L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 18 | 7-answer surveysWe asked 100 married womales...Name something your spousage does favor a pig.100SNORES39LEAVES STUFF AROUND6EATS27LOOKS LIKE ONE2FARTS13FINDS TRUFFLES2GETS MUDDY/FILTHY11We asked 100 married women...Name somepoint you still will not carry out in front of your husband also.100TAKE MASSIVE DUMP37CHANGE CLOTHES9RIP HEARTY FART15SHAVE/MY STACHE7SHOWER14SING/HANSON SONGS5PUT ON MAKEUP13We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: To rotate me on, a man must run his fingers down my what?100BACK35ARM7NECK19CHEEK6LEG/INNER THIGH19JIGGLING JUGS5HAIR9If a stripper was Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz," what would certainly she discard throughout her act?99RUBY SLIPPERS65HER BASKET4TOTO TOO!10EVERYTHING3CUTE GINGHAM DRESS10BLOOMERS/UNDIES2HAIR RIBBONS5Name something around a male frog that a female frog could think is sexy.99HIS STUDLY CROAK56HIGH-HOPPIN" LEGS6WIDE-SET PEEPERS13BULGING THROAT/NECK6HIS LONG TONGUE9HIS COLOR/SPOTS2HIS DREAMY WARTS7We asked 100 married women...Name something you can forgive your dog for doing yet not your guy.99PEE/POO ON FLOOR53LICK"G SOMEONE ELSE/DOG6NOT LISTENING15HOGGING BED/SOFA3NOT PICKING UP12EATING MY SHOES2BITING/ROUGH PLAY8We asked 100 married males...I"d love it if my wife greeted me at the door holding a what?99DRINK/BEER50KEY/TO NEW CAR6STEAK/BURGER15BOOB/OTHER GAL"S5PAIR OF SLIPPERS11WINNING LOTTO TKT.3ROBE9Name a part of his body wbelow a male must not remove his hair.99GROIN22ARMS/PITS15LEGS20FACE/EYEBROWS5HEAD19BUTT3PECS/NIPS15Fill in the blank: The lady elephant sassist to her male suitor, "My, what a large ______ you have."98TRUNK/NOSE71WOODY3EAR9FOOT2TUSK8WRINKLY RUMP2BODY/WEIGHT3Name somepoint you do not desire to watch coming out of someone"s mouth.98FOOD/PUKE67BUGS/WORMS4SPIT/DROOL/FOAM10LIES & MORE LIES!2BLOOD8THEIR TEETH2CUSS WORDS5The negative news: Grandma got a tatas well. The worse news: She acquired it on her what?98PRUNE BLASTER48NECK2FLOOR-SCRAPING BOOB35ARM2FACE/FOREHEAD6BACK2HOO-HA3We asked 100 single guys...Name something you"d say around yourself simply to get a girl to break up through you.98CHEAT/DID YOUR BFF41I"M A DRUGGIE4LOST MY JOB/BROKE33I"M A FELON3GAY/INTO YOUR DAD10I"M A FREAKY PERV2I WON"T COMMIT5We asked 100 single males...Fill in the blank: To finish a bad day early on, I"ll tell a woman I have actually what?98TO SLEEP/EARLY DAY41NO MONEY6EVERY KNOWN STD17ANOTHER DATE5WIFE/GIRLFRIEND14GAS/LEAKING BOOTY2WORK TO DO13Fill in the blank: I was shocked once my day stuck a breadstick in his what?98EAR30FOOD/KETCHUP6PANTS/POCKET26BUTT/HAMFLOWER4NOSE15MOUTH/DOWN THROAT4DRINK13We asked 100 males...Name somepoint you"d be embarrassed to discover out an 80-year-old male could carry out much better than you.98PUSH-UPS/WEIGHTS29DANCE/WHIP/NAE NAE6PLEASE PUNANI26SPORTS/GOLF6RUN/WALK20DRIVE3PICK UP BABES8Name a form people"s bottoms come in.98PEAR28PANCAKE5ROUND/CIRCLE/BUBBLE27PEACH2APPLE27MELON/WATERMELON2HEART7If Santa acquired stuck in the chimney, name someone he might call on his cell phone.98ELF CENTRAL27CHIMNEY SWEEP3HIS OLD LADY26EASTER BUNNY2RUDOLPH/REINDEER23KIDS/HOMEOWNER2911/FIRE DEPT.15Fill in the blank: Steve Harvey could be on a list called "The peak five best" what?97TV HOSTS53MUSTACHES3COMEDIANS27MISS UNIV. BLOOPERS2DRESSED7MEN2TALKERS/RADIO VOICES3We asked 100 woguys...If you were dating a clown, you could come house through a huge red nose in your what?97CLOTHES/CLEAVAGE53MOUTH4PURSE21COOCHIE3HAIR9HAND3EAR4Name something a woguy has actually that"s fake but still expensive.97GRAND TETONS45HAIR/COLOR4JEWELRY29SMILE/TEETH2FUR/FUR COAT8EYELASHES2PURSE7We asked 100 married guys...If you drew a snapshot of your wife, name a part you"d be smart to draw smaller than the actual dimension.97WAIST/BELLY44HER MAN HANDS4TEXAS-SIZED TUCHAS29LINEBACKER NECK3BEAK/PIG NOSE9HUGE ALIEN HEAD3HER HIPPO HIPS5If Minnie Mousage caught Miccrucial cheating on her, name a means she might exterminate the rat.97POISON/D-CON CHEESE43FEED HIM TO A CAT3MOUSETRAP35STRANGLE/HANG HIM3HIT/STOMP/FLATTEN8HIT MAN2STAB/CHOP UP3We asked 100 married woguys...If you were married to a magician, name something you could tell him he couldn"t carry right into bed via him.97HORNED-UP RABBIT40HIS SAW9HIS HAT18HIS CARDS4HIS MAGIC WAND12HIS SOCKS3HIS PECKING BIRDS11Name a way an egg is prepared that additionally describes your boss.97SCRAMBLED39SUNNY-SIDE UP4HARD/SOFT-BOILED26POACHED3FRIED14RUNNY2OVER EASY9We asked 100 woguys...A romantic candlelit dinner wouldn"t be complete without what?97BOOZE/CHAMPAGNE38SUCKING FACE6FOOD/DESSERT31MY MAN/CHICK5MUSIC/BILLY OCEAN7FLOWERS3CANDLES7Name a part of their body in which human being have been well-known to hide points.97"URANUS"34BELLY/BUTTON7MOUTH24VA-JAY-JAY/WEENIE4DAIRY PILLOWS18HAIR/WIG2ARMPIT8We asked 100 woguys...Name something you choose to cover yourself through.97CLOTHES/ROBE26CHOCOLATE/NUTELLA8BLANKET/SHEETS24NUDE MEN/BABES2LOTION/SUNSCREEN19DIAMONDS2COLD HARD CASH16We asked 100 single woguys...I"m willing to marry a male via no money as lengthy as he has actually what?97HUMOR/PERSONALITY24HEART/CHARACTER12MIND OF EINSTEIN21LOVE FOR ME6JOB/AMBITION17A HOME/PROPERTY3DREAMBOAT FACE14Name something grandpa likes within reach so he doesn"t have to go far to acquire it.96TV REMOTE66MEDS3BEVERAGE/BEER11GRANDMA3CANE6NEWSPAPER2CANDY/SNACKS5Name somepoint some civilization carry out just prefer a cow.96CHEW/EAT65SLEEP/LIE AROUND3MOO14BREATHE3RIP A BEEFER5FOLLOW LEADER/HERD2SQUIRT MILK4We asked 100 women...If you dated a nudist, name someone you might not introduce him to.96MY FOLKS/DAD64MY HUBBY4MY KIDS9GRAMPS/GRANNY2CLERGY/CHURCH9MY SIBLINGS2FRIEND/SLUTTY SUZY6Due to the fact that women"s underwear has actually flowers on it, name a type of tool that should be on men"s underwear.96HAMMER/JACKHAMMER59SHOVEL/SPADE3SCREWDRIVER15HOE2DRILL8CLIPPERS/PRUNERS2WRENCH7Tell me something Miss Piggy can carry out to gain ready for a day with Kermit.96MAKEUP/POWDER SNOUT54PERFUME/CALVIN SWINE4HER HAIR/CURL IT14SHAVE/WAX2BATHE/MUD BATH10EAT/FILL UP BEFORE2DRESS SEXY10If Steve Harvey was your dad, name somepoint you"d hope to inherit from him.96HIS BAZILLIONS51CONFIDENCE3HUMOR/PERSONALITY29SLEEK/BALD HEAD2PIMPIN" SUITS/STYLE5HIS WISDOM/SENSE2CUTE FACE/SMILE4Name a location a woman would certainly hate to find out the roses her man provided her came from.96FUNERAL/CEMETERY50THE TRASH5GROCERY/DOLLAR STORE13GAS STATION3HIS HO/EX"S HOUSE12HOSPITAL PATIENT2HER YARD/NEIGHBOR"S11We asked 100 single women...Name a reason you might go on a day with someone you really do not favor.96FREE MEAL48BE NICE/DO FAVOR3LONELY/BORED27HE"S A MAJOR BABE2DUDE"S RICH8MAYBE I"M WRONG2HORNY/THIRSTING HARD6Name a area wbelow you"d view oily ribs.96RESTAURANT48MASSAGE PARLOR3THE BEACH22STRIP/GO-GO JOINT2HOME/BACKYARD11MARKET/BUTCHER2GYM/FITNESS CONTEST8If a womale can not afford implants, name something in her home it would be cheaper to stick in her bra.96TISSUE/T.P.47BALLOONS6SOCKS24JELL-O3FRUIT/MELONS7PAPER TOWELS2INSERTS/PADS7Name the smallest location you"ve ever before made love.96FIAT/TRUCK45TENT/TEPEE4BATHROOM/TUB20PLANE/COCKPIT2CLOSET18GOLF CART2TINY BED/BEDROOM5We asked 100 woguys...Your male thinks he"s the ringunderstand in bed. You think he"s more favor what circus act?96THE CLOWN38THE ELEPHANT6LION/TIGER/TAMER31THE JUGGLER3THE MONKEY9THE CLAPPING SEAL2TRAPEZE/ACROBAT7Name an task a male does at home that he could get hurt doing if he did it in the nude.96YARD WORK/TRIM BUSH36CLEAN/VACUUM5COOK/SLICE MEAT21CLIMB LADDER3TOOLS/REPAIRS17MOVE FURNITURE3EXERCISE/PUSH-UPS11Besides the bathroom, wright here else in the house could a lazy guy have a toilet built?96GARAGE/WORKSHOP28DEN/TV/FAMILY ROOM7LIVING ROOM23BASEMENT5BEDROOM20KITCHEN/AT TABLE4"MAN CAVE"9We asked 100 woguys...Fill in the blank: My man"s the oppowebsite of Steve Harvey bereason he"s not what?96FUNNY27BALD10A HOST/STAR22TALL6BLACK15LOUD2RICH14Name somepoint you"d be surprised your boss offered to profession via you.96PAYCHECKS26DESKS/OFFICES11JOBS/DUTIES21HOUSES5CARS17FOOD/LUNCHES2SPOUSES/MATES14We asked 100 married males...Name a TV game display that might explain you and your wife in the bedroom.96FAMILY FEUD21LET"S MAKE A DEAL12JEOPARDY18WHEEL OF FORTUNE10PRICE IS RIGHT18DEAL OR NO DEAL2NEWLYWED GAME15Name an occasion as soon as your drunken kissing cousin can actually attempt to kiss you.95WEDDING/RECEPTION65BIRTHDAY2FAMILY REUNION10FUNERAL2NEW YEAR"S EVE10ON HIS DEATHBED2NEVER4Name a fun winter activity you"d be surprised to check out a nudist doing.95SKIING57SNOWBOARDING5SLEDDING/LUGE12BUILDING SNOWMAN3SKATING/HOCKEY8ICE FISHING3SNOW ANGELS7Name someone you kiss good-bye but never before passionately.95MY PARENTS49MY PET/HORNY DOG6MY KIDS/GRANDKIDS13SIS/CREEPY BROTHER5MY FRIEND/BROSKI11MY AUNT5MY GRANDMA6We asked 100 guys...When you acquire to heaven, what carry out you hope all the woguys tbelow are wearing?95NOTHING46WINGS3BIKINIS24SHEETS/TOGAS3LINGERIE/THONGS13SKIMPY ROBES2TANK/WELCOME TEE4Name somepoint you haven"t put in your mouth considering that you were a baby.95PACIFIER45A BOOB/MY MOM"S7BOTTLE/MILK15MY TOE/FOOT4MY THUMB12A RATTLE/TOY3BABY FOOD/PEAS9We asked 100 married men...If you hadn"t gotten married, you"d have actually a much better what?95BANK ACCOUNT43JOB/CAREER4SEX LIFE18HOUSE3LIFE/TIME14ATTITUDE2CAR11Name somepoint a perboy can take out prior to going to bed.95TEETH/DENTURES41CONTACTS4TRASH25A BOOK4DOG/CAT13CLOTHES/PJS3FROZEN FOOD/SNACK5If a male stripper dubbed himself "The Pirate," tell me a prop he might usage in his act.95EYE PATCH40HOOK7SWORD23PIRATE HAT3PERVY PARROT11A PLANK2PEG LEG9Name something the clown"s wife probably wishes he wouldn"t require to bed.95HIS BIG RED SCHNOZ39MAKEUP/CREEPY SMILE5HIS HORN27FOOD/COTTON CANDY2SHOES/BIG FEET15SQUIRT FLOWER2HIS HAIR/WIG5Name a location wbelow you can be tempted to tell a lie however the consequences would be too good.95COURT38POLICE STN./JAIL6CHURCH/CONFESSION24BANK2WORK17IRS AUDIT2HOME/BEDROOM6Name somepoint you put your lips on.95DRINK/GLASS38A STRAW10OTHER LIPS/BUBBA"S14CHAPSTICK9FOOD/POPSICLE11BOOBAGE3LIPSTICK/GLOSS10Name something a husband sees on his wife"s shopping list that provides him fear she"s planning a murder.95POISON/ANTIFREEZE36ROPE3GUN/BULLETS28HAMMER3KNIFE18SHOVEL3DUCT TAPE4Name a location wright here a male doesn"t want to hear someone say, "You"ll be next."95DR./DENTIST/SURG.33BATHROOM/STALL4FUNERAL/MORGUE28HELL3PRISON/ON DEATH ROW19WEDDING3BED/WIFE"S ORGY5When you go in for a kiss, name something you hope you don"t smell on your lover"s breath.95ONIONS32GINGIVITIS/DECAY8GARLIC20SMOKE7MORNING BREATH11FRESH VOMIT6TUNA/SEAFOOD11A male might tell his wife, "I just saw the spilgrimage club for" what?95THE FOOD/WINGS31$1 BILLS/CHANGE5A DRINK28RESEARCH/OBSERVE4FUN/BACHELOR PARTY18THE GREAT MUSIC3BUSINESS MEETING6Tell me something Mr. Pig might discover most attrenergetic around Miss Pig.95CURLY TAIL31SILKY EARS4FIGURE/JUICY HAMS28DIRTY GAL/MUDDY4PIG FACE/SNOUT18OINKS & GRUNTS4SWEET SWINE SCENT6We asked 100 married women...Name something you could ask the Wizard of Oz to give your husband.95HEART/SENSITIVITY30PATIENCE6MORE MONEY/JOB25RIPPED ABS/MUSCLES4A BRAIN17TIME/YEARS WITH ME3PERSONALITY/HUMOR10We asked 100 married women...Be hoswarm and also tell us somepoint about other womales that you criticize.95DUDS/SKANKY SKIRT27PERSONALITY/"TUDE7WEIGHT/FIGURE25LOVE LIFE/BIG HO6FACE/MAKEUP17AWFUL KIDS3LACK OF SMARTS10We asked 100 woguys...When your husband that left you comes back for his points, wbelow will he discover them?95IN THE TRASH23DRIVEWAY11FRONT YARD22CLOSET/DRAWERS6IN A FIRE/GRILL16CHARITY/THRIFT SHOP5GARAGE12If you had to resort to cannibalism, what part of someone would certainly you eat first?94LEG/THIGH62EAR3MEATY BADONK12BELLY3ARM8STEVE-SIZE LIPS2FINGERS/HAND4We asked 100 married males...Name the last thing you asked your wife for that she shelp "No way."94SEX59A HARLEY4$/ALLOWANCE13A TRIP/ON A RAFT3A DIVORCE9FOOD/SECONDS2CAR/WINNEBAGO4Name a place a guy goes to obtain some action.94BAR/NIGHTCLUB52GYM3STRIP JOINT15RACETRACK3CASINO/VEGAS11HOME/VIBRATING BED3KIKI"S HOUSE O" HOS7Name someone in your life you hope you never see naked or you"ll never be the very same again.94MY PARENTS51SANTA CLAUS2MY GRANDPARENTS23MY KID/30 YEAR-OLD2MY IN-LAWS8MY DOC/HOT GYNO2MY BOSS6Name something certain a wife might perform to her cheating husband"s sportsvehicle.94KEY/SCRATCH IT51CRASH IT5SELL IT/FOR $113BURN/BLOW IT UP4SLASH TIRES10POOP/THRU SUNROOF2BASH IT/WINDOWS9Name somepoint that"s a guaranteed party starter.94BEER/SHOTS50PARTY GAME/VID GAME4MUSIC/KARAOKE26GIANT REEFER/DRUGS3DANCING/TOPLESS4GUESTS/HOT ONES3FOOOOD!4Name the sexiest point we"d uncover in your bedroom.94UNDIES/LINGERIE50MY MATE/HOOKUP5ME/NUDE14PORN COLLECTION4LIFELIKE VIBRATOR12LUBE/OIL2BED/PILLOW/SHEETS7Fill in the blank: You leave the house, look down, and also think, "Oh no -- I forgot to put on my" what?94SHOES45BELT6PANTS14UNDIES/BRA5WATCH/JEWELRY11DEODORANT3SOCKS10If functions were reversed, what can your dog ask the vet to perform to you?94SPAY/NEUTER44BATHE/CLEAN EARS4GIVE SHOTS18MAKE ME MUTE2BUTT TEMP/EXAM18PUT ME DOWN2CLIP NAILS/DE-NAIL6Name a creature an exterminator has nightmares around being sixty feet tall and also chasing him.94COCKROACH43RAT10SPIDER13HIS EX2TERMITE12SNAKE2ANT12Fill in the blank: A man might say, "All I desire for my ex-wife is for her to be" what?94HAPPY38MISERABLE/LONELY8GONE/AWAY/MISSING23A GOOD MOTHER3NICE/COOL/FAIR10QUIET2DEAD10Name a location a man would be foolish to FaceTime his wife from his smartphone.94STRIP JOINT35HOTEL/MOTEL3BATHROOM/ON TOILET23HO HOUSE3BAR/NIGHTCLUB21WORK/MTG. WITH BOSS2LOVER"S HOUSE/BED7Name somepoint world pick out ahead of time so their funeral will be fabulous.94MUSIC/GOOD DJ34FLOWERS7CASKET30FUNERAL HOME2BURIAL PLOT11HEADSTONE2CUTE OUTFIT8Name something dogs perform in the auto that mommy really hopes her kids do not do.94HANG OUT THE WINDOW33DROOL7WHIZ/DUMP24BLOW CHUNKS5LICK/EVERYTHING11SHED4BARK10When your date says he"s close to his paleas, name somepoint you hope he does not carry out with them eexceptionally day.94CALL/SEE/TALK29SHOWER/TAKE BATH6EAT/EVERY MEAL24KISS/MAKE OUT3SLEEP/CUDDLE17CRY2LIVE13We asked 100 males...If your boss arranged a firm retreat at a nudist swarm, name an office supply you can use to hide your manhood.94PAPER/LEGAL PAD28TABLET/LAPTOP8FOLDER/BINDER25RULER8STAPLER10TAPE ROLL/HOLDER6POST-ITS9We asked 100 married males...Between us, name somepoint you wish your wife would remove.94WEIGHT/BEER BELLY26HER AWFUL MOTHER8CLOTHES/FLANNEL TEDDY22PET/RABBIT FARM8HER NASTY "TUDE17LAPTOP/TABLET2HAIRDO/80"S PERM11A man"s wedding vow might be, "I promise to always love you unless you" what?93HO AROUND64DIVORCE/LEAVE ME3GET FAT/GAIN 3 LBS.13FART/PANTY BURP2DIE5STAB/TRY TO KILL ME2NAG/ANNOY ME4If mirrors might talk, name something yours can say to you.93WELL HELLO, HOTTIE!56GO AWAY!2WHOA! BEACHED ORCA!19WINDEX ME!2WOW! YOU"RE OLD!7OH LORD, THAT HAIR!2TRUST/IN YOUR TRUTH5We asked 100 single men...Your mom tells you to discover a woman who has a great heart. You want one who"s what?93HOT/JUMBO-JUGGED53LOYAL5RICH12AFFECTIONATE3SMART11PLUMP/A HEIFER2A GOOD COOK7Name somepoint a housewife slips into when the sexy pool boy pertains to clean the pool.93SWIMSUIT/BIKINI47JEANS/SKINNY JEANS3LINGERIE/NIGHTIE19TIGHT T-SHIRT2ROBE16THE POOL2SKIRT/DRESS4We asked 100 males...Name a snack you wish your lover tasted like when you kissed her.93CHOCOLATE/CANDY44POPCORN6PIZZA14POTATO CHIPS5BACON14CUPCAKE/DING DONG2FRUIT/CHERRY8Name an animal some human being look choose once they pucker up for a kiss.93FISH/SHARK33ANTEATER2MONKEY/APE32CAMEL2DOG19BIRD/PENGUIN2PIG3A wife could tell her husband also, "I wish your" what "was favor Steve Harvey"s."93HUMOR/PERSONALITY27HAIR/BALD HEAD11INCOME/BANK ACCT.16SUIT/STYLE7MUSTACHE14BODY/DONG5SMILE/GRILL13Name something world carry out in a buffet line that need to be against the law.93USE THEIR HANDS23TAKE TOO MUCH10SHOVE/CUT LINE22PICK NOSE4SAMPLE/LICK SPOON17SCRATCH/BUTT3SNEEZE14We asked 100 married women...Name something it would certainly be rude for your husband to do in the nude.93GO OUTSIDE/MOW23SCRATCH GIBLETS10CUT THE CHEESE20BEND OVER7WHIZ/ON WALLS13SIT ON FURNITURE7WALK AROUND HOUSE13Name an L word a mother-in-law can call her son-in-law.92LOSER54LOUSE/LOUSY4LAZY14LOUD3LOVE/LOVELY/LOVER8LARRY2LIAR7If you uncovered out ahead of time that your boss was going to fire you, what would you do?92QUIT/WALK OUT46PROVE SELF/PERSUADE4FIND NEW JOB23ASSAULT/WITH PIE2CONFRONT/CUSS OUT8PACK UP OFFICE2CALL IN SICK7Name a country a cannibal can say has the best-tasting people.92UNITED STATES43MEXICO6ITALY19GREECE4FRANCE10BRAZIL3CANADA7What gift can a male cat provide to a female cat that he has the hots for?92MOUSE/JUICY RAT40DEADVERTISEMENT BIRD7CATNIP19A LICK/SMOOCH6FISH/TUNA9A BUG/FLEAS3BABIES/HIS KITTYMAKER8We asked 100 males...Best date ever: She verified up wearing what?92SEXY DRESS/SKIRT38A TANK TOP8NADA/HER EAGER BEAVER19A BATHING SUIT5SHORTS/DAISY DUKES10A ROBE3THONG/LACE PANTIES9We asked 100 single women...You hope your blind date is a fox. What animal carry out you not want him to be?92PIG37JACKASS7ELEPHANT15OCTOPUS5HIPPO13RAT5DOG10A woguy can say, "My ex-husband also only married his new wife bereason she"s" what?92YOUNG36DUMB3RICH24SKINNY2HOT/STACKED17ALL HE COULD GET2A SLUT/JEZEBEL8Name somepoint Steve Harvey has in widespread through Dwayne "The Rock" Johnboy.92BALD34BLACK/BLACKISH9FUNNY/HUMOR13HOTTIES/CUTE SMILES8CELEBS/ON TV12TALL5MALE11We asked 100 woguys...Name somepoint you have that"s big and luscious.92GLISTENING ORBS32HAIR6YUM-YUM BUM21EYELASHES2LIPS21HOT BEER GUT2FRUIT8We asked 100 married males...What perform you reach for once you hear your mother-in-law is coming over?92BOOZE/MIND ERASER32REMOTE5CAR KEYS20WEED/A FATTY5THE DOOR/LOCK15UNFILTERED CIGS3CELL PHONE12We asked 100 males...Lap dances are fun, but you"d never before desire to acquire one from your who?92MOTHER27GRANDMA8BOSS18MOTHER-IN-LAW7SISTER16SON/DAUGHTER2HAG WIFE14Name somepoint your grandma is really too old to be wearing in public.92STRING BIKINI27JEANS/TIGHT PANTS10MINISKIRT/DRESS17LINGERIE/PASTIES7HOOCHIE SHORTS16HEELS/HOOKER BOOTS4TANK/CROP/HALTER TOP11We asked 100 women...My male is so unromantic, his principle of a sexy night out is going where?92SPORT EVENT/RACE21BOWLING8BAR/CLUB20STORE/K-MART8NOWHERE/HOME17MOVIES5DINNER/WENDY"S13Name something you"d pour right into a cheating ex"s gas tank.91SUGAR63SALT2WATER16OIL2BEER3SAND2MY WARM WHIZ3Name something about a cow that other farm animals can make fun of.91HER UDDERS54ANNOYING MOO3SIZE/FAT BADONK20HER STENCH3HER SPOTS5SHE MOVES SLOWLY2CHEWING/CUD4We asked 100 guys...What might a woman pull out of her bra on a very first day that would certainly frighten you?91GUN/STUN GUN53TOOTHBRUSH3TISSUE11FOOD/GROUND BEEF2CONDOM/A DOZEN11MONEY/SINGLES2KNIFE9On Halloween, eincredibly son skips the house that provides away what?91FRUIT/VEGGIES52PENNIES/$3TOOTHBRUSH/PASTE17COAL3CRAPPY CANDY/GUM10HOMEMADE TREAT3PENCILS3Name somepoint a stripper really hopes the crowd doesn"t carry out as soon as she takes off her apparel.91BOO/"PUT IT ON!"47THROW STUFF/COINS5LAUGH14SCREAM/CRY3RUN OUT12FAINT3FONDLE/GOOSE HER7Wbelow were you the last time you let out an ear-piercing scream?91THEME PARK/COASTER37MOVIES4HOME/IN BED30SPORTING EVENT3DELIVERY ROOM9THE CIRCUS3SCHOOL5We asked 100 womales...What did you carry out with your dolls that you currently carry out with your girlfriends?91PLAY DRESS UP36NOTHING8TALK/TELL SECRETS19SHOP3FIX/CUT HAIR11PUT ON MAKEUP3HAVE TEA PARTY11Name a location that"s filled through old men and also young womales.91SENIOR HOME30HOSPITAL4BAR/CLUB26FLORIDA/MIAMI2STRIP JOINT22HOLLYWOOD2CASINO/VEGAS5Woguys love a guy who"s funny. But they love a man even more if he"s what?91BALLIN"28HOT/HUMPALICIOUS7HONEST/FAITHFUL21SMART5KIND/CARING20MUTE/SILENT2ROMANTIC/CHARMING8If a nagging app were designed, name somepoint it would certainly constantly remind husbands to do.91CLEAN UP/DISHES27TURN OFF TV7TAKE OUT TRASH26PAY ATTN./LISTEN7YARD WORK11LOSE WEIGHT5CALL/TALK TO WIFE8We asked 100 woguys...Name one word you could use to explain a pizza and also a man.91HOT26GREASY3DELICIOUS23SPICY2YUMMY19ROUND2CHEESY16We asked 100 married guys...When I grab my wife"s bottom, it feels favor I"m holding 2 big what?91BUNS/ROLLS26GOBS OF JELL-O7MELONS21HAMS7PILLOWS16SACKS OF SUGAR3BEANBAGS11Name something a man might do to make world think he"s younger than he is.90DYE HAIR/BEARD61DATE YOUNG3SHAVE FACE/BODY11WORK OUT/SPORTS3TOUPEE/HAIR PLUGS5COMB HAIR OVER2BUY SPORTS CAR5Name something a girl can grow approximately be if her parents named her Bambi.90STRIPPER/DANCER53AN ACTRESS5A HO/BIMBO14RUNNER/TRACK STAR2MODEL/PLAYMATE7SHY/INSECURE2A DEER7We asked 100 women...What"s the sexiest thing you own?90PANTIES/VINYL THONG45MY BRAIN5BRA/OPEN-NIPPLED20GARTER/BELT4DRESS/BLACK DRESS7NIGHTIE/NEGLIGEE3HEELS/10-INCH6If lovers go hiking, name somepoint they might have in their backload for outdoor romance.90WINE/BOOZE36BUG SPRAY4BLANKET/QUILT27PICNIC/CHOCOLATE4CONDOM/WEENIE WRAP11LUBE/PINE-SCENTED3CANDLES5If you"re afrassist of flying, name somepoint you"d fill in your carry-on simply in situation.90MEDS/CYANIDE34BARF BAG6A PARACHUTE24DIAPER/CLEAN UNDIES4THE BIBLE/BOOK10TUNES/EARPHONES3A FLASK/BOOZE9We asked 100 woguys...On your man"s "points I really love" list, what can come above you?90TV/SPORTS34HIS CAR/TRUCK10THE KIDS11HIS MOM9GOD/JESUS11BEER/BUD LIGHT4HIMSELF/CAREER11Name a location where you watch the majority of boobs.90STRIP JOINT33BAR/NIGHTCLUB4NUDE BEACH30CONGRESS4HOOTERS11LAS VEGAS2DR./SURGEON"S6We asked 100 males...If you were going to prichild tomorrow, how would you spfinish your last night of freedom?90SEX/MASSIVE ORGY32RUNNING/HIDING7WITH FAMILY/KIDS20CRYING2DRINKING/AT BAR19AT STRIP JOINT2EATING8Fill in the blank: Dear all my internet friends: Soptimal posting pictures of what?90YOUR FOOD!29YOUR STUPID KIDS8YOU/YOUR CLEAVAGE22KARDASHIANS/KANYE3ANIMALS/PETS15ME WITHOUT ASKING2POLITICS11Fill in the blank: At home, a husband also might say to his wife, "Honey, let"s ______ in the nude."90SWIM24BATHE/SHOWER9SLEEP23WATCH TV/O"REILLY6DANCE/TAP DANCE12COOK/BBQ6EAT10We asked 100 woguys...Name a reason a male could remind you of a horse.90BIG TEETH/MOUTH21HUNG LIKE ONE8STUBBORN/DIFFICULT21BADVERTISEMENT BREATH4NEIGHING LAUGH17THICK/MUSCULAR3WAY HE EATS/CHEWS16Name somepoint a guy can be holding while his wife is shopping.89HER PURSE57WALLET/CASH/CARD5SHOPPING BAGS10HIS TONGUE3PHONE6SHOPPING CART3BABY/KIDS5A wife might tell her husband, "Yeah, I"ll wear lingerie if you wear" what?89HOT UNDIES/LINGERIE51HANDCUFFS4SUIT & TIE/TUX14COLOGNE3A SPEEDO10COSTUME/MASK2CONDOM/WEENIE BEANIE5Tell me somepoint around Steve Harvey that you think is a ten.89HUMOR/PERSONALITY44HIS MONEY"S GOT $$$5PEARLY WHITE SMILE16HONEY-SWEET VOICE4HIS STUD STACHE9BALD CHROME DOME3STYLIN" THREADS8Name something that is close to your heart.89LOVED ONE/FAMILY43BOOBS/LEFT NIPPLE5LUNGS17BLOOD/ARTERY4DOG/PET11SHIRT/BUTTONS4RIBS5Name an pet you need to progressively attempt to back ameans from if you come in contact with it.89BEAR42WOLF4SNAKE15TIGER4SKUNK12MEAN/RABID DOG4LION8Name somepoint you just have one collection of.89PEEPERS33HANDS5PEARLY WHITES31DISHES/SILVERWARE5EARS6WRINKLY DANGLERS4DAIRY CANNONS5Name somepoint you"d be surprised to hear that Santa Claus does not really treatment around.89KIDS31CHRISTMAS10BEEN BADVERTISEMENT OR GOOD17SNOW/CLIMATE CHANGE5TOYS/MY LIST12REINDEER3MILK/COOKIES11We asked 100 womales...Tell us something -- anypoint -- you have actually in common via Dolly Parton.89EPIC BOOBAGE30NICE PERSONALITY7MY HAIR/BLONDE20MY LONG NAILS6I"M FEMALE14I"M SHORT4MY VOICE/SINGING8Name somepoint a male brings to bed as soon as he knows his wife is not in the mood.89BOOK/KINKY MAG24HIMSELF/LONELY WOODY9FOOD/CANDY21REMOTE6PHONE16LOTION/OIL3IPAD/LAPTOP10If a wife strip-searched her husband also, name something she"d better not discover on him.89DONG SARONG21HICKEY/BITE10CHICK"S PHONE #21SCRATCHES/ON BACK3LIPSTICK/MAKEUP19PERFUME3LADIES" UNDIES/HERS12If tbelow were a save for vampries, name somepoint they could sell tbelow.88BLOOD/BLOOD LATTE56FANG SHARPENER3CAPES14COFFINS3FALSE FANGS5WINDOW BLINDS3TOOTHPASTE/WHITEN"G4When two woguys watch a guy, one might say to the various other, "Hey, examine out his" what?88TIGHT MAN-CAN55CAR4BEAUTIFUL EYES8THICK WALLET4"MOOSE KNUCKLE"8CHEST/DANCING PECS4ABS/BELLY5Name a road sign a wife could choose to hold up when her husband also asks for sex.88STOP54SLIPPERY WHEN WET4YIELD121-WAY/DO NOT ENTER4SLOW7CURVES AHEAD3ROADVERTISEMENT CLOSED4Tright here was an accident at the bakery. And currently the baker"s buns are all what?88BURNT/BLACK51HARD/TOUGH3SQUISHED/FLAT17EATEN/GONE2STICKY8ALL OVER/ON CEILING2WET/SOGGY5When you housesit for someone, name somepoint of theirs you feel weird around utilizing.88BED50ROBE/SLIPPERS3CRAPPER/BIDET17FOOD/FRIDGE3TUB/HAND SHOWERHEAD8COMPUTER3TOOTHBRUSH4If newborn babies could talk, name something around which they might tell the medical professional, "Hey, do not perform that."88SPANK MY BOOTY34CUT THE CORD4SHOTS/NEEDLES25PUT ME BACK IN3CIRCUMCISE ME11TOUCH ME/COLD HANDS3TAKE TEMP IN BUTT8Name somepoint you hope the other perchild does not perform if the 2 of you are in a canoe.88TIP/LEAN/ROCK IT31BLOW CHUNKS7STAND UP25DANCE/CUPID SHUFFLE3HAVE FART ATTACK12PEE/DROP A DEUCE3FALL OUT/JUMP7Name somepoint Pinocchio can stick his nose into.88FOOD/WARM PIE31THE FRIDGE4HOLE/PEEP HOLE24BEEHIVE4PEOPLE"S BUSINESS13PERSON/HOT BABE3BUSH/TREE/FLOWER9We asked 100 married womales...Name a deli food that reminds you of your husband.88BOLOGNA26TURKEY11HAM16SALAMI7PICKLE13PEPPERONI4SAUSAGE11Name something oh so wrong that feels oh so best.87PIGGING OUT46SPEEDING5SEX/WITH MY PILLOW20DRUGS/"BLAZING"3LOVE/BAD RELA"SHIP5SMOKIN" CIGS3CHUGGIN" BOOZE5Name somepoint you have to put in your belly switch so you"ll smell excellent.87COLOGNE45FLOWERS/POTPOURRI6DEODORANT9SCENTED OILS5SOAP/DETERGENT9POWDER4CANDY/MINT/GUM9We asked 100 womales...Name something of yours it would certainly be fun to make your guy wear, but only in the bedroom.87PANTIES/G-STRING40NIGHTIE5BRA21NOTHING4NYLONS/HOSE8HAT/BONNET3SLIP6Name something you"d hate to uncover on your father"s night table.87CONDOM/FLAVORED38GUN7WARM VIBRATOR12DENTURES6VIAGRA12PENTHOUSE/PORN5LUBE7We asked 100 women...When you gain to heaven, what do you hope every man you accomplish has?87LOVE/HONESTY30HOT BOD/RODZILLA5DREAMY FACE/SMILE24HEAD OF HAIR4GOOD PERSONALITY16A UTERUS3BRAINS/SENSE5Sometimes a womale deserve to be too distracted by a man"s great looks to alert if he"s what?87SMART OR STUPID304"6" OR 6"4"5NICE OR DOUCHEY22CRIMINAL/DANGEROUS5INTO WEEN OR VAGEEN11RICH OR BROKE5MARRIED OR SINGLE9Name a factor you"d attend the funeral of someone you hated.87RESPECTS/CONSOLE28I"M IN WILL4MAKE SURE DEAD23FORGIVE/CLOSURE4GLOAT/PEE ON GRAVE19FREE MUNCHIES!3SEE WHO"S THERE6We asked 100 guys...The great news is, there"s a naked womale in your bed. The negative news is, it"s who?87MY MOM24MY SISTER-IN-LAW7MY MOTHER-IN-LAW23MY GRANDMA6MY EX15MY BOSS5MY WIFE7Name a location a male goes with his wife that he"d never before go to aget after they divorce.87SHOPPING22CHURCH9HER FAMILY"S HOUSE22HONEYMOON SPOT4OPERA/THEATER17TO BED3RESTAURANT10Name something of grandpa"s that grandma would certainly hate to uncover she simply sat on.86HIS TEETH50HIS POOP/PEE4HIS GLASSES15FOOD/ICE CREAM3CLOTHES/FEDORA7HIM/HIS FACE3TOBACCO/SPITTOON4Name something that at some time in your life you"ve put up your nose.86FINGER44Q-TIP4TISSUE/TP16LEGO3PEN/PENCIL/CRAYON10PEPPER/CHILI POWDER3COCAINE6Name a reason Santa can leave the presents out on the lawn.86NO CHIMNEY39FIREPLACE LIT4CAN"T FIT IN CHIMNEY20HOUSE IS A MESS2DOG/ATTACK CAT10TIRED/LAZY2LOCKS/SECURITY9If Steve Harvey agreed to come to your home for dinner, what would certainly you feed him?86BEEF/MEAT LOAF37WHATEVER HE WANTS3CHICKEN/WINGS30CHILI/SOUP3PIZZA/FROZEN6RIBS/BBQ3PASTA/RAMEN NOODLE4We asked 100 woguys...My man is choose a magician. He disappears whenever before I start talking around what?86CHORES/HONEY-DO LIST37MY FAMILY/HIS8SHOPPING10WORK6MY FEELINGS10MONEY/BILLS6MARRIAGE9When you obtain to heaven, name someone tbelow whose presence means you"ll never remainder in tranquility.86ALL MY EXES34POLITICIANS5MOTHER-IN-LAW20ENEMY/BULLY5MY MOTHER11MY SPOUSE/MATE4ANNOYING FRIENDS7We asked 100 woguys...Fill in the blank: A great male is choose a good item of what?86CHOCOLATE/CANDY27FURNITURE5STEAK/MEAT22PIZZA4MOIST CAKE15HEAVEN4WARM PIE9Name somepoint of yours someone"s currently called dibs on when you die.86JEWELRY27CLOTHES/G-STRING6CAR/TRUCK19ART/PAINTING4HOUSE/CONDO15FURNITURE/WATERBED4$$$/LIFE INSURANCE11Name something a wife might forbid her husband also to wear approximately the residence.86HIS UNDIES/G-STRING22HER DUDS/FISHNETS10BIRTHDAY SUIT17SOCKS/WITH SANDALS7SHOES/CROCS13SWEATS5SPEEDO12I partied so difficult last night that as soon as I woke up, I was holding what?85BOOZE/A GLASS45UNDIES/CLOTHES6THE TOILET9FOOD/XL PICKLE5A STRANGER/HOOKER9HAPPY DOG/PET3MY HEAD8Name a automobile that an adult film actress could name herself after.85PORSCHE44MUSTANG4MERCEDES/BENZ20BMW/BEEMER2FERRARI7JAGUAR2LEXUS6When a male gets home from job-related, name something he"d hate to find his mate had adjusted.85ROOM SETUPS/DECOR42HER HAIR4THE LOCKS21HUSBANDS/MATES3THEIR PLANS/DINNER6GENDERS3CLOTHES/HIS CLOTHES6We asked 100 married human being...Name a board game that ideal describes your marriage.85LIFE31MONOPOLY9CHUTES AND LADDERS12SCRABBLE7SORRY11RISK5TROUBLE10We asked 100 women...What would certainly you execute if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were a man?84SCREAM/CRY/FREAK59PEE STANDING!3DIE/CHUG ARSENIC6SHAVE MY FACE3FAINT5SPANK MY SALAMI3BACK TO SLEEP/DREAM5For cannibal Halloween, name a body part the little cannibals hope they"ll acquire in their treat bags.84FINGERS/HAND35BRAIN5EYEBALLS20EARS4TOES/FOOT9HEAD/SHRUNKEN4LEG/THIGH7Name a TV host that provides most money by being funny.84STEVE HARVEY32STEPHEN COLBERT5JIMMY FALLON15CONAN O"BRIEN5ELLEN DEGENERES14JAY LENO5DREW CAREY8Tell me a component of a automobile that"s provided to describe a body part.84TRUNK31REAR END6HEADLIGHTS18HOOD6ENGINE/MOTOR10BUMPER5SEAT/BACK SEAT8Name something the chef spcheck out all over his body so his wife would find him tasty.84CHOCOLATE/HOT FUDGE29OIL/OLIVE OIL4WHIPPED CREAM/CREAM27PEANUT BUTTER3BUTTER10JELLY/JAM3HONEY8Name something hospital registered nurses can volunteer to execute if Steve Harvey was a patient.83HOT WET SPONGE BATH56FEED HIM3PHYSICAL/TAKE VITALS8SHAVE BOD/HEAD3TAKE THE DAY OFF6RUB/POLISH HEAD3WORK OVERTIME4When you look in the mirror, name a part of yourself that could also rotate you off.83BULGING GUT37BEADY/BAGGY EYES5NOSE/SNOT LOCKER14WRINKLES5JACKED TEETH/SMILE10ZIT COLLECTION4HAIR/GRAY/LOSING8Fill in the blank: It would be surprising to hear a stripper say, "I offered to be a" what?83NUN34LAWYER5TEACHER17MAN3DOCTOR13HOUSEWIFE/PTA MOM3COP8Name a component of a petite womale that could be massive.83HER GERBER SERVERS32HER MOUTH/SMILE6HER BADONK18HER FEET5HER SCHNOZZ10PERSONALITY/"TUDE4HER HEAD8Name a place where you"d be surprised to watch mirrors on the ceiling.83CHURCH29HOSPITAL/DOC OFC.5BATHROOM/PUBLIC21DRESSING ROOM4HOTEL/MOTEL13PRISON3BEDROOM/MY MOM"S8Name something a wife has that she"d hate to come home and watch her husband also using.83HER MAKEUP23ARM-SIZE VIBRATOR8DUDS/LACY BRA20CURLERS/CURL"G IRON7HER RAZOR13HER FACE MASK3HER TOOTHBRUSH9Name something a confident woman does not must feel great around herself.83A MAN21MAKEUP9NICE FACE/ANY TEETH16MONEY8A HOTTY MCBODY15A BRAIN/DEGREE5COMPLIMENTS9Name an occupation whose civilization spend most time functioning in the dark.82MINER33CAVING/SPELUNKING3PHOTOGRAPHY23THEATER USHER3SECURITY GUARD12HO3SEWAGE WORKER5At a beach, a woman can ask a male, "Is that a ______ in your Speedo?"82BANANA30FISH/EEL7SOCK14PHONE6CUCUMBER/PICKLE13POTATO5GUN7Name somepoint Mrs.

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Claus would certainly hate to uncover as soon as cleaning Santa"s suit.82FOOD/CRUMBS23CHICK"S PHONE #10CONDOMS18PANTIES5POOP/PEE12A RIP/HOLE3LIPSTICK MARKS11Fill in the blank: Oh no -- I walked into my hotel room and also saw the mhelp holding my what?81CLOTHES/USED UNDIES33JEWELRY/WATCH4WALLET/CASH21TOOTHBRUSH4VIBRATOR/TOY10SPOUSE/MATE4LAPTOP/TABLET5Name something Christmassy a stripper can wear at a strip club referred to as The North Pole.81SANTA OR MRS. C SUIT33TINSEL/GARLAND8CANDY CANE/STRIPES12MISTLETOE/ON THONG6ELF OUTFIT9FURRY PASTIES5JINGLE BELLS8Fill in the blank: The groom was so drunk that once he woke up the following morning, he was resting beside ______.81HIS BEST MAN30THE TOILET7BRIDESMAID14CLERGY4ANIMAL/LLAMA12A STRIPPER3MOTHER-IN-LAW11Name a place wright here people get recorded in the act.80CAR29BATHROOM/PORTA-POTTY5PARK22MOTEL/HOTEL3BEDROOM12KITCHEN/COUNTER3ELEVATOR6If you had actually all your teeth pulled today, what would certainly you have for dinner tonight?79SOUP35YOGURT5SHAKE/SMOOTHIE16PUDDING5MASHED POTATOES7JELL-O5ICE CREAM6Name an pet that decides to damage your party by making an appearance.79SKUNK30DOG5SPIDER/BUGS16BEAR4RAT/MOUSE13PIG4RACCOON7If your father were a baker, he might speak to you his little what?79MUFFIN29CHEF/BAKER6CAKE/CUPCAKE22DONUT5BUN/STICKY BUNS7COOKIE4DOUGHBOY/GIRL6If males gained pregnant, what would certainly they fill in their hospital bag?79BEER/BOOZE23VIDEO GAMES/XBOX7FOOD/BEEF JERKY19DUDS/HOLEY UNDIES6PAIN MEDS/DRUGS11RAZOR6TABLET/IPAD7A cannibal can tell a zombie, "You have the right to have actually the brain, however leave me the" what?78LEGS/THIGHS25EYES6HEART21LIVER64REST OF HIM/BODY12BREAST MEAT4RUMP ROAST6When grandma does laundry, name something she might discover in grandpa"s pants.77MONEY/COINS39CONDOM/WEENIE BEANIE3HIS TEETH/DENTURES14CHEWING TOBACCO/TIN3HANKY/TISSUE10MEDICINE/VIAGRA3CANDY/GUM5Fill in the blank: I"ve obtained a large, fat what?74BADONKADONK30CAT/DOG6BELLY14EGO3WALLET/WADVERTISEMENT O" BILLS10WOODY FOR YOU, BABY3HEAD8Name a word you usage all the time that has an X in it.73EXTRA22TAX4SEX/SEXY21EXCELLENT4X-RAY10FIX4EXIT8Name something of yours you like also though it"s really old.72CLOTHES/SHOES33STUFFED ANIMAL3CAR/TRUCK18MY DECREPIT BODY3WATCH/JEWELRY7MY HOUSE3MY GEEZER MATE5Name a location you go where you don"t desire to spend even more than a couple of minutes.71JOHN/PORTA-POTTY16WORK/MEETING7DOCTOR/DENTIST14CHURCH7DMV12STORE/ABERCROMBIE7IN-LAWS"/RELATIVE"S8Fill in the blank: A woguy loves a male that loves to carry out what?69COOK18LAUGH7CUDDLE13WORK/MAKE BANK6DANCE11LOVE/EXPRESS FEEL"GS6CLEAN/SCRUB TOILET8Name somepoint a wife could reach for once her husband starts criticizing her.58POTS/PANS16CAR KEYS6A KNIFE12DRINK/WINE5CELL PHONE7BOOK/MAG/NEWSPAPER5FOOD/ICE CREAM7Fill in the blank: In the dog college yearbook, my dog would certainly be voted many likely to what?58BARK14EAT/STEAL FOOD7SUCCEED10BE CUTE5SLEEP9FETCH/PLAY4PEE/POOP9Fill in the blank: Night ______.58NIGHT OWL13NIGHTMARE6NIGHTTIME13NIGHTCAP4NIGHT-LIGHT12NIGHT MOVES4NIGHTLIFE6Be honest: Name something you didn"t know you wanted till the neighbors got one.57POOL/HOT TUB19TV/3-D5YELLOW MIATA/TRUCK14BOAT/YACHT4PET/CUTE BICHON6RIDING MOWER4LOVER/NEW SPOUSE5Back to index