CCNA 1 v6.0 Chapter 4 Quiz Answers Cisco Last Update 2019

This quiz covers the content in CCNA R&S Overview to Networks Chapter 4. It is designed to administer a second chance to practice the abilities and also knowledge presented in the chapter and also to prepare for the Chapter 4 Exam.

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1. A netjob-related team is comparing topologies for connecting on a shared media. Which physical topology is an instance of a hybrid topology for a LAN?

busextfinished star*ringpartial mesh

Explanation:An extfinished star topology is an example of a hybrid topology as extra switches are interassociated via other star topologies. A partial mesh topology is a prevalent hybrid WAN topology. The bus and also ring are not hybrid topology types.

2. What provides fiber preferable to copper cabling for interconnecting buildings? (Choose 3.)

higher ranges per cable run*reduced installation costrestricted susceptibility to EMI/RFI*sturdy connectionshigher bandwidth potential*conveniently terminated

3. What is the purpose of the OSI physical layer?

managing access to mediatransmitting bits across the neighborhood media*performing error detection on got framesexchanging frames in between nodes over physical network-related media

Explanation:The physical layer is responsible for transmitting the actual signals across the physical media as bits. Extransforming frames, managing media accessibility, and also perdeveloping error detection are all attributes of the information link layer.

4. Which strategy of data carry enables information to be sent out and also got at the same time?

complete dúplex*fifty percent duplexmultiplexsimplex

5. Match the description with the media. (Not all options are offered.)

STP ——-> This type of copper media is offered in industrial or comparable settings wbelow there is a lot of interference.wireless ——-> This type of media provides the a lot of mobility alternatives.optical fiber ——-> This form of media is supplied for high transmission rate and have the right to likewise transfer data over lengthy ranges.coaxial ——-> Traditionally provided for tv however deserve to currently be provided in a netjob-related to connect the customer area to the wiring of the customer premises.

Explanation:UTP cables are offered in wired office settings. Coaxial cables are provided to connect cable modems and televisions. Fiber optics are provided for high transmission speeds and to carry data over long ranges. STP cables are offered in settings where there is a lot of interference.

6. Which statement describes a characteristic of the framework header areas of the data link layer?

They all encompass the circulation manage and also logical connection areas.Ethernet frame header fields contain Layer 3 resource and location addresses.They differ depending upon protocols.*They incorporate information on user applications.

Explanation:All data connect layer protocols encapsulate the Layer 3 PDU within the information field of the framework. However, the framework of the framework and the fields that are contained in the header vary according to the protocol. Different data attach layer protocols may usage different areas, choose priority/quality of service, logical link manage, physical connect manage, flow control, and congestion regulate.

7. Which two components influence the technique that is offered for media access control? (Choose 2.)

exactly how data is created by end devices applicationsexactly how the link in between nodes shows up to the data link layer*exactly how signals are encoded by the NICs on finish devices​how nodes share the media*how the IP protocol forwards the packet to the destination

Explanation:The media access control method offered depends on the topology (how the link between the nodes appears to the data attach layer), and how the nodes share the media. The type of data produced by finish gadgets applications, the means signals are encoded by the NICs on end devices, and even the way the IP protocol forwards the packet through the netjob-related have no influence on the alternative of the approach supplied for media access manage.

8. What strategy is used to regulate contention-based access on a wireless network?

CSMA/CDpriority orderingCSMA/CA*token passing

Explanation:Carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA) is supplied via wiremuch less networking technology to mediate media contention. Carrier feeling multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) is provided with wired Ethernet innovation to mediate media contention. Priority ordering and token passing are not used (or not a method) for media accessibility regulate.

9. Match each type of framework field to its function. (Not all choices are supplied.)

addressing ——> This area helps to direct the framework towards its destination.error detection ——> This field checks if the frame has been damaged during the transport.type ——> This field is offered by the LLC to identify the Layer 3 protocol.structure start ——> This area identifies the beginning of a framework.

Explanation:Place in the complying with order:error detection – This field checks if the structure has actually been damaged in the time of the move.The second answer is not supplied.addressing – This field helps to direct the frame toward its location.structure start – This area identifies the start of a framework.form – This field is used by the LLC to identify the Layer 3 protocol.

10. Refer to the exhilittle.


One finish of the cable is terminated as presented, and also the various other end is terminated in accordance via the T568A conventional. What form of cable would be created in this manner?


Explanation:A straight-with cable can have actually either a T568A or T568B conventional termicountry at one finish and the exact same at the other finish. A crossover cable has a T568A standard termination at one finish and also a T568B conventional at the other finish. A rollover cable have the right to have actually either a T568A or T568B standard termicountry at one finish, and at the various other finish have actually the exact same conventional, yet via the wires linked in reverse order. A fiber-optic cable is not terminated utilizing RJ-45 connectors.

11. A netjob-related administrator is developing a new network-related infrastructure that includes both wired and also wireless connectivity. Under which case would a wireless connection be recommended?

The end-user device only has an Ethernet NIC.The end-user tool requires a committed connection because of performance requirements.The end-user device needs mobility as soon as connecting to the netoccupational.*The end-user device location has actually a high concentration of RFI.

Explanation:When the end-user tools require mobility to affix to the network-related, wireless is recommended. If an end-user gadget just has actually an Ethernet NIC, the user will only be able to use Ethernet cabling. If RFI is an concern, wireless is not recommended. An end-user tool that requires a dedicated connection for performance would perdevelop much better through a specialized Ethernet cable.

12. What kind of cable is offered to connect a workstation serial port to a Cisco router console port?


Explanation:UTP cable wire pairs deserve to be terminated in different configurations for usage in different applications. To use a UTP cable for consoling right into a Cisco router from a PC serial port, it have to be terminated as a rollover or consingle cable.

Explanation:In fiber optic media, the physical layer produces the depiction and also groupings of bits as fads of light.

Noted: There are 3 possible answers. You deserve to fill in among the complying with in netacad: LIGHT, Light, and light.

14. Refer to the exhilittle bit.


What is the maximum possible throughput in between the PC and the server?

128 kb/s*10 Mb/s100 Mb/s1000 Mb/s

Explanation:The maximum throughput between any two nodes on a network is figured out by the slowest connect between those nodes.

15. Which statement appropriately explains framework encoding?

It offers the characteristic of one wave to modify an additional wave.It transmits information signals in addition to a clock signal which occurs at evenly spaced time durations.It geneprices the electric, optical, or wireless signals that reexisting the binary numbers of the frame.It converts bits into a precharacterized code in order to administer a predictable pattern to assist identify information bits from regulate bits.*

Explanation:Frame encoding converts a stream of data bits into a predefined code that is well-known by both the sender and receiver. These codes are offered for a range of functions, such as separating data bits from control bits, and also identifying the start and end of a framework.

16. What is a characteristic of a WAN hub-and-spoke topology?

It needs that some of the branch sites be interlinked through point-to-allude links.It needs that every site be interconnected to each other through point-to-allude web links.All sites need a hub device that connects to a router.The branch sites are linked to a central site via point-to-point links.​*

Explanation:A hub-and-spoke topology is a WAN variation of the star topology in which a main site interconnects branch sites utilizing point-to-allude web links. A mesh topology calls for that eexceptionally end device be interlinked to eexceptionally various other device making use of point-to-point web links. A partial mesh is a variation of this topology, wright here some yet not all finish devices are interassociated. There is no topology wright here all the sites need to have hub tools that are linked to a router.

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17. Which is a role of the Logical Link Control (LLC) sublayer?

to specify the media access procedures that are perdeveloped by the hardwareto administer data attach layer addressingto determine which netoccupational layer protocol is being used*to accept segments and package them into information devices that are referred to as packets

Explanation:Defining the media access processes that are percreated by the hardware and also giving data attach layer addressing are functions of the MAC sublayer. The data attach layer accepts Layer 3 packets and packeras them into information units that are referred to as frames.