Adam Sandler is always surpclimbing us. That male continually has actually brand-new ideas up his sleeve, which is excellent considering he appears to constantly have another movie best around the edge. While 2012’s That’s My Boy can’t contact itself a crucial or box office success, it does have actually its moments. There’s the typical jokes and signature Sandler heart buried deep dvery own, plus Sandler and star Andy Samberg are fun together on-screen. The usual actors of Sandler pals like Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, and Nick Swardboy speak by for fun, as does Vanilla Ice. Oh, yet he’s not even the tip of the weird iceberg. At initially it seemed promising that Leighton Meester was cast in a comedy to aid her career grow outside of Gossip Girl. But then her storyline took a rotate for the disgusting.

Meester stars as Todd’s (Samberg) fiancee, a gal from a affluent household that he just can’t seem to fit in via — specifically when his estranged dad Donny, that had Todd after he hooked up via a teacher as soon as he was a teenager, mirrors up ideal before the wedding. Silly premise, certain. And while points go wrong for Todd throughout the totality movie, they go really, really wrong in a expose close to the end. Donny starts to suspect that Jamie (Meester) isn’t being faithful to Todd so he catches her in the act…through her own brvarious other, played by Milo Ventimiglia. That’s ideal, the brvarious other and sister are totally hooking up. Yikes.

What would Ventimiglia’s character Jack Pearson from This Is Us have to say around this? The doting husband also and father would certainly be beyond disgusted through such a revelation. Seeing him occupy such a sweet role in the NBC drama almost made us forgain around this ridiculous blip, yet not fairly. Maybe Meester’s role in the brand-new FOX comedy Making History, coming in March, will certainly also help erase this memory from our minds?

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The point that sucks the a lot of about this scene, acomponent from how the surprise/comedy of it (tbelow is a pretty good Charlie Sheen joke upon Donny’s discovery, we’ll give him that) feels favor such a cheap cop out of a reveal, is that Ventimiglia was super buff for the function wbelow he plays a servicemale (well, actually a dancer pretending to be a serviceman) and also this plot twist ruins any of the fun in his hotness. A nearly-nude Milo should expoint out, not repulse. But here we are.

All this is to say, That’s My Boy began as a fun story that took a very wrong turn, appropriate right into a dead end. However, we have actually confidence that Meester and Ventimiglia’s current functions will certainly make whatever much better.

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The jury is still out on you, Vanilla Ice.