Grinch(67 points)Ebenezer Scrooge(28 points)Charlie Brown(4 points)

2. What Might A Chef Do While Cooking, That Would Ruin The Whole Dish?(4 answers)

Burn It(45 points)Sneeze(32 points)Too Much Salt(11 points)Drop It(8 points)

3. Tell Me A Reaboy You’d Hate To Run Into Your Boss At The Beach.(4 answers)

Called In Sick(47 points)Skimpy Suit(28 points)You’re Drinking(14 points)Ruin A Good Time(9 points)

4. Name Somepoint That Might Be Ruined If It Had A Scratch On It.(6 answers)

CD/Record(44 points)Furniture(16 points)Glasses/Eyeglasses(11 points)Car(11 points)Mirror(6 points)Camera Lense(5 points)

5. Name Somepoint That Could Ruin A Romantic Dinner.(6 answers)

Passing Gas(21 points)Fight(19 points)Bad Food(18 points)Phone Call(16 points)Kids(15 points)Getting Sick(9 points)

6. What might a wash machine perform that would make you remove it?(6 answers)

Speak working(34 points)Leak(28 points)Ruin clothes(11 points)Make noise(9 points)Overflow(8 points)Shake(3 points)

7. Name Something You Might Do On A First Date That Ruins It.(6 answers)

Pass Gas(42 points)Throw Up/Get Sick(18 points)Talk Too Much(11 points)Go Home Together(9 points)Get Drunk(7 points)Talk About Ex(6 points)

8. In the warm of the moment,what might occur that can damage it?(7 answers)

Phone call(37 points)Pass gas(20 points)Family member(12 points)Weather(11 points)Sneeze/cough(8 points)Door bell(6 points)Bad breath(3 points)

9. Name A Profession In Which Rain Can Ruin A Day’s Work.(7 answers)

Construction(38 points)House Painter(21 points)Landscaper(16 points)Farmer(12 points)Athlete(5 points)Postal Worker(3 points)Lifeguard(3 points)

10. Name Somepoint That Might Ruin A Ballerina’s Day While Percreating On Stage.(2 answers)

Fall(49 points)Twist Ankle(10 points)

11. Name A Toy That You Could Buy Your Friend’s Child That Might Ruin Your Friendship(2 answers)

Water Gun(54 points)Drums(41 points)

12. Name Somepoint That Might Ruin A Day At A Popular Amusement Park.(1 answers)

Bad Weather(74 points)

13. Name Something A Bird Could Do To Ruin A Magician’s Act(1 answers)

Fly(42 points)

14. Name Something A Teacher Can Do To Ruin A Pupils Day(5 answers)

Detention Give A Test Pop Quiz Shout At them Homework 

15. Name Something A Teacher Can Do To Ruin A Students Day(7 answers)

Keep Them LateGive TestPop QuizYell Them ThemEmbarrass ThemHomeworkSend To Principal

16. Name something that can damage a person"s garden(7 answers)



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Name somepoint that might destroy a picnic(7 answers)

StormWaspsPrecipitationAntsRed AntsStingersRain

18. Name an pet that damages a farmer"s crops(6 answers)