my husband has some kind of fascination 4 my breasts n while breastfeeding my baby he comes nd stars suckling the other breast. whenever he feels favor. he starts drinking milk from my breasts.. i really feel awkward he says that he likes doing that. while having actually sex he aacquire starts drinking milk from my breasts. before going to sleep i"ve to breastern feed him or else he does not go sleep. i m completely messed up. plz help!!

Kinky. Well answer this. If he"s almost everywhere in other locations of life a good husband, however just has actually one kinky fantasy around breastfeeding, why not let him have actually it? I don"t think this is necessarily a deal breaker. Talk to him, let him know its ok to have this fantasy, however that it provides you feel a little weird. How around establishing up a schedule or a particular time that you men deserve to share that quite than having actually it be an eextremely day point. Whatever before you do, don"t want to discourage him or make him feel shameful around it, because then it goes underground and also you could have actually a cheating case on your hands. You gotta grow through each various other.

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Oh and the comment someone made around the baby going hungry. Not true. Your body will certainly make sufficient milk to meet demands. So if anypoint think about this, your milk manufacturing goes up, and also on the days you do not want your husband sucking on them, you pump instead. So you deserve to stock pile some milk and also go out even more leaving the baby with healthier food choices than formula.

This question was asked on a message board I was a member of, for woguys who were all due at the very same month. People answered it really honestly. The answers ranged from both members of the couple reasoning it was warm, to both members thinking it was gross -- via in-betweens, wright here the woguy didn"t favor the concept however the guy did, and vice-versa. Overall, the people who favored the idea were largely men, and they were the minority of all husbands/dads. In my opinion, the idea of it is most likely even more appealing to husbands (and possibly wives) in the time of pregnancy, than it appears once the lactation actually commences ... once tbelow is a baby feeding, the mechanics of the procedure come to everyone"s attention, and it"s most likely a lot much less of a turn-on. That shelp, I believe a minority of couples probably carry out it and acquire a kick out of it. Personally, I think it renders kind of an amazing fantasy, yet it"s not most likely to be an exciting reality, and it"s not somepoint my husband and also I would ever actually perform. It"d be crossing a threshorganize of weirdness that we simply do not cross. We"re as well vanilla.

Tell him to stop and also that it renders you uncomfortable. If that is really just how you feel. If you favor it...then look at it this way..he is acquiring those extra vitamins....exact same as the baby

Is he after milk or your boobs.If boobs its fine I guess,yet why milk before going to sleep and no sex, Weird.

It"s actually quite a common sexual fantasy.

But if it obtaining out of hand also and making you feel uncomfortable you must tell him.

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Ask him if he needs a diaper with that? He is a dick wad - tell him you"ve indulged his fantasy sufficient now could he please wear Brad Pitt mask as soon as you make love.

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