My Foldameans Mirror is a dual sided vanity mirror through LED lights on both sides. Does it occupational as advertised? Here is our My Foldaway Mirror testimonial.

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About My Foldameans Mirror

My Foldamethod Mirror is a portable vanity mirror that is bordered by battery powered LED lights. The main website is, via a registration day of March 2017. The display screen capture below was taken of the product webwebsite in April 2017.


Claims & Features

Both sides of mirror are edged with LED lightsProvides distortion-free reflectionOne side has 10X magnificationHeight is 13″, however folds down for storageAccessory organizer built in30,000 hrs of LED lifeCompact design right for travel


My Foldaway Mirror prices $19.99. P&H and also shipping is complimentary. There is an optional double sell wbelow a 2nd mirror is added for a fee of $6.95 which would certainly bring the full to $26.94. Each unit additionally comes through a cleaning towel. I found My Foldaway Mirror at a neighborhood Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99.

My Foldamethod Mirror Review

If you’ve struggcaused uncover the appropriate vanity mirror, the makers of My Foldamethod Mirror might have actually just the item for you. This folding vanity mirror is actually two mirrors and an accessory organizer.

To use My Foldamethod Mirror, you ssuggest extend the mirror from the base. You can then pick between 2 mirrors, a conventional 1x mirror, and also a 10x magnification mirror, which are accessed by swiveling the whole mirror 180 levels. Both mirrors are illuminated through an LED light border.

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When you are finimelted, My Foldamethod Mirror will certainly collapse back down into the base for easy storage and also transport. When the mirror is extfinished there are compartments wbelow you deserve to keep tiny accessories such as hair ties or clips. I did uncover, yet, that once tright here are items in the compartments, they don’t stay in place if the closed mirror is relocated or shaken.

The as a whole size of the extended unit is 13 inches, although the mirrors themselves are not particularly large. In the instance of the magnification mirror, that’s most likely not necessarily a critical point. I’m not certain that My Foldameans Mirror will certainly replace a bigger, even more stationary, vanity mirror. I perform think, however, that this is perhaps among the best travel vanity mirrors you will certainly discover. It weighs even more than I meant, so if weight or area is a factor in your luggage, that could be a tiny concern.

In my tests (below) through help from the 2-Cent Chicks, we discovered that the mirror didn’t extfinish smoothly as displayed in the commercial, yet more favor a ratchet activity. The overall products feel rather cheap.

This unit calls for 4 AA batteries, which aren’t consisted of. Tbelow seems to be an AC plug in the front of the unit, although tbelow is no point out of an adapter in the instructions. If you have actually realistic expectations, you might like this gadget.

My Foldaway Mirror rolled out to stores in summer 2017.


My Foldameans Mirror is quite similar to a famous item on Amazon, the Floxite Lighted Folding Vanity and also Travel Mirror. The product expenses about $45 and has a 4 star rating among thousands of reviews. If you’re trying to find a much less expensive alternative, you may want to look at the $20 Kedsum folding makeup mirror.

Video Review

Below is my full evaluation of My Foldaway Mirror, through assist from the 2-Cent Chicks.

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