L>"Family Feud" season 7 -- 4-answer boardsTell me somepoint about the home that you empty.TRASH CAN84ICE CUBE TRAY2ASHTRAY7DISHWASHER6Name something people have to squeeze right into.CLOTHES/SHOES81PARKING SPACE2CAR13RESTAURANT BOOTH3Name an appliance in the bathroom that you plug in.BLOW DRYER74ELEC. TOOTHBRUSH4ELECTRIC RAZOR15CURLING IRON6On which holiday are the a lot of collect calls made?CHRISTMAS54THANKSGIVING9MOTHER"S DAY24FATHER"S DAY12Name somepoint that woguys wash more often than guys perform.CLOTHES52DISHES3HAIR/BODY41BED LINENS3Name an occupation of someone that could be dubbed to the scene of an accident.POLICE52INSURANCE CO.2EMT/PARAMEDIC28FIREFIGHTERS17Tell me something that world hug in bed.PILLOW43DOG/PET2PERSON30TEDDY BEAR24Name somepoint a boxer wears for defense.CUP/JOCKSTRAP36HEADGEAR7MOUTHGUARD30BOXING GLOVES26Name an pet that starts with the letter "E."ELEPHANT85EMU3EAGLE7EEL3Name a nation that seems to tell other countries what to execute.UNITED STATES81RUSSIA3IRAQ8FRANCE6Name a televised occasion that human being throw parties to watch.SUPER BOWL/F"BALL81NEW YEAR"S/EVE5WORLD SERIES6AWARD SHOW/OSCARS6Name a task in a supermarket.CHECKER/CASHIER72BUTCHER2SHELF STOCKER12BAGGER12Name a fruit that tastes good once it"s dipped in cocoa.STRAWBERRY71CHERRY4BANANA19APPLE4Name something particular that gets brumelted.HAIR68CAT3TEETH16DOG11Name somepoint an armchair quarterago has surrounding throughout the Super Bowl.BEER/DRINKS68HIS BUDDIES2REMOTE CONTROL14SNACKS/FOOD14Name somepoint you could ask someone to perform to your back.MASSAGE/RUB IT66CRACK IT2SCRATCH IT27WALK ON IT3Name a renowned Barbara.BARBRA STREISAND65BARBARA EDEN2BARBARA WALTERS16BARBARA BUSH15Besides chicken, tell me a form of bird that"s great to eat.TURKEY64CORNISH GAME HEN4DUCK22PHEASANT8Name something that reminds you of New Orleans.MARDI GRAS/BEADS60BOURBON STREET3JAZZ/MUSIC21CAJUN FOOD14Name somepoint you view outdoors that rhymes through the word "brain."RAIN58PLANE3TRAIN24DRAIN13Name a Peter from a children"s story or rhyme.PETER PAN56...PUMPKIN EATER9PETER RABBIT20PETER COTTONTAIL13Name something that witches are meant to have the ability to perform.FLY ON BROOMS52MAKE POTIONS2CAST SPELLS42THINGS DISAPPEAR2Name the first point that tells you to go on a diet.THE SCALE/HEAVY50DOCTOR/HEALTH4CLOTHES TOO TIGHT40FRIEND/FAMILY4If a baby was six feet tall, name something you"d have actually a hard time buying for him.CLOTHES/SHOES47CAR SEAT2DIAPERS39CRIB10Tell me somepoint world play for hrs and hours.VIDEO/COMP. GAME43SPORTS2CARDS/BOARD GAME31MUSIC/RADIO22Name somepoint human being acquire dismissed from.SCHOOL/CLASS42MILITARY/ARMY5JOB/WORK37JURY DUTY/COURT14Past or existing, name a famous Joan.JOAN RIVERS40JOAN COLLINS4JOAN OF ARC36JOAN CRAWFORD18Tell me an Academy Award category the majority of world remain as much as watch.BEST ACTOR39BEST MUSIC3BEST PICTURE39BEST ACTRESS17Name a circus animal that would certainly be much happier living in the jungle.TIGER34MONKEY/APE8ELEPHANT31LION25Tell me something that can have actually a dead finish.STREET/ROAD82DRIVEWAY2JOB8HAIR5Past or existing, name someone famous whose first name is Elizabeth.ELIZABETH TAYLOR62ELIZABETH HURLEY2QUEEN ELIZABETH31ELIZABETH ARDEN2Name a prevalent topic of conversation at men"s poker games.WOMEN/SEX60CARS2SPORTS24JOBS/MONEY11Name a nation wbelow they drink numerous wine.ITALY53SPAIN2FRANCE40ENGLAND2Name something about their mothers that kids brag around.HER COOKING52HER JOB9HER LOOKS19SHE"S COOL/NICE17Name something world bring through them to their high college reunion.PHOTOS47LETTERMAN JACKET2YEARBOOK30SPOUSE/DATE18Name something you associate with Kentucky.KENTUCKY DERBY44BOURBON3FRIED CHICKEN43BLUEGRASS MUSIC7Give me the name of a country that has specifically four letters.IRAQ43CUBA11IRAN30PERU13Name something womales wear that harms.SHOES/HEELS43THONG5BRA27GIRDLE/CORSET22Name the worst thing a medical professional might order a perchild to offer up.SMOKING34DRINKING ALCOHOL7UNHEALTHY FOODS32SEX24In summer, name something world like to do under a shady tree.SLEEP/REST33KISS/MAKE LOVE9READ28PICNIC/DRINK27Name something civilization lose that deserve to damage a vacation.MONEY/WALLET85CAR KEYS3LUGGAGE4TICKETS4Name an amusement park ride that you can compare to marital relationship.ROLLER COASTER77BUMPER CARS2MERRY-GO-ROUND14FERRIS WHEEL3Name an pet on Noah"s ark that took up most room.ELEPHANT68HIPPOPOTAMUS3GIRAFFE16COW9Name a place wbelow womales dress sexy.NIGHTCLUB/BAR68PARTY/WEDDING8BEDROOM12BEACH8Name an Amerideserve to beer.BUDWEISER63PABST BLUE RIBBON4COORS15MILLER14Name the most vital attribute of an attractive confront.EYES60CHEEKBONES2MOUTH/SMILE27NOSE7Name somepoint a woguy throws out the window when she finds out her boyfrifinish has actually cheated on her.HIS CLOTHES60HIM/THE BUM8HIS PICTURES14RING/JEWELRY14Name something women have actually with a strap on it.BRA56SHOES2PURSE/POCKETBOOK34DRESS/GOWN4Name somepoint woguys perform the majority of once they"re pregnant.EAT/CRAVE FOOD56GO TO BATHROOM7COMPLAIN/CRY22SLEEP11We surveyed 100 woguys...Name somepoint you bought bereason it was guaranteed to rotate a man on.LINGERIE/NIGHTIE55SEXY HIGH HEELS5PERFUME/COLOGNE28SEXY DRESS8Tell me a place wbelow you"d see a team of cardinals.VATICAN/CHURCH54ZOO4TREE/FOREST23BASEBALL/ST. LOUIS15Name somepoint that can be referred to as "foul."FOUL ODOR50FOUL LANGUAGE5POULTRY/FOWL25"FOUL BALL!"16Tell me something human being perform to pass the moment as soon as they"re sick at home.WATCH TV45GAMES/PUZZLES2READ37SLEEP/REST12Name somepoint that transforms world into grouches if they try to go as well lengthy without it.FOOD/COFFEE37SLEEP13CIGARETTES32SEX14Name a part of your body that has actually most meat on it.BOTTOM36BREASTS/CHEST3STOMACH33THIGHS/LEGS24Tell me something you hope won"t occur once you"re driving.CAR ACCIDENT81HIT PEDESTRIAN2FALL ASLEEP6HEART ATTACK/ILL6Name something that occurred to Pinocchio.NOSE GREW78SWALLOW BY WHALE3GOT CAUGHT LYING8TURNED INTO A BOY6Name somepoint civilization have actually a difficult time holding onto.MONEY77ANIMALS3RELATIONSHIPS8JOBS7When playing charades, name one point civilization do to imitate a dog.BARK67HANDS UP/BEG3PANT/TONGUE OUT14DOWN ON ALL FOURS11Name something that starts with the letter "M" that womales want.MONEY/MILLION $63MERCEDES-BENZ2MARRIAGE18MEN12When a man breaks a woman"s heart, name something of his she"d like to break.HEAD/BODY61EGO/PRIDE3WINDSHIELD/CAR21HIS HEART10Name someone you talk over your sex life via.FRIEND60DOCTOR2LOVER27SIBLING6Name a movie that has actually the word "war" in its title.WAR OF THE WORLDS58WAR OF THE ROSES11WAR AND PEACE14STAR WARS12Name something a man can have expensive taste in.CAR54WINE/ALCOHOL7CLOTHES/SHOES22JEWELRY/WATCH12Name a sort of location you can work where you"d really put on the pounds.RESTAURANT47ICE CREAM SHOP6BAKERY/DONUT SHOP30CANDY SHOP/MAKER12Name somepoint chickens execute.LAY EGGS38SCRATCH8CLUCK37PECK12Tell me something that a perkid could lie about on a loan application.INCOME/JOB70CRIMINAL RECORD5CREDIT HISTORY14AGE5Name somepoint a guy doesn"t like being turned down for.SEX58CREDIT/LOAN4DATE28JOB4Name a living point that hops.RABBIT/BUNNY48GRASSHOPPER13FROG18KANGAROO15If you dated Simon Cowell from "American Idol," name somepoint he might slam around you.WEIGHT/BODY35CLOTHES14SINGING VOICE28LOOKS/HAIR17Name a reason a kid can not be able to go exterior.RAIN/BAD WEATHER34DARK/DANGEROUS10BEING PUNISHED27SICK23Name somepoint golfers can shed in the time of a round of golf.BALL79CLUBS3TEE6TEMPER5Name a location dogs hate to go.VETERINARIAN64POUND9GROOMER/BATH11KENNEL9Name somepoint world that are at a casino perform with dice right before they roll them.BLOW ON THEM62SPIT ON THEM4KISS THEM19SHAKE THEM8Give me an American city that begins with the letter "H."HOUSTON58HOLLYWOOD4HARRISBURG25HONOLULU6Name a public area where you watch parental fees disciplining their youngsters.STORE/MALL57RESTAURANT8PARK/FIELD15SCHOOL/PLAYGROUND13Give me a word that rhymes through "bubble."TROUBLE54RUBBLE8STUBBLE16DOUBLE15We surveyed 100 married civilization...What is the best complaint around sleeping with your spouse?SNORING51BATHROOM TRIPS2MOVING/HOGS BED24HOGS COVERS16We surveyed 100 married womales...When your husband also is in the mood for love, what are you in the mood for?SLEEP48WATCH TV4LOVE36FOOD5Name something that human being perform at midnight on New Year"s Eve.KISS48BLOW HORNS3DRINK/TOAST31YELL H"PY NEW YR!11When you arrive in heaven, that do you think will be there to greet you?FAMILY/LOVED ONES44ANGELS7JESUS & GOD32ST. PETER10Name somepoint that"s described as running.WATER40CAR/TRUCK7PERSON/JOGGER25NOSE21Name a area wright here someone gives their car to a stranger.RESTAURANT38HOTEL8MECHANIC34CAR WASH13Tell me an animal that has actually substantial ears.ELEPHANT63DONKEY2RABBIT23DOG4Name something people hate doing in the morning when they have actually a hangover.GETTING UP68LOUD MUSIC/ALARM6GOING TO WORK10TALKING7Name something world put on their teeth.TOOTHPASTE58CAPS4BRACES17WHITENER12Name somepoint you routinely loss asleep while doing.WATCHING TV55MAKING LOVE2READING32TALKING ON PHONE2Tell me somepoint that"s known as a bloodsucker.LEECH50TICK6MOSQUITO25VAMPIRE/DRACULA10Name somepoint you"d much better present up on time for.WORK/JOB50SCHOOL ACTIVITIES5WEDDING22COURT/JURY DUTY14Name something youngsters beg paleas for at bedtime.A DRINK31SNACK16A STORY23STAY UP LONGER21Past or present, name an educational TV regimen for kids.SESAME STREET77DORA THE EXPLORER4MR. ROGERS"5BARNEY & FRIENDS4Name the Amerihave the right to city you think has actually the rudest world.NEW YORK74CHICAGO4LOS ANGELES8BOSTON4Name the worst place to accidentally autumn asleep.CAR/BEHIND WHEEL54BUS/TRAIN10WORK/MEETING16CHURCH10Name something you"ve found in your food in a restaurant and also complained to the manager around it.HAIR53TOOTH2FLY/BUG33GLASS2What"s a dog"s worst enemy?CATS51OTHER DOGS7PEOPLE23FLEAS/TICKS9Name somepoint people execute for someone who feels faint.GET WATER39FAN THEM13SIT/LIE DOWN22GET COLD CLOTH16Name a reason you do not permit your children to swim in the ocean.SHARKS38POLLUTED WATER12CAN"T SWIM/DROWN24WAVES/RIPTIDE16Name a expression that starts through the word "soul."SOUL FOOD58SOUL MATE7SOUL TRAIN15...SISTER/BROTHER9Name somepoint specific that a perkid might have actually that he or she won"t tell you is really fake.JEWELRY54TEETH6BREASTS22HAIR7What"s an excellent gift to take to someone who is remaining in the hospital?FLOWERS53BALLOONS5BOOKS/MAGAZINES19FOOD/SNACKS12Name an occupation in which you would certainly go on duty.POLICE OFFICER42GUARD4MILITARY26NURSE17Name someone a perchild could confess a crime to.CLERGY42SPOUSE/MATE7FRIEND24POLICE16Name something gross a perkid might say they discovered in their quick food so they can sue the firm.FINGER36MOUSE6BUG35HAIR12Name something you need to put up with if you live in Los Angeles.SMOG35THE PEOPLE11TRAFFIC30EARTHQUAKES13Name a former president you would certainly have actually voted for if you were living at the time.ABRAHAM LINCOLN34GEORGE WASHINGTON8JOHN KENNEDY29F. D. R.18Name a holiday or occasion that"s fun for children however job-related for parents.CHRISTMAS57BIRTHDAY8HALLOWEEN15EASTER8Name an improper place where you found yourself cracking jokes.CHURCH/TEMPLE57COURT/JURY DUTY7FUNERAL13JOB/INTERVIEW11Name somepoint people ride that causes them to throw up.ROLLER COASTER56FERRIS WHEEL9BOAT/SHIP13CAR10If you obtained fired from your task on Monday, name somepoint you could do on Tuesday.FIND NEW JOB49GO SHOPPING3SLEEP IN30FILE UNEMPLOYMENT6Name a well known Patty.PATTI LABELLE38PEPPERMINT PATTY9PATTY DUKE32PATTY HEARST9Name something everybody knows about Cinderella.GLASS SLIPPER66POOR5STEPMOTHER/SISTER9BALL/MIDNIGHT7Name someone that passed away for a reason.MARTIN L. KING,JR63JOAN OF ARC5JESUS CHRIST12MAHATMA GANDHI7Name something a surgeon keeps near them as soon as they job-related.SCALPEL/KNIFE52PAGER/BEEPER4STETHOSCOPE19NURSE/ASSISTANT12Name a kind of area wright here parental fees are embarrassed by their misbehaving actually kids.STORE/MARKET40SCHOOL/DAY CARE4RESTAURANT24CHURCH19Name something about their tasks that teachers hate.KIDS/BEHAVIOR52PARENTS/MEETINGS7MONEY/LOW PAY14GRADE TEST/PAPER13Name something civilization think brings poor luck.BLACK CAT47OPEN UMBRELLA5UNDER LADDER19BREAK MIRROR15Name somepoint that, when you learn just how to carry out it, you never forget.RIDE A BIKE59DRIVE6TIE SHOES13WALK7Name something woguys have the right to perform for hours on finish.TALK/NAG57READ7SHOP13WATCH TV8Name somepoint dogs do a lot of throughout the dog days of summer.SLEEP44SHED FUR5PANT31DRINK WATER5Tell me somepoint you hate to admit you did on a Saturday night.STAYED HOME38GAMBLED/LOST $3GOT DRUNK35HAD A FLING9Besides a continual Sunday, tell me an occasion as soon as you could go to church.WEDDING32FUNERAL8CHRISTMAS23EASTER22Name somepoint that a pair has a first among.CHILD56FIGHT8KISS12ANNIVERSARY8Name a phrase that starts through "Below the...."BELOW THE BELT68BELOW THE WAIST4...THE EQUATOR6BELOW THE SURFACE5Name something at which many kind of people fail the first time they attempt it.DRIVING TEST67COOKING4RIDING A BIKE6DIETING6Name a location wbelow world like to review the morning newspaper.KITCHEN TABLE41COFFEE SHOP8BATHROOM24TRAIN/SUBWAY10Name a famed perkid who"s known for offering advice.DR.

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PHIL37OPRAH WINFREY11DEAR ABBY22DR. RUTH13Besides buying it, name a method someone can obtain a automobile.STEAL IT29WIN IT13LEASE IT22RENT IT19Name somepoint neighbors swap via each various other.FOOD37GOSSIP/TALK13RECIPES19TOOLS13Name something civilization have actually second thoughts about after they decide to carry out it.GETTING MARRIED57BUYING A CAR5BUYING A HOUSE12HAVING A FLING7Name somepoint you spfinish more money on the older you gain.HEALTHCARE51TRAVEL/VACATION6CLOTHES/SHOES17CARS7Name a monster who simply wanted to be loved.KING KONG45INCREDIBLE HULK5SHREK19FRANKENSTEIN12Give me an animal that begins through the letter "W."WALRUS44WALLABY7WHALE17WOLF13Name somepoint human being know about Will Smith.RAPPER/SINGER32FUNNY7MARRIED JADA30ACTOR12Name a part of their body where males start to thrive hair about the exact same time they begin losing it on their heads.EARS43NOSE11BACK14CHEST12Give me a boy"s name that starts via the letter "C."CHARLES47CALVIN4CHRISTOPHER/CHRIS21CARL7Name somepoint about Tom Cruise that comedians make fun of.HEIGHT/LOOKS42JUMPING ON COUCH9SCIENTOLOGY17HIS LOVE LIFE11Name an animal that"s really excellent at digging.DOG53SQUIRREL5MOLE12GROUNDHOG8Tell me something all little children hate.VEGETABLES32DENTIST/DR./SHOTS9BEDTIME/NAP18SCHOOL/HOMEWORK17We surveyed 100 married men...Tell me something you"re certain a robot can carry out better than your spousage can.CLEAN38DRIVE4COOK19IRON/LAUNDRY12Name an occupation where a perkid carries some sort of a bag on the task.MAIL CARRIER53LAWYER6SALESPERSON7DOCTOR6Back to index