Has your boyfriend or husband ever before told you – blatantly or instraight – that he thinks you’re fat? Has he ever made remarks about your body that really, really hurt?

I’ve never before really talked about it yet I’ve been in a partnership wright here my partner wanted me to be super skinny, prefer underweight skinny and eincredibly time I had a healthy weight, he told me I was fat.

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But not just that, he told me that my butt was dedeveloped that this looked weird, that that wasn’t approximately par.

It was a damaging, dyspractical relationship and also I hurt for a really lengthy time, feeling inferior, unworthy and also simply ugly. However, over time, I prospered stronger and also I voiced my opinions, stood up for myself and inevitably left.

Those were heart wrenchingly hard years, but despite all the negativity, this partnership taught me a lot around exactly how to feel comfortable via yourself and your body also as soon as your partner doesn’t.

Check out today’s edition of Love Yourself Friday to learn just how you deserve to take care of yourself and your self-esteem in a partnership that is abusive.

Check in via yourself

How are you truly feeling currently that he sassist that? How has your watch of your body readjusted – if at all? Honor your feelings as a lot as you have the right to and don’t push them aside.

Seek a clarifying conversation

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding? A stupid joke? Or possibly there’s something deeper? Tell your partner that this comment was unkind and also hurt you and also that you’d appreciate if your relationship were based on different values.

You could be surprised at the outcome of this conversation.

Take a time out

Go to a spa, spend a weekend with a girlfriend or simply go for a walk to nurture the true values of life.

Focus on body-acceptance work

Negative comments around your weight, body or shape from someone you love and also treatment around really sting. It’s super essential than to continuously focus on doing body-love work-related. Journal, wear what you want, meditate, examine in with your body and so on. in order to love yourself up and nourish your self-esteem aacquire.

Ask yourself: Is this really worth it?

When comments like “you’re fat” or “you’ve gained a lot of weight” or “I don’t like the means you look” become even more and more constant, it’s time to make a decision. Is this partnership really working? Does it reason you more harm than good? If this is causing you deep pain, then it might be ideal to go.

Know that you are BEAUTIFUL – no matter what

No matter what your boyfrifinish or companion claims, remind yourself that you are beautiful – on the inside and also out.

Have you ever before remained in a partnership wright here your companion verbally abprovided you? If so, how did you manage it? share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Love and also light,


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Anne, my heart literally sank and cringed when I review this a few days earlier. Quite frankly, I have actually no word, and also had actually no principle you were ever before in such a compromising instance via a “love”companion. You are so exceptionally strong for picking yourself over this, all the more respect to you.Karen: I hope you deserve to talk to your T around this. Listen to your heart. You are worth gaining the weight back, and also you are doing it for YOU, not anyone else. But you are likewise worth all the assistance in the world, and if world don’t agree through that, perhaps they’re not worth it. Stay strong!