Say, you"re working in a company. The phone rings and also you pick it up. On the other line, someone wants to sheight to among your co-workers. You want to your co-worker who this person is.

I think asking "May I understand who you are?" is a little bit rude? What"s a more common or softer alternative?

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As far as politeness goes, the following examples, along with what JeremyC has actually already argued, would also be some of the safest means to ask human being for their names once talking with them over the phone:

Could you please me that I"m speaking with?

May I ask who"s calling?

Would you mind tnlinux.orging who"s talking?


In my experience, "Who is this?" is mainly viewed as more polite than "Who are you?" or comparable. I don"t have actually a good reason for it. Tright here are other more-polite develops, as noted in the various other answers, however "Who is this?" is direct, reasonable, and unmost likely to offfinish.

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There"s not one perfect answer for eincredibly instance. If you don"t hear the name the first time, simply say that. Or, if the caller just gives his/her first name, state that you require the last name too, and also the factor why.

I encounter this frequently. Although I am a indigenous English speaker, many of my callers soptimal Spanish. So, I am faced through 2 problems: First, the need to know the complete name of the caller; and second, the fact that I am not trained in the culturally-appropiate method to ask my client"s identification in Spanish. (And the most proper way to ask this, may vary from nation to nation, anymethod.)

My advice is to listen to the caller, and also to respond in a means that appears correct for that case.

Your tamong voice, and also your perspective, probably are more essential than the precise words that you usage.