — and probably there’s a means for us to usage this to our advantage?

A universal “loophole”, if you will…

I’ve heard it sassist prior to that:

“If you want somepoint in your life, acting choose you already have actually it is one of the the majority of immediate ways to get it”.

So perhaps Charles Burke is onto somepoint — what would (or could) happen if one was to be grateful for points one didn’t yet have?

Due to the fact that it has actually likewise been sassist that our brainwaves rotate thoughts into issue, could it not be the case that by acting (thinking) as if we already have what we want, the world will “see” that void (if one exists) and also look for to fill it?


Or probably this is simply some self-assist silliness.

But still…

If being truly grateful makes you feel much better about life anyway, probably that’s also even more factor to exercise gratitude.

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It’s certainly worth trying. Isn’t it?

Dear Universe!

I am grateful that things simply keep acquiring much better and also better!And for being healthy and balanced (and also injury free) sufficient to run my initially marathon in 2013!And for overwhelming abundance!And for the exceptional civilization in my life!And for awesome travel opportunities!And for lastly meeting (and entering right into a connection with) the woguy of my dreams! ;)

And, oh heck, why not — for having actually the possibility to ultimately satisfy Will Smith — bereason Will Smith is awesome.

Divine crackers — showing gratitude is fun. :) Who knew!?


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