My boyfriend has a Galaxy Note 4 and I have an iPhone 6. We both have Miitomo set to have the ability to usage place solutions, yet as soon as we go to the Face-To-Face thing to include friends it isn't working.

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Our phones are ideal next to each other and also we're pressing the same symbol at the same precise time, but it still claims "No friends uncovered."

Only thing I can think of is that his Miitomo is v. 1.1.2 and mine is still v 1.1.1 bereason the apple app keep is a little bit behind in updates. Could that be the issue?

Has anyone successfully included friends as soon as one friend is on Android and one is on IOS?

Any suggestions on exactly how to solve this?

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I've added friends face to challenge between Android and iOS twice now so I don't think various operating devices is the worry.

In both cases I was utilizing my Nexus 5 and also they were using their iPhone 6s.

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