Miss Stacy is the Avonlea schoolteacher who takes Mr. Phillips’s place and becomes Anne’s beloved mentor. She has actually a knack for bringing out the finest in her students and introduces classroom inventions like nature research studies and putting on concerts. She particularly urges Anne’s creating talent and also coaches her through preparations for the Queen’s Entrance exam.

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The timeline listed below reflects wright here the character Miss Muriel Stacy appears in Anne of Environment-friendly Gables. The colored dots and also symbols suggest which themes are associated via that appearance.


...the Allans’ with the news that a new teacher has actually been hired for the school: Miss Muriel Stacy . Mrs. Lynde thinks a lady teacher is “a dangerous creation.”(full context)

...accident, unchoose Mrs. Lynde. But Anne can’t wait to return to college. Diana reports that Miss Stacy has actually the greatest puffed sleeves in Avonlea and also regularly holds classroom recitations or area trips...(full context)
In October, Anne retransforms to college and happily rejoins Diana at their mutual desk. Miss Stacy is a young womale via a knack for connecting through her students and also encouraging them;...(complete context)
In November, Miss Stacy and her students begin planning a fundincreasing concert to be hosted on Christmas night, via...(complete context)
...take note of their surroundings as they walk—they’re assigned to write a nature-themed composition for Miss Stacy . But Miss Stacy is additionally requiring them to compose an original story soon, and...(complete context)
Marilla tells Anne that Miss Stacy quit by this afternoon. Anne is interested, however goes on a digression describing her wanderings...(full context)
Marilla tries to acquire a word in edgewise, but as soon as Anne hears that Miss Stacy stopped by to discuss her, she feels a pang of conscientific research. She defines that Miss...(full context)
Marilla states Miss Stacy never before mentioned this story and that as soon as she was young, she wasn’t even allowed to...(complete context)
Marilla says that Anne clearly isn’t interested in Miss Stacy ’s news, so Anne assures to soptimal talking so a lot. Marilla explains that Miss Stacy...(full context)
...says she’s sure Anne will carry out well, though she doesn’t tell Anne simply just how extremely Miss Stacy praised her. The Entrance exam isn’t for another year and a fifty percent, so she tells...(full context)
...Allan on Saturday afternoons. As spring pertains to Avonlea, Anne’s enthusiasm for examining wanes, but Miss Stacy motivates the Queen’s course to have a relaxing vacation via numerous outdoor time. Anne...(complete context)
...about it frequently and also makes reremedies to improve, specifically when she’s with Mrs. Allan or Miss Stacy . But when she’s around Mrs. Lynde, her good intentions disfix. Does that intend she’s...(complete context)
...it well, yet she is glad to have world favor Marilla, Matthew, Mrs. Allan, and Miss Stacy to assist her.(full context)
Miss Stacy is back at Avonlea school, helping the Queens students prepare for what’s known as “the...(full context)
...always so much to learn and think about. The story club doesn’t also fulfill anymore; Miss Stacy trains her students to criticize their very own compositions, and Anne would rather learn to create...(complete context)
June feels prefer the end of an era: Miss Stacy says farewell to Avonlea college, and many of the Queens scholars don’t intend to come...

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(full context)
...however there are pretty curtains, apple-blossom wallpaper, and also a few images, consisting of a photograph of Miss Stacy , before which Anne keeps fresh flowers. Anne is acquiring all set to recite at an...(complete context)
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