Barbie Dolls Now Worth a Fortune


Could that doll you played via as a kid actually be worth hundreds or also thousands of dollars?

Barbie made her debut at the Amerideserve to Internationwide Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959 — which also happens to be her main birthday. Because then, she has actually come to be an international icon of glamor, and also a name and body known by generations of womales anywhere.

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These are the 60 most expensive Barbie dolls worth a combined total of $667,757— frequently as a result of limited edition jewelry or exclusive collaborations that resulted in the doll’s style. Yes, that’s many Barbie.

Totally Hair Barbie


Price tag: $160

Totally hair, totally valuable and completely among the a lot of well-known Barbies that all "80s babies had actually, through a whopping 10 million marketed worldwide.

This doll, circa 1992, is currently for sale on eBay for upward of $160. Along through her Rapunzel-style hair, she came through accessories choose brushes and also styling gel.

Bob Mackie Starlight Splendor Barbie


Price tag: $200

In her glorious designer silver and also babsence dress and silver headitem, this gorgeous Barbie goes for about $200 on eBay.

Released in 1991, she was component of the second Bob Mackie series.

Ferrari Barbie


Price tag: $225

The limited edition 2000 Ferrari Barbie recently sold for $225 on eBay.

With the highly recognizable Ferrari logo as a diamante hairitem, she is dressed in signature Ferrari Red.

The price tag reflects the collectible nature of this doll.

Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie (Gold Label)


Price tag: $450

This Gold Label edition is exceptionally similar to the even more expensive Platinum Label version on this list. However before, this Barbie is a brunette, and also was designed by Sharon Zuckerguy.

About 8,500 were released in 2006, featuring sashes that accentuate the waist in enhancement to "diamond" stud earrings and also a ring.

The doll is currently being offered on eBay for roughly $450.

Barbie as Athena


Price tag: $450

Released in 2010, this fiercely atexhausted Barbie as Athena doll was part of the Goddess Series. In warrior outfit, complete via heresolve, gold armor, boots and shield, Athena was only created in a run of 5,300.

Editions on eBay are valued at roughly $450, and also their worth will certainly increase with time, as seen through the other Gold Label editions like Medusa.

Pink Splendor Barbie


Price tag: $500

With her phenomenal pink gown, this stylish doll was a minimal edition released in 1996. Only 10,000 were produced global.

The many expensive Barbie ever sold in stores, she originally had actually an asking price of around $900 retail, but you"ll find one on eBay for around $500 now.

Queen Elizabeth I Barbie

Price tag: $500

Part of the Woguys of Royalty Series, the Queen Elizabeth I Barbie was released in 2004. In an extraordinary gvery own and also regal jewels, the doll replicates this "Golden Age" monarch right dvery own to her high forehead, pale skin and fancy gold headpiece.

Tright here are 2 presently noted on Amazon at simply under $500.

1998 Happy Holidays Barbie


Price tag: $500

This special edition Barbie doll touts a black gown through glitter print, topped off with a pink cape and also jeweled tiara.

Released in 1998 to celebrate the holidays, she is currently going for $500 on Etsy and also $450 on eBay.

Pink Jubilee Barbie


Price tag: $800

In 1989, it was all around huge shoulder pads, substantial hair and also massive glitzy outfits. Pink Jubilee Barbie epitomized these characteristics in her silver-hued gown, astronomical jewels and enormous blonde hairperform.

For a spare $800, you deserve to acquire your hands on one and also relive those vibrant times.

1996 Happy Holidays Barbie


Price tag: $800

Lots of the one-of-a-kind edition Barbies produced for the Happy Holidays Series go for a pretty penny.

Mint condition versions of this doll, decked out in a red velvet jacket and white hair hat, are currently being sold on Etsy for $800 and also $750 on eBay.

Midnight Tuxedo Barbie


Price tag: $995

Midnight Tuxedo Barbie is worth an estimated $995. In her glamorous black-buttoned dress, satin black purse and glamorous black fur coat, she is both elegant and also timeless.

Released in 2001, this collector doll features six silvery butloads and satiny lapels.

Dahlia Barbie


Price tag: $1,000

Released in 2006, this Barbie is all set to go to the sphere. Her decadent babsence round gvery own is decorated through a floral print that she matches via long white gloves.

If you own among these and haven’t rerelocated her from the original box, she can be worth approximately $1,000. After all, her brooch is designed via Swarovski crystals.

The Glory of the ’80s Barbie


Price tag: $1,000

The Glory of the ’80s Barbie was released fairly newly in 2017. Its worth comes from its limited quantity of just 100 produced, and also a boxed, pristine version could gain $1,000.

The puffy shoulder pads and cocktail outfit definitely respeak to the signature look of 1980s glamour girls.

'Sales Resistance' I Love Lucy Barbie


Price tag: $1,050

This Barbie from the Barbie Loves Lucy! Collection continues the mass international adoration of star Lucille Ball. Released in 2004, the doll is valued this day at $1,050.

The doll is dressed in a polka dot dress and also a white apron worn by Ball in the original "Sales Resistance" episode that was broadcast in 1953. The plot synopsis connected Lucy purchasing an expensive vacuum cleaner after seeing an ad on TV.

Devi Kroell Barbie

Price tag: $1,075

Released in 2010, the Devi Kroell Barbie is bedecked in gold thigh-high boots, a sparkly pink purse and chic grey dress coat.

This doll is the development of Devi Kroell, the designer finest well-known for her Italian-made handbags. A charity auction for the Council of Fashion Designers of America experienced the doll offer for $1,075.

Empress Josephine Barbie

Price tag: $1,099

Empress Josephine Barbie phelp due to the monarch herself. Decorated in pearl earrings and also a necklace (not genuine) and a regal satin gown (that cannot be rerelocated from the doll), Josephine is today valued at just under $1,099.

A 2005 release in the Womales of Royalty Series, the doll is most helpful as soon as it has actually remained boxed and safeguarded from ecological damages.

Chataine Barbie


Price tag: $1,150

Chataine Barbie, in her strapmuch less bustier and figure-hugging skirt, comes accessorized through a chocolate-brown hair stole, rhinestone and also gold earrings, and flawless makeup (of course).

A 2003 release doll, this Limited Edition Barbie is valued at $1,150, as component of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

Marie Antoinette Barbie


Price tag: $1,250

Let them eat cake! But don"t go spilling crumbs on this exclusive collector"s prize. The Marie Antoinette Barbie, released in 2003 as part of the Woguys of Royalty Series, comes dressed in the royal refinery of a queen and clintends an extremely imperial $1,250 price tag on eBay.

Perhaps the majority of practical are the porcelain roses she carries as a bouquet.

Barbie Color Magic


Price tag: $1,350

This circa-1966 Barbie was specifically cool bereason you can dye her hair. The models came with blonde or babsence hair that can readjust to Scarlet Flame or Ruby Red once a specific solution was applied.

Due to the fact that they were so rare, Color Magic Barbie, decked out in this ’60s getup is presently going for $1,350 on eBay.

Trace of Lace Barbie


Price tag: $1,350

This Barbie was released as part of the Platinum label in 2005.

While her babsence lace dress attributes an intricate style, her accessories are equally beautiful, including her black handbag and babsence stilettos. The doll was designed for the Japanese collector, and also just 500 were developed.

She’s currently offering for $1,350 on eBay.

La Belle Epoque Barbie


Price tag: $1,395

Released in 2012 at the exclusive Paris Fashion Doll Festival, Barbie looks choose she’s dressed up for a 1920s affair.

As part of the Platinum Label, she’s currently worth an estimated $850, however there’s one out there that is worth as much as $1,395 bereason there’s a Robert Best signature on package.

Who’s Robert Best? A famed fashion designer and illustrator for Mattel that occurred to architecture this Barbie"s dress.

Escada Barbie


Price tag: $1,414

Made in Japan, the Escadia Barbie Doll was released in 1996, inspired by an original Escada architecture.

The babsence and pink layers of her gvery own and also distinctive hairstyle offer this restricted edition doll a really various look from the remainder of the Barbies on this list.

Calvin Klein Barbie


Price tag: $1,414

Calvin Klein Barbie, released in 1996, epitomizes the all-Amerihave the right to aesthetic of the designer, Calvin Klein.

In double denim via white sneakers and also the iconic brand also logo, this doll comes through Calvin Klein underwear and also a backpack, too.

In pristine problem, this doll deserve to be worth $1,414.

Coach Barbie


Price tag: $1,500

Coach Barbie was released in 2013 as part of the Gold Label. An ode to the fashion and also accessories brand, Coach, this doll is accessorized with a duffel bag made of actual leather — a first for Barbie. In truth, the bag was made in a Coach handbag manufacturing facility.

To ensure the full $1,500 value, the doll need to still have all three original Coach bag accessories.

Faerie Queen Barbie


Price tag: $1,500

Released in 2004, Faerie Queen Barbie depicts the Irish mythical faerie. The second doll in the Legends of Ireland Collection, this doll was released in a minimal number as part of the Platinum Label.

She wears a crown and also has sparkling wings as leader of the faerie human being. If you are among the 500 potential owners, think about that she is worth $1,500 today.

Barbie Doll as Medusa


Price tag: $1,500

Barbie as Medusa? Yes, and also prior to you dismiss out on this as a novelty, consider the $1,500 price tag on one of these limited edition dolls.

Auburn-haired, snake-adorned Medusa pays homage to the Gorgon of Greek Mythology. She was a 2008 release as part of the Goddess Series.

Princess of the Oriental Court Barbie


Price tag: $1,515

Princess of the Oriental Court Barbie was released in 2004, dressed in a culturally inspired outfit that recreates the historic Hanbok of the Korean Court.

Released to celebrate the Sol Nal legacy (New Years" Day on the first day of spring), the 2fifth edition will offer for approximately $1,515 this day.

Barbie Hair Happenin’s


Price tag: $1,600

This restricted edition Barbie, released in 1971, comes through different hairlayouts to swap out for a fresh look. Her pink ruffled skirt and babsence belt make her red hair pop.

She offered in her original box for $1,600 via Apple Tree Auction Center in March 2018.

Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie (Platinum Label)

Price tag: $1,600

Wedding designer Monique Lhuillier is beloved by celebrities, and her doll, worth $1,600, comes begowned in a magnificent wedding dress that is signature Lhuillier.

Released in 2006, the doll’s price tag is largely because of Lhuillier"s autograph on the packaging. She is decorated through faux pearls and silexceptionally sequins.

Violette Barbie


Price tag: $1,750

Released in 2005, the Violette Barbie doll is dressed to the nines in a purple, floral gvery own made of published silk organza.

Her worth comes from her Platinum Label standing as part of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

Sparkle Beach Barbie


Price tag: $1,999

Eexceptionally ’90s son wanted this Barbie, released in 1995, as she completely represents the surfer style that deserve to just be uncovered in dreamy Southern California. Her sparkly blue swimsuit and friends add to the complete package.

To grab the whopping $1,999 price tag, this Barbie need to have actually never left package.

Winter Glamour in White Barbie


Price tag: $2,000

This Winter Wonderland also edition Barbie doll is ready to attfinish fairly the holiday affair, decked out in a white round gvery own and also corresponding white gloves.

Released in 2006, she has actually preserved her rare standing as only one of 15 in existence.

The Christmas Sexactly how Barbie


Price tag: $2,000

Anvarious other I Love Lucy ode, this adorable doll replicates Lucille Ball"s Santa outfit in her Jingle Bells regimen that aired on Christmas Eve in 1956.

The Platinum Edition of The Christmas Sjust how doll, released in 2006, is valued at $2,000 through the remainder of the gang, including Ricky, Ethel and also Fred, making up the Christmas Sjust how category.

Chicearlier Cubs Barbie


Price tag: $2,000

Chicearlier Cubs Barbie, dressed in signature team outfit, looks sporty and also chic. She also looks eincredibly cent worth her exceptional $2,000 approximated worth if kept in the original packaging, untouched.

The 1999 edition doll was a giveaway at the July 20 Chicago Cubs versus Kansas City Royals baseround game of that exact same year.

Cher Barbie


Price tag: $2,000

Stunning in the likeness to her namesake, the Cher Barbie was released in 2007 dressed in a ringmaster outfit that replicated what Cher wore on her Farewell Tour. Celebrated designer Bob Mackie designed the sparkling bodysuit, top hat and coattails.

To encertain the $2,000 value of this doll, it need to be the Platinum Label version and must have been maintained in the box. Only 996 dolls were released worldwide.

NASCAR Official #94 Barbie


Price tag: $2,293

If you could use an added $2,293 and deserve to bear to part through it, the NASCAR Official #94 Barbie released in 1999 has actually accrued worth due to her signature racing helmet, unicreate and also restricted edition.

The doll was released to celebrate the Winston Cup Racing event sponsored by McDonald"s (hence the red and yellow uniform). Designed by Sharon Zuckerguy, she is part of the Barbie Loves Sports series.

Barbie Millennium Princess


Price tag: $2,500

Created to celebrate the 2000 New Year, finish with a babsence and also silver dress, tiara and also also a sphere to drop, this Barbie is currently being offered on Etsy for $2,500.

All she needs is a glass of champagne.

Barbie Japanese Exclusive Pink Silhouette


Price tag: $2,687.00

This Bridal Barbie was made solely in Japan, featuring cdental pink lipstick and also pale blue eyeshadow.

This particular doll is easily accessible on eBay in near perfect problem, aside from some lightening of her hair because of age.

Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie


Price tag: $2,750.00

This Bubble Cut Barbie from 1961 has a dress reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, just decorated via felt.

For the price, this edition contains all accessories and also the original box.

Vintage Parisienne Barbie


Price tag: $2,899.99

Dressed in all the glam of the late 1950s, this Parisian beauty attributes an adorable polka dotted bubble dress.

This rare Barbie was solely featured in the initially Barbie catalogue of 1959, and also she"s really somepoint special.

City Smart Silkstone Barbie


Price tag: $2,995

City Smart Silkstone Barbie is a vintage dream. In her 1940s-influenced chic babsence dress-suit and strappy heels, this doll was just produced in a run of 600. The designer outfit was created by Robert Best, and also the doll was released in 2003 as part of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

With white gloves, black belt, tote bag and a ribboned hat, this doll might earn you a stunning $2,995 if she has been maintained in pristine problem.

Plantation Belle Barbie


Price tag: $2,999.00

The Plantation Belle dress is somepoint else. It"s layers of lace drape elegantly previous Barbie"s knees, via a romantic strand also of pearls roughly her neck.

The nearly $3,000 price tag, surprisingly, is for a used doll. She"s in near perfect problem, with professionally recovered makeup and also extra sets of clothes.

High Color Blonde Ponytail Barbie With Blue Eyeliner


Price tag: $3,000.00

This ultra-rare Barbie is seldom up for sale. It was originally developed in 1960, with lightly tan skin and rouged cheeks. She has smoky gray eyeshadow and blue liner, which ties in perfectly with her dress. Her handbag and also hat finish the package, plus nail polish on her tiny fingers and also toes.

This certain doll initially had actually her hair in a topknot, but the rubber band also damaged leaving her long hair flowing freely.

Happy Holidays Barbie

Price tag: $3,000

The 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie is just one of the the majority of coveted of the Happy Holidays Series. She is absolutely all set to celebprice, decked out from head to toe in red tulle.

This Special Edition doll commonly is valued between $550 and also $750, yet this one signed by the Ruth Handler, the inventor of the Barbie doll, is going for $3,000 on eBay.

American Girl Barbie


Price tag: $3,500

One of the previously Barbies, released in 1966, the American Girl Barbie doll was marketed as having actually "lifechoose bendable lakes."

A mint problem variation in the original box deserve to earn approximately $3,500.

Twist N Turn Japanese Exclusive Vintage Barbie


Price tag: $3,562.13

Tbelow were numerous Twist N Turn Barbie dolls, and this is just one of the many coveted. Made in 1968, the rare Twist N Turn Barbie functions platinum-blonde hair tied up in a ribbon.

True to 1960"s style, her outfit is neon yellow with a bbest green belt.

Japanese Exclusive Barbie Spanish Ball Gown


Price tag: $4,500.00

This one is included just for fun, bereason guess what? The price does not incorporate the doll. It"s $4,500 for simply a dress.

The dress is an extremely rare, Japanese exclusive Spanish sphere gvery own in nearly mint condition.

Serious collectors just.

Aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie


Price tag: $5,000

The Aqua Queen of The Prom Barbie deserves to look as proud as she does, with a price tag of $5,000 on the market this particular day. A Collector"s Edition doll, she was created for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Convention.

One of only 30 in presence, the doll must have actually continued to be boxed and also untouched to preserve this eye-popping value.

Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie


Price tag: $5,000

The Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie was a 1994 special edition protoform that has actually been estimated to price $999, yet is presently on sale on eBay for a whopping $5,000.

Carol Spencer was a designer for Mattel since the 1960s, therefore the prototype name and the significant value. Spencer spent 35 years developing distinct fashion outfits for the beloved Barbie doll.

Vintage Mattel Black Francie Barbie


Price tag: $5,000

Made in the 1960s, this vintage Mattel Barbie was among the first African-American Barbie dolls made. Her bappropriate coral lipstick matches her bathing suit, and her eyelashes are strikingly long.

This edition was made in Japan and has actually lengthy, wavy hair. Imagine exactly how much one of these would certainly cost in the original, unopened up box.

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Price tag: $6,000

Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary fashion designer that sadly passed away only freshly, motivated this tuxedoed, chic doll. The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie comes adorned in a babsence tuxecarry out suit, boots, sunglasses and thick eyebrows.

Designed by Robert Best under the Platinum Label, the leather purse, fingermuch less gloves and silver-steel accessories are all perfectly Karl.

Still in its original packaging, this 2014 doll might market for an eye-watering $6,000.

Lorraine Schwartz Barbie

Price tag: $7,500

In 2010, celebrity jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz was the catalyst and also collaborator behind this flame-haired beauty.

Rather than demanding a price tag for her outfit or magnificent hair, this Barbie demanded $7,500 at auction for her diamond-encrusted belt, shoes and earrings valued at even more than $25,000.

So whoever before owns this may be in save for a lot more following time it sells.

Barbie Loves the Improvers Island Steel Promotion


Price tag: $9,999

New and in package, this specific rare Barbie is virtually impossible to uncover. Originally coming in a blonde and also a redhead edition, this was a promotional doll released by Island also Steel in 1968, and also supposedly just four dolls exist global.

This doll was designed by a Spanish designer named Paco Rabanne, featuring a dress that looks more favor the tin male than a gvery own.

It may not be the many elegant attire, however the price is steep bereason of exactly how rare the doll is.

Easter Parade Vintage Barbie Ponytail #2


Price Tag: $10,140

The Easter Parade Barbie is adorned in nearly all black, including her hair.

For the price, she has her original box, stand, booklet, bathing suit and also sunglasses.

She has actually ruby red lips and also a haughty look, however we might be a little arrogant as well if we had such impeccable style.

Pink Diamond Barbie


Price tag: $15,000

Yet one more designer Barbie, this one was designed by David and also Phillipe Blond via the aid of Mattel’s Principal Designer Bill Greening.

The doll stunned audiences in The Blond’s New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 show, wearing a dress extended in tiny climbed and fuchsia diamonds, matched by a faux pink fur coat.

It was later on auctioned off for a mere $15,000.

Barbie in Midnight Red

Price tag: $17,091

A 1965 release, Barbie in Midnight Red was part of a collection of 4,000 dolls auctioned at Christie"s in 2006.

She sold to an anonymous woguy for $17,091, ending up being the a lot of expensive plastic doll to be marketed at auction.

Original Barbie


Price tag: $27,450

Back in 1959, the original Barbie was a much paler, more modest doll than the California surfer girl we involved know in the 1980s. The initially Barbie was easily accessible as a blonde or brunette, dressed in a Hollywood-esque bapoint suit via striking red lips and thick babsence eyeliner — and also about 350,000 offered for a whopping $3 each in that initially year.

The Richest declared the only method to examine for a actual initially edition is to look to the doll"s feet, which have holes in the bottom of them. The second edition was marketed that same year, even more or much less the same, but without the holes.

While this Barbie is worth $8,000, a mint condition doll recently marketed for $27,450 at an auction.

De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie


Price tag: $85,000

Anvarious other jewelry teamwork, this time through De Beers, observed Barbie dressed in an evening gown, however also included a bikini optimal. The best part? Her belt was encrusted with 160 diamonds, matched by white gold jewelry.

Released in 1999, the doll was a celebration of Barbie"s 40th anniversary and also is worth some $85,000.

Barbie and also the Diamond Castle


Price tag: $94,800

To celebrate the animated movie, "Barbie and also the Diamond Castle," in 2008, Mattel released a doll of the same name as a promotional meacertain. While the movie went straight to video, the doll remains on everyone’s collector’s list.

The doll"s pink gown was dotted via $94,800 worth of diamonds — 318 to be specific — that were worthy of her diamond castle residence.

Barbie By Stefano Canturi


Price tag: $302,000

Now, we concerned the the majority of practical Barbie in history. Launched in 2010 to celebrate the Barbie Basics collection in Australia, jewelry designer Stefano Canturi was called upon by Mattel to produce a limited edition doll bedecked in high-top quality bling.

His doll is adorned through a rare emerald-cut, 1-carat Australian pink diamond and also 3-carat white diamonds. It was marketed at auction by Christie’s, New York for the $302,000 price tag.

As promised, 100 percent of earnings were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Toy or Valuable Asset?


Whether you would quite keep your Barbies in a toy box or in a temperature-regulated museum, there are dolls at eincredibly budobtain suggest for both birthday presents and severe collectors.

It could be time to examine the attic and also job-related out whether those dolls you haven’t played with in years are actually worth a pretty penny digital.

How to Sell Your Valuable Barbie

And if you have among these collector"s items, congrats.

Check out eCommerce Bytes for some tips on how and where to sell your Barbies.

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You have the right to also turn to eBay"s Barbie Collectors section or its Dolls Selling Guide.