Heisenberg is back and also the showdvery own in between Hank and Walt is on. Breaking Bad went back with the first of its final eight episodes Sunday. And true to a display that has had more than its fair share of quotable moments, the episode featured plenty of great lines.

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The Hollyhardwood Reportercounts dvery own the five the majority of quotable moments listed below. It might seem favor overkill, yet three of them come from the final scene, in which Hank and Walt square off. That’s how excellent we think those minutes of the episode are.

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5. Badger to Skinny Pete:“Chekov screams, he sprays blood out of his mouth. Scotty beamed his guts into space!”

Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) and Badger’s (Matt Jones) inane yet awesome conversation around Star Trek fan fiction verified how much rerelocated Jesse is from his friends. The pair were happy to joke about while Jesse worried around the deaths that are on his head.

4. Walt to Jesse:“Listen to me: I did not kill Mike. The last time that I observed him, he had his bag — the one that I brought him — and he gained right into his automobile and also he drove away. And for all I recognize, he is alive and well. … Jesse, I need you to believe this.”

Like so many type of times prior to, Walt (Bryan Cranston) lied to Jesse (Aaron Paul) and laid it on thick. There’s certainly a tone Walt adopts when he’s lying, this time included. But for the initially time, Jesse didn’t buy it. Tright here was a lot going on in Jesse’s expression as he listened to the speech — as if he was realizing Walt had been lying eincredibly other time he spoke to him in this method.

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3. Hank to Walt: “You drove right into traffic to save me from that laundry. That contact I acquired, telling me Marie remained in the hospital? That wasn’t Pinkmale. You had actually my cell number. You killed ten witnesses to conserve your sorry ass. You bombed a nursing residence. Heisenberg. Heisenberg!”

Hank (Dean Norris)got in overdrive as he faced Wchange. Hearing him enumerate some of Walt’s many kind of sins was chilling — specifically as soon as he pointed out that Walt bombed a nursing him to kill Gus. The “challenge off” minute had actually been so cool, we hadn’t considered just how irresponsible it was for it to have actually occurred in a retirement home.

2. Walt to Hank: “In 6 months you won’t have someone to prosecute. But also if you were somehow able to convince someone I was qualified of doing these points, you and also I both understand I would never watch the inside of a jail cell.”

This one had a lot going on in it. Is Walt telling the truth? Will he really die in six months? We check out in the episode that he’s ago on chemotreatment. The last line is likewise intriguing: Does it intend he’d take whatever before actions necessary (including killing Hank) to prevent jail?

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Walt to Hank: “If you don’t know that I am, then probably your ideal course would certainly be to treview lightly.”

We predict this will certainly go dvery own in history along side “I am the danger” and also “Say my name.”

What’d we miss? Sound off in the comments about your favorite quotes from the finale below.