Due to the fact that then, I’ve come to be rather obsessed with the box. I usage it almost everywhere, even once I more than likely shouldn’t. Even gaining caught is a joy, bereason it offers me an excuse come to be a murderous Jack-In-The-Box. There’s nopoint quite prefer going right into reflex mode, popping out of package, and taking care of an enemy—and also then simply disappearing back into package as soon as even more.

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Each poster has actually a distinctive consumption. The bikini model one, for instance, renders guards salivate over you. The soldier one, meanwhile, makes opponents think that you’re an ally. Both are good methods of keeping stealth while being aggressive, which I appreciate.

I’m wearing the cardboard box so a lot, I’ve began assessing the terrain for its sledding potential. I don’t think I’m alone in that, either. I’ve noticed that some Metal Gear Solid players are proactively trying to discover the ideal sledding paths within the game:

“This is CP. Knock it off. Out,” his superiors respond.

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Some human being, choose Iron Pineapple, are also finding quite evil provides for the box:

So not just is the box practical—you can use it to hide, or to carry out stuff prefer quick traveling—it’s additionally damned hilarious. Even the method the game provides supply drop boxes is funny:

All of this has come together to cement package as my favorite item in Metal Gear Solid V. Nothing else comes cshed.