Miles has actually been teaching my daughter bass for almost 2 years currently and she"s just as excited as she was on her first day. Her love for the bass has grown over the years and also Miles is the biggest factor. He is a great teacher and also is an skilled at interacting music to children. He is genuinely a good guy who my wife and also I completely trusts as soon as we dropped our daughter off for her lessons. Due to the fact that covid he has actually adjusted his lessons to digital and also the high quality of the lessons has actually not dropped.

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I"ve taken lessons from Miles for possibly around 3 years now. I had actually only been self taught in guitar for 10 years and also having a teacher choose him has been important in filling in gaps in my understanding of theory and also different formats of play. Myles has likewise assisted me through songcreating and complace.I also take singing lessons with Myles which was a brand also brand-new suffer for me at the moment. I"m now able to play and sing at the same time. Taking lessons at Melodies For Life has made me an extra durable musician and also I wish I had signed up for lessons sooner.

Myles is great! I’ve known the owner/ instructor for over two decades even though I’ve just taken lessons for about 2.5 years. He is one of the many positive, calm, encouraging world you might ever before want to meet. Teaching music is a herbal extension of that temperament and also his prodiscovered musical talent. I’ve checked out him expertly play and also teach guitar, drums, piano, bass, voice, and more. This allows him to jam via you as part of the instruction. It is most fun!

Myles is a terrific teacher. He is very type, supportive, patient, and knowledgeable. My son has actually enhanced his vocal range and also emerged a far better vocal tone. He had the ability to participate in the institution and also area singing occasions. We are so glad to have him as my son’s voice/singing teacher.

I extremely recommfinish taking lessons via Melodies For Life! Myles is an AMAZING teacher and is exceptionally patient and sort. I was always nervous to sing prior to however after taking lessons below I feel a little more confident and less shy now! Thank you so a lot Myles and also Melodies For Life, the best lessons EVER hands down!!

Myles is an excellent teacher. He is extremely kind, patient, and also knowledgeable. He constantly motivates my daughter to boost and proceed learning. He desires her to enjoy the lessons. We are so glad to have actually him as my daughter"s guitar teacher.

My daughter started taking drums lessons via Myles once she was 8 yo. She is currently 10 yo and also has actually learned to pick up drum patterns from songs, consist of her own drum fads, save rhythm, play rolls and feels. Myles is a super patient and also encouraging teacher and a experienced musician. He is a wonderful teacher that will teach you at your pace.

Myles is a wonderful teacher and the rental device was exceptionally professionally done and it was basic. This was a good company for me to start learning how to play music.

Myles" modern method to teaching music really encouraged my kids enjoy their music classes. My son had not been playing piano for 4 years yet he asked for a keyboard for Xmas after the first session via Myles. My daughter was very reluctant about going to her previous guitar college. My kids are definitely not heading to the Julliard School. They simply wanted to bang out a few pop/rock songs and have actually fun. Myles" methods and upbeat personality really was a positive suffer. Tright here was no groaning around going to their lessons any type of more.

Myles and Mike are both wonderful teachers, musicians, and also civilization. Coming to Melodies for Life has actually been a highlight of my week. They are both such easygoing, positive world. It"s been nice to just reduced loose and jam without any kind of press or pretense. Much love for these men. Thanks for helping me shred!

Myles is extremely patient, type and also experienced through my 9 year old bit bass player. He understands she is a boy finding out at her own pace, and also he is extremely capable of teaching her in a fertile means that accentuates her personality .

Melodies For Life lugged the joy of music ago in my life after many type of years amethod from music. Myles is such a expert, patient, and kind musician and teacher. Eincredibly week as soon as I went into class, I kbrand-new I’d come out feeling much better around myself. While I ended up being a far better guitar player under Myles, he additionally assisted me end up being a much better perchild. I couldn’t recommend this place any type of better.

I have always loved to sing yet was taught early that in groups I should simply mouth the words. After I reexhausted from my career, I was identified to uncover a singing teacher who could help me feel secure enough to put my heart into my voice and release it. My boy, recommended his voice teacher, Myles, that proved to be the answer to my prayers. My lessons were fun and instructive. Myles really taken what I was searching for and also aided me release my voice. He is a musical wonder, a fine teacher and also an extremely special male.

I have always loved singing, however was as well intimidated to take vocal lessons. I"ve known of Myles before discovering about Melodies For Life and also determined to offer it a try. It has been and still is an awesome experience. Myles is an outstanding coach and shows so a lot patience and also encouragement throughout lessons. It"s been almost a year at Melodies For Life and I continue to have actually fun discovering and practicing via each session. Whether you want to learn to just how to sing or play an instrument, Myles is extremely knowledgeable and I extremely recommfinish him.

My 7 year old boy absolutely loves taking a guitar leskid from Myles. He loves Myles’ technique and also his means of interacting and also relating with kids. Myles teaches more intuitively based upon each child’s demands. We are extremely happy that we found this routine.

I took drum lessons with Myles for about two years and also loved it! His teaching style enables you to begin playing songs best away AND also job-related on technological skills. I had the ability to rent a drum set from him till I bought my own—which he tuned for me. So awesome!!! Myles is so heat, caring, and positive—a good person in addition to being a good teacher. He is an extremely talented musician too, not certain there is an instrument he doesn’t understand how to play... I very recommfinish Melodies For Life!!

Myles knows it all. At first, I moved to Alameda 2 years back and I was trying to pick up my guitar again and also brush up my skill. I searched virtual and uncovered that he has excellent reviews and also I offered it a try. Turned out he was very knowledgeable in both skill and also theory. Then my church asked for a drummer, although I never before picked up a drum stick in my life I volunteered and Myles is an excellent drumming teacher as well. 6 months later I am start to serve in my church as a drummer. Base guitar, voice, guitar, piano, drums you name it he knows it! And if you require a life leschild, he can teach you a thing or two too! Overall a 5-star experience!

Myles is an excellent guitar teacher. My daughter has a lot of fun and learns at the exact same time. He is exceptionally patient, constantly on time and also is inspirational.

My daughter has been taking singing / piano lessons with Myles for over two years. This class is just one of the highlights of her week. She always looks forward to her course as she always has fun, yet is additionally tested accordingly. Myles is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and a great motivator in a gentle method. For anyone inquiring around music lessons I would certainly extremely recommend Myles.

My son’s piano lessons via Myles were inspiring. Myles has actually an approach to teaching that urges students and meets them wherever before they’re at. They frequently select songs/music themselves, and Myles functions through them to be true musicians who perform what they execute because of their passion for it.

My kid has actually been taking drum lessons through Myles for few months. My child didn’t know about the drum before. We began lessons through him and also he loved his teacher and also instrument. He is a great teacher and knowledgeable on multiple tools. He wasn’t simply a good teacher , cared about his students, was interesting what else his student likes or talented. My kid was an ice hockey player and also he always wanted to come over to check out him however it didn’t work-related out bereason of teacher ‘s schedule . He constantly totally reserved even on Saturdays. We’d still be taking lessons if we didn’t move! We miss out on him! Who knows someday we watch him again! Thank you, Myles!

My pre-teenager daughter wanted to take voice lessons but she has actually some self-confidence and also shyness concerns. We had a hard time finding the ideal perboy to work-related through her. Within minutes of meeting Myles we knew we discovered one. His positive energy and clear communications was specifically what she required and also she blossomed. He tailored his instruction to her and also it ended up being an endure that I"m certain she"ll remember for her life.I feel prefer we have _all_ got something from communicating with Myles. Truly an impressive individual.

I really took pleasure in my suffer of taking voice lessons through Myles. Honestly, it was the highlight of my week. He was exceptionally encouraging, and provided me good feedearlier and tips on what I might work-related on, as I had actually never had formal lessons prior to, although I"d been singing and playing tools for a lengthy time. He really made me feel favor I could perform something through my voice, and motivated me to push myself to sing solo in certain venues. Time ended up being too scarce, so I didn"t execute that yet, and couldn"t continue as lengthy I wanted to. But I have actually hopes of finding time to come ago and start up again. Thanks, Myles for all your encouragement and support!

Myles is the absolute best. He"s a patient and also encouraging teacher and, ssuggest, an excellent male. He tailored voice lessons to my extremely specific demands however regulated to additionally preserve a much-needed focus on the basics. He did a great project in helping me develop confidence in developing my project. I can"t recommend him highly sufficient.

This area has actually a beautiful ambience. Teachers are seasoned. Myles and also Mike, both of them are very friendly. They taught me guitar lessons with patience because i was beginner. They encouraged me to learn more and more each day.I really enjoyed every one of my guitar lessons. I would certainly definitely recommfinish my friends to sign up with melodies of life for guitar lessons.This place is awesome.

My kid has been taking lessons via Myles for almost 3 years. What I liked many about Myles" studio/room was that he was able to offer lessons in a range of tools. This really appealed to me as this allowed my kid to gravitate to an instrument of his alternative as his interests changed. My boy began out through acoustic guitar, then electric guitar, complied with by drums. He has actually now settled on the bass guitar. My child is conveniently distracted periodically but Myles gently and kindly gets him to emphasis on what he requirements to carry out. He is exceptionally patient via my boy. Myles has the kids pick their favorite songs and also then equates them so that they deserve to begin playing them on their instrument of alternative. Myles inspires a love of music and his energy is transmittable.

Myles was exceptionally patient and gentle with my 8 year old child, who gets distracted incredibly easily. I really wanted my kid to learn how to play piano (because I love it!), but Myles urged him to touch, play and feel different tools and also let him pick at the end. My boy really enjoyed his lessons through Myles.

5 stars from 44 people?? This is the kind of rating that provides me seriously doubt the validity of Yelp....I literally contacted this area 5 times via email and also phone to try and also put up lessons for my teenager who is wanting to rebegin guitar lessons. It took on average 3-7 days to gain each response, which brought about...nothing.Each time the person that created earlier (numerous days after I wrote) mentioned establishing up an intake, to which I responded. “Great- right here are the general times we are accessible.” Days go by with no reply. I email back- he argues an intake- I tell him our availability- days go by via no reply. I email earlier, (you view where this is going, repeat 4x.)I had actually high hopes- the webwebsite is so clear around what is forced of the students and payment. Maybe they deserve to take a note from themselves and gain arranged.

Our daughter was enrolled in acoustic guitar lessons at Melodies for Life. Myles was her teacher. He was not simply a good patient and engaging coach for guitar, yet cared what was going on with her in chorus and also institution. He pertained to her chorus performance and also she was thrilled that he taught her the pop songs that interested her. He even concerned among my gigs in Alameda. We still continue to be in touch! Very thankful and both we and our daughter loved the whole suffer. THANK YOU!!!

I spent five months with Myles and he verified me approaches on the guitarthat I had actually never new prior to. I learned a lot from Myles. Myles has actually a nice simple way of approaching lessons and made the lessons extremely comfortable. Enjoy those notes!

My 10-years-old son learned drumming at some other location prior to this. After just a couple of lessons, he started to choose Myles" course extremely a lot. We have been coming right here for more than a year now. He learned a lot even he is quite lazy on practicing. Myles is very patient and professional as soon as teaching kids, he is also a really warmhearted and caring person. We are exceptionally lucky to have actually liked Melodies for Life.

My daughter and also I took voice and also drum lessons from Myles for over a year (we"d still be taking lessons if we hadn"t relocated out of state). Myles is knowledgeable on multiple instruments, patient, and also constantly super positive. He"s a great teacher for both youngsters and also adults.

My daughter took guitar from Myles for a year. He taught at her pace, her level of interemainder. Myles is a teacher that urges and also supports his students. Sometimes, he"d even come to see her acting performances at college. Such a sort and also talented male he is!

Myles is an remarkable teacher. His ability to play virtually any instrument allows for a distinct endure as a student as he deserve to acagency you to flesh out a song or augment a groove. He has a deep expertise of musical concept that does not obtain in the way of him teaching you exactly how to listen for chord transforms or feel out a rhythm. The college is conveniently situated and also has actually drums, key-boards, basses, guitars, mandolins, and also ukeleles. He also does voice lessons and also can sing! And he"s an excellent guy- easy to talk to and also learn about life through.

I have actually been taking guitar lessons for around 2 years, initially with Myles and then via Mike Solan. Both are excellent guitar teachers -- good players in their own best, yet also excellent at teaching valuable skills and also theory, motivating students, and making it fun. If you"re in search of great guitar (or drums, piano, or voice) teachers in Alameda, you"ve come to the ideal place!

My little cousins periods 7 and also 10 have been taking weekly drum lessons with Myles and they loved eextremely second of it. He is an exceptionally talented music teacher. He is extremely patient and also warmth, and also makes eexceptionally leskid a fun and enjoyable experience. His teaching style is custom-designed to wherever the student is at musically. He knows exactly how to store the boys interested while being concentrated on fundamentals of music lessons. What I love about Myles is his capacity to make the children feel "successful" even when they struggle through timing or rhythm at times. I cannot sheight very enough of Myles. He is the the man if you or your kids require music lessons (drums, bass, piano , keyboard and also voice lessons).

My 6 year old daughter took piano lessons from Myles. My daughter has actually behavior and also physical obstacles as a result of a stroke she endured as an infant. Myles was a warm and infinitely patient teacher through real caring for his students. I can’t recommfinish him highly sufficient. We only quit lessons bereason we needed to deal with some of my daughter’s various other obstacles for a while. But we will be returning very soon!

All 3 of my kids studied music through Myles at Melodies For Life. What a fantastic program and also achieved leader for my kids! In addition to taking the moment to present them to a selection of instruments, Myles also readjusted his teaching selections based upon just how each of my kids was discovering - whether it was asking them to choose a song they wanted to learn, bringing in a playing buddy or letting them try another instrument. Myles is a heat and also patient teacher and we are so grateful for his time and also talent.

Being a good musician does not always guarantee being a great music teacher. Myles Darnell combines both gracecompletely. His temperament and also nurturing method is wonderful. I have actually played music with him and seen him coach various other musicians.Myles played bass guitar for a pair of concerts for local Gospel/Inspirational artiste Maame Afon. He brings an excellent deal of professionalism to his craft, and also works well via various other musicians on the team. We certainly look forward to working with Myles on future occasions.

Myles is gifted in ways that Money can not by! I highly recommend Melodies for Life #theBobRossofMusic

When looking for a voice teacher in Alameda, a friend of mine recommended Myles to me. She was taking drum lessons at the moment, and I couldn"t be happier to hear that he likewise readily available voice lessons! Myles is an exceptionally type teacher, and really takes times and also effort to acquire to understand his students. Myles and Alicia spent time through me establishing purposes and also working on various audition pieces, and puburned me to sing songs that I didn"t understand my voice might handle. We worked on approach, style, and eactivity which enabled me to prepare for auditions and also upcoming performances. One of the things that I choose a lot of around Myles is that he is constantly sustaining his students, both in and outside of lessons. He even came to come view me perdevelop in a show! I extremely recommfinished Melodies for Life for anyone who is looking to enhance or learn a musical ability, whether you are a seasoned singer or learning an instrument for the initially time.

Myles Darnell is a great teacher! He is an extremely patient teacher. Even though it had actually been years because I had exercised (the piano), he patiently catered each lesson to my learning capcapability. He motivated me to exercise, and also carried me out of my comfort zamong penning "runs" that I could perhaps sing which aided in fine tuning my ear for singing. I would certainly extremely recommfinish his solutions. You will not be disappointed.

This testimonial is from Mike and also Donna Maher. Myles is a sort, caring dependable guy who loves God and loves human being. And it shows! He has actually functioned through my daughter who is intellectually disabled and also taught her just how to play the guitar. She learned so much! He was so patient and also expertise via her. She took pleasure in it so much! You deserve to tell he is so passionate and caring about what he does. He is so talented! I highly recommfinish Myles Darnell! My wife and also I are so appreciative! Thank you so much Myles!

My boy Erik loves going to his drum lessons via Aaron Park at Melodies for Life. Aaron is young and energetic and also my child really connects via him. Aaron provides the leschild fun while also teaching necessary skills. Erik enjoys the experience and desires to store playing, which is the goal.

I am taking voice lessons through Miles and am so grateful I discovered himl! He is so type, supportive, patient and also dedicated to his students.He really provides me work tough to attain what I want and also I like to check out my progression and also confidence building up each day! Not only is he a teacher yet a complete artist. Ifeel so lucky I found him.

Miles you did excellent job boosting The confidence of my son I would certainly recommend him to work with Anyone I have actually referred him to various other persons as well

I have worked via Myles over the years in a professional capacity and he is an absolute joy to occupational with. He knows his stuff and is incredibly adaptable via human being, situations and also environments. I have actually a large level of respect for Myles and also what he brings to the musician/teacher table. His heart is in it and also it is noticeable that he is passionate around connecting music with world. Having expertise is one thing, being able to existing it so that it provides sense is the true gift of a teacher.

I took a vocal lessons from Ptr. Myles few years back and I loved it. I was a member of our music minisattempt in our church. The factor I wanted to execute the vocal lessons was to boost my vocal skills and also a hoswarm opinion. Ptr. Myles made me comfortable and also he was so patient. He tried to reach me wbelow I"m at vocally without me feels intimidated. Come as you are and he will certainly help what you require. Thanks a lot Ptr. Myles and I"m forever before grateful.

My daughter looooves her teacher Myles! Not just is he experienced in a range of instruments, he"s additionally a telented teacher who has actually a gift of connecting with children. He"s genuinely patient and so encouraging to kids and also he understands their discovering capacity. Cost of lessons are reasonable and also they allow you to rent out equipment to practice at home via for a fair cost as well. We live 13 miles from the location- and also their are plenty of other music businesses closer to home- however my daughter insists on being taught by her favorite teacher, Myles Darnell. Oh- and also the guy can saaaaang his heart out...beautiful voice!

Our daughters looked forward to their weekly lessons via Myles at Melodies for life. Myles is patient, kind, and also genuinely cares about the well being of his students. He has a wonderful ability to attach through his students and also his passion for music is infectious and also motivating!

Melodies for Life is awesome!!! I started doing guitar lessons and also learned chords and transitions. Myles Darnell is such a seasoned guitar player and also singer, and also it renders him a good teacher, he is likewise sort and patient. The various other point I really chosen around Melodies for Life is they market a functional lesson schedule. A few months after guitar lessons I had some vocal lessons, it turned out so well. Before my vocal lessons my estimate was not there at all, I sounded choose a mouse. Myles Darnell, helped me to job more and have a bigger voice. He likewise promoted my notes and also offered exercises for my range. I very recommend Melodies for Life, I definitely had actually more confidence after the lessons :)

I can confidently say that Melodies For Life has made nopoint brief of a major impact on my life. Darnell is a wonderful huguy being with a large heart and also a drive to make certain world live a much better life. I worked via him for nearly a year at the start stperiods of the business and it was a significant chance for me to learn, grow and also suffer the vision that he sees through the firm. Being that i had actually no work-related experience at the time, he took me under his wing to help run the company. I have actually given that introduced a firm and also assisted grow another to come to be an market leader as a result of the principles he instilled in me.As far as the musical training, he walks his students through the basics and increases the challenge of the finding out stages at a really correct rate. All of which is practice tailored to the requirements and also potential of the student on an individual basis.I highly recommend Melodies For Life to anyone who is interested in finding out an instrument or looking to further enhance their musical capabilities. You will not regret your decision in any way, shape, or create.

Myles is a talented and patient teacher through an extremely positive mindset. Solid knowledge of music and also plays an selection of musical instruments (excellent singing voice as well). My young grandchild appreciated his lessons very a lot. Highly recommend Melodies For Life without hesitation for students at any type of level wanting to flourish musically.

I love Melodies for Life and also have actually recognized the founder for practically a life time. Myles provided beautiful musical accompaniment for my Disneyland wedding (both music and also vocals) and has actually a wonderful means of functioning via both children and adults in the realm of music. 5 Stars and also 2 Thumbs Up - he is as good as it gets and you won"t be disappointed.

When we first came we hadn"t consisted of our minds yet about what instruments we wanted to play and Myles Darnell had actually let us attempt out all the various instruments (guitar, drums,and piano) to view which one we delighted in the the majority of. Anvarious other point is that we appreciated so much was that our schedule is pretty full through the whole week and also he made it feasible so that we can play on the weekends so we can gain sufficient time in our schedule to practice. Something that I chosen finest around our practices was that we acquired to practice all our chords and also every little thing yet we likewise get a chance to play various songs and also make a cooperation through my siblings and also their different tools. Lastly I appreciate the truth that we were provided with the instruments by Myles himself. From me and my family we would certainly all favor to give thanks to Myles Darnell and Melodies For Life for this chance to attempt somepoint new and learn even more about music.

My child has been taking lessons at Melodies for Life for over 2 years currently and it is amazing exactly how far he has actually come, not only as a drummer, however as a musician.. His confidence level has grvery own so much that he is branching out and trying his hand also at other instruments. His instructor at Melodies for Life, Myles Darnell, is the a lot of experienced, talented, and also positive teacher ever! He has actually ongoing to encourage and inspire my child to believe that there are no borders to what he can accomplish!

Myles Darnell is an amazing instructor! I have actually two kids, periods 7 and 13who attend Melodies For Life and they both really enjoy it. My nephew, that is in his twenties likewise attended MFL and also loved it. Myles made the lessons fun and also entertaining for my kids and also nephew. I would certainly highly recommfinish Melodies for Life for both kids and adults!!

Myles has been my instructor for voice and harmonies because the 90"s, and I gain discovering from him as a professional. He is a multi-talented man that has the patience to teach anyone who desires to grown and also perfect their music ear, voice approach or learn just how to play an instrument. He is a gifted male that loves what he does and it reflects. Thank you Myles for all that you have taught me over the years.

They have actually great teachers, incredibly friendly and also experienced. My son favor finding out music atmelodies for life!!!

Myles is a patient and wonderful teacher. I"d recommfinish him to anyone looking to take voice lessons and I imagine his instrument instruction is just as satisfying.

Myles was the initially perboy I assumed of when planning my wedding. I chose an original song created by him. He was AWESOME and made my day among the many one-of-a-kind days of my life. He is very professional and sort. I would very recommend him for all your musical needs.

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Myles is an amazingly talented musician that can conveniently adapt to any music genre, from jazz to worship to hawaiian to modern rock or blues to tahitian to country, and so on., and so on., and so on. As well as instantly fitting right right into any musical environment, group or gathering, Myles have the right to play just about any musical instrument you put in front of him. Drums, acoustic or bass guitar, piano/keyboards, and more. Add to the mix his vocal talents and also composition abilities, and also you have the ultimate musical package!His calm and patient demeanor provides him the ultimate vocal or musical instrument instructor. He thoabout describes each and also eexceptionally component of the instrument and it"s crucial function for that instrument. Myles has actually the remarkable capacity to help the students "end up being one" with their musical instrument, creating a comfortable and also passionate learning atmosphere.I myself am a Percreating Arts Director, and also have referred to as on Myles on many type of occasions. Each and eexceptionally time he has actually been an integral part of the musical component of our productions. His timeliness, dedication, adaptability to last minute changes, patience and passion, and injections of humor in stressful moments has actually blessed us and helped us accomplish our goals of perfect productions, many type of of which garnered a standing ovation.Thank you, Myles, for being you, and also for being tright here for us! 

Myles has given my boy lessons and also has ministered in our church. He is very sort, patient, and also easy to prefer. I would certainly recommend his solutions to anyone desiring to play an instrument.

I wanted to learn the bass guitar and I was looking for a place that would fit my wrk/life schedule. Myles Darnell was excellent and formed the lessons roughly my demanding schedule. He was incredibly patient as I fumbled through my lessons and shortly I was playing working my way via the notes on my own!!! I couldn"t have actually been even more pleased through what I learned and also his teaching style was perfect for me! I recommfinished him to my friend, she took his classes too (for drums) and loved it! I would certainly recommend melodies for life for anyone With an itch to learn an instrument. :)