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I"m getting the error "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached" when I am logged into WebAdvisor. The same issue will happen with Student workflows, Web Time Entry Workflows, etc. (link)

This error may have been caused by opening four or more WebAdvisor hyperlink windows. For example, if a user is reviewing their budget and clicks on the Actuals, which opens a new window, then clicks on a Voucher, which opens a new window; and the user does not close any of the child windows, and attempts to select another Actual, they will get the error. All child windows must be closed using the CLOSE WINDOW button. If the user uses the browser"s red X to close the windows, they will still get the error and be forced to log out and back in to WebAdvisor.

If this does not solve the problem you may need to review and then delete the webadvisor stored cookies.

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In Chrome - Chrome Settings/Advanced/Content Settings/All Cookies &Site Data/Search "WebAdvisor"/ and Click X to to right of webadvisor.nlinux.org.educookie to delete it

1. In WebAdvisor: Go to the student profile page, enter a student"s ID, and part of the information that will appear includes Advisor Name, email, etc.

2. In Colleague, many of the departmental administrative assistants have access to certain screens designated by the Registrar. On one or more of those screens, this information exists. So faculty could check with these departmental administrative assistants as well.

Applies To: Faculty

Applies To: Students

In a web browser, go to go.nlinux.org.edu/webadvisor

Applies To: Students

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

If you do not electronically sign and submit your time card to your supervisor, there is no web transaction to display for that pay period in the Time History screen on Webadvisor. What happens is your default work schedule, or days you entered manually, are pulled into payroll and the verifications are done through the normal payroll files. There is no detail from the web that was saved to reference.Also, at this point, anyverification of hours or approvals needed are done by the Payroll Department in conjunction with your supervisor before you are paid.

Applies To: Students

1. Login to http://webadvisor.nlinux.org.edu 2. Choose employee from the menu 3. Choose Time Entry from the menu at the lower left side of the page. 4. Pick your Helpdesk job from the list: 5. Fill in your hours and click submit: 6. Click OK to confirm:

Submit a Help Ticket at http://go.nlinux.org.edu/HelpTicket and ITS staff will unlock the account for you.

You use the username assigned to you such as smitha15 for any of the products on campus. You use the username smitha15
mail.nlinux.org.edu to access your e-mail.If you are adding your e-mail on your phone your username is smitha15

The password.nlinux.org.edu change page syncs both the AD (ActiveDirectory) campus and e-mail password.

Applies To: Students

Applies To: Faculty, Staff

For W&L staff and faculty:

1. Open up a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, for example.)

2. Go to https://owa.nlinux.org.edu(OWA is an acronym for Outlook Web App)

For questions please contact ITS: (540) 458-4357.

Applies To: Students

W&L’s system is linked directly to the area Emergency 911 notification system. 911 should only be used in life threatening situations. Minor emergency calls should be placed to University Security at 8999 from any W&L extension. You may place a call to E-911 by dialing 9+911. In most cases, the E-911 dispatcher will see the phone number you are dialing from and your location on their dispatch screen.

Be sure to dial carefully. If you unintentionally contact a 911 dispatcher, please explain your mistake to them and you will have played an important role in making the system work properly (and you won’t be responsible for emergency crews rolling up to your dorm on a false alarm).

Applies To: Students

Telephone numbers for students who have phone service from the University will not appear in the local Lexington telephone directory, however, it will automatically be listed in the University telephone directories.

Applies To: Students

The following instructions will help you complete your calls on the W&L phone system:

To Call Another W&L Phone Extension:

Dial the last four digits

To Call a Local Number Off Campus:

Dial 9, wait for dial tone and dial the seven digit number

Local exchanges include: 258-Glasgow; 261, 264-Buena Vista; 291-Natural Bridge; 348-Brownsburg; 458, 460, 461, 462, 463, 464-Lexington.

To Call Long Distance (Direct Dial):

Authorization codes are required for long distance service. Dial 9 + 1 + (area code) + (phone number), wait for double beep, + (authorization code).

To Call Long Distance (Calling Card):

You may use a calling card to access the long distance carrier of your choice by following the instructions listed earlier in this handbook under “Long Distance Service.”

To Make International Calls

Dial 9 + 011 + (country code) + (city routing) + (local phone number), wait for double beep + (authorization code). Please be very careful when dialing international calls. Misdialing the initial digits can result in an inadvertent call to Emergency 911 services.

To Make Local or Long Distance Directory Assistance Calls:

Dial 9 + 1 + (area code) + 555-1212, wait for double beep, + (authorization code). The charge for this call is the prevailing rate at the time.

900 calls and 411 directory assistance calls are blocked.

Applies To: Students

Applies To: Students

To add a student:

To remove a student from a class:

Your telephone service which includes PhoneMail upon request, a voice mail service that enables you to record a personal greeting of up to three minutes in length and accept up to ten, 3-minute messages. Your phone line will be programmed to forward automatically to PhoneMail if you do not answer after four rings or if your line is busy. The message waiting light on your phone will flash whenever you have received a message. You should retrieve and delete messages as often as possible.By using the access phone number to PhoneMail and your personalized password, you will be able to retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone.Your greeting will be your own personalized message that may be changed at any time from any phone.Voice mailboxes are confidential and are accessible only to the individual via a password.The PhoneMail box owner should erase all messages at the end of the school year. The PhoneMail system will be purged of all messages 24 hours after the final day of spring term exams.

Applies To: Students

• You will be billed for unanswered long distance calls if you listen to a ring or busy signal for 30 seconds or more (approximately 4 rings) after completion of dialing. You will be charged for a one minute call. Credit will not be issued for these calls. • Students must not bill calls directly to their residence hall telephone number (i.e., accepting collect calls and third party calls). The cost of the call plus a handling fee of $20.00 will be charged to the extension to which the call has been billed. • University telephones must not be removed from their assigned locations. The ROLM-phone will not work with any other system. The actual cost to replace a missing phone or phones damaged beyond repair will be charged to resident of the room. Phones will not be replaced until a report has been filed with the Telecommunications Office. • If you damage or deface your phone, a charge for damages, time, and materials will be made against your account for any repairs (usually a minimum of $50). • Students must keep the phones plugged in at all times. If a phone is detected unplugged, a $5.00 fee will be charged. Unplugged phones create problems for our system. The Do Not Disturb (DND) feature has been provided to help you avoid this fee. • Be aware that some 800 number calls convert to toll calls (900 number). If you connect with one of these numbers, the cost of the call will be passed along to you. Direct dialing of 900 number services is blocked in our system. • If your authorization code is lost or stolen, or if for any reason you feel the security of this number has been compromised, immediately contact W&L"s Telecommunications Office in person. You will be responsible for all calls made prior to your notification in person. Because of the serious nature of the loss of an authorization code, if the Telecommunications Office is closed, you should contact University Security immediately.

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Applies To: Students

The University"s long distance carrier is BTI. If you elect not to use the University"s system, you will need to acquire a calling card from the carrier of your choice for the placement of long distance calls. Access to alternate carriers is available through the W&L system by dialing the carriers "800" access numbers. You may also reach an alternate carrier by dialing 9 + 1010xxx + 0 + phone number (for example, to access AT&T using this method you would dial 9 + 1010288 + 0 + phone number). Contact your carrier for their three digit code and rates.Washington and Lee University does not charge residents for the alternate carrier access described above. You must have an existing calling/credit card arrangement with the alternate carrier and must not associate that account with your local number nor allow charges to be billed to your local number. A substantial service fee will be assessed for all calls billed back to W&L numbers.If you find that you cannot dial the alternate carrier of your choice from within the W&L system, please contact the Telecommunications Office. telcom