I"m trying to toggle Miranda"s Romance to True in ME3 ideal before I accomplish her for the third time in the apartment so I can trigger the romance dialog choice. I have found ID Values for many of the personalities besides Miranda.

Romance Value ID"s for MS3

Miranda - ?????Liara - 19722Ashley - 19724Kaidan - 19723Tali - 19726Garrus - 19725Samantha - 19835Cortez - 19838


Actually, if you want to create the romance scene for Miranda in the apartments, you have to make sure your Shepard is not locked in any type of connection. This suppose all "TrueLove" plot IDs have to not be set (Liara, Tali, etc). In enhancement to the one you"ve listed:

TrueLove Plot IDs

Miranda: 21750Jack: 19846

I did this ideal prior to the 3rd meeting through Miranda. I supplied the Gibbed"s Mass Effect 3 Save Editor. I applied all of the adhering to settings and also it worked. It has actually a very early and a late area, yet I just did them both late.

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doexecute.com.au in the GME3SE FAQ)

prior to you meet at citadel docking bay 24d - beforehand in the game


id: 5209, name: "Romanced Miranda",BOOL YES

id: 3304, name: "Broke Up with Miranda",BOOL NO

INT: 266, name: "Romance state with Miranda",INT 5 (so 266, then in the next box 5)

id: 177, name: "Miranda is loyal",BOOL YES

id: 33, name: "Miranda acquired",BOOL YES

id: 195, name: "Miranda is dead",BOOL NO

or later on in the game

id: 21750, name: "Miranda - romanced",BOOL YES

id: 20184, name: "Miranda - warned",BOOL YES

id: 20278, name: "Miranda - killed"},BOOL NO

Enjoy the finish and total rip off that is the sex scene through Miranda in ME3.

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Miranda"s Romance ID is:


(inferred from this article on the bioware forums)

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