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By jgatsby82
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360)Triusing Answer and also Achievements by jgatsby82 (taurean.meacham) -AT- (Yahoo)

Triby means of answersThe answers for the trivia mini-game are as adheres to in order:Stark Industries1. Steve Rogers2. Daredevil3. Max Dillon4. Kinetically charged5. Wonder Man's brother6. A gamma ray explosion7. Fly8. Breathe in space9. Susan Storm10. Jetpacks11. An experiment12. Scorcher13. Phineas Mason14. Whirlwind15. A rich industrialist16. Anthony Edward Stark17. Espionage experience18. Frozen in ice19. A lawyer20. Remy LeBeau21. A schoolyard fight22. Create force fields23. Alcoholic24. Black Widow25. Bravo Team26. Electro27. Damage Control28. Super Soldier serum29. Ben30. Wisecracks31. James32. Adamantium33. Cosmic radiation34. Tribal elder35. Plane crashWhite Star1. Genetic Experiments2. Seen on Live TV3. Nitro4. Vibrating Air Blasts

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5. The Daily Bugle6. In A Refion Of Kenya7. Yancy Street8. Fantastic Four9. Diamondback10. Vibranium11. Sight12. Ice13. A Void Flight14. Educator15. Harlem16. Heroes For Hire17. Tranquilizer Darts18. Lincoln Memorial19. White Star20. Mr. Fantastic21. 1622. Short Temper23. Nathan Summers24. Tandy Bowen25. His Sister26. New York27. Ballet Dancer28. Advanced Devices29. Eric Williams30. Golden Mace31. Multiple Man32. New Warriors33. Herguy Schultz34. Unknown35. He is in a Comic BookFury's Secret Base
1. Life Model Decoy2. Robotic Duplicats3. Pym Particles4. Wolfgang Von Strucker5. James Rhodes6. Shocker7. Nobody8. Telekinesis9. Russia10. Cloak And Dagger11. Light Knives12. Molten Man13. Organic Doubles14. Reed Richards15. Patriot16. Negative Zone17. Being Ex-Shield18. Hydra19. Scientist20. High School Student21. Latent Mutation22. Ten23. Starktechnology Armor Suit24. Geffen-Meyer25. Skybird One26. 61227. Hydra Base28. A Sedative29. Western New York30. Capes31. K'un-L'un32. His Skeleton33. Cloak34. The Thing35. Robbie BaldwinWakandan Palace1. Howling Commandoes2. An Alien Organism3. Hulk4. Chi Energy5. Bill Foster6. Pro Wrestler7. High Intensity Sonics8. A Rare Herb9. Ice And Fire10. Microwave Energy11. Alex Summers12. Rick Jones13. Cyclops14. A Vance Astrovik15. Angelica Jones16. Psychiatrist17. Speedball18. Pain19. Africa20. Grey and also Cyclops21. Mjolnir22. Telekinesis23. Swanson24. Venom25. Thirty Seconds26. Portal27. Negative Zone28. District Attorney29. Jennifer Walters30. Engineering31. Mac Gargan32. Joseph33. His Brother34. WWI Pilot35. LawyerStark Industries After Pro-Registation1. Scientific Acumen2. Maria Hill3. Air Force Pilot4. Atlantean Royalty5. Kree Technology6. Metallurgy7. Connecticut8. Ororo Munroe9. Trained Pilot10. His Natural Genius11. Not Related12. A Barge13. Baron Zemo14. Coldheart15. On Roosoccasion Island16. Wolverine17. Gamma Regulators18. Nuclear Physics19. Odin20. Elder God21. X-Men22. Phoenix Force23. Super-Villain24. Merc With A Mouth25. Sanity26. A Publiburned Novelist27. Carol Danvers28. Ironfist29. Jessica Jones30. Heroes For Hire31. X-Men32. Daredevil33. Gambit34. Professional Thief35. Alterindigenous Future# AchievementsAccomplish the indicated accomplishment to get the matching number of Gamerscore points: Mission Accomplimelted (5 points): Topple a dictator. Coalition of the Willing (20 points): Crash a castle. Oceans No Longer Protect Us (20 points): Protect a city. A Housage Divided (20 points): Deffinish your leaders. If You're Not With Us (10 points): Choose a side. Freedom Isn't Free (20 points): Raid a hideout. Deffinishing Our Way of Life (20 points): Rescue a hideout. All Options on the Table (20 points): Deffinish a convoy. Collateral Damage (20 points): Sheight a convoy. Fallen Star (20 points): Ambush your opponents. Iron and also Blood (20 points): Fight earlier an ambush. Knowns and also Unknowns (10 points): Repay a favor. Alliance Reborn (20 points): Break and also enter. Grave and also Cultivation (20 points): Free a country. A More Perfect Union (10 points): Finish what you started. I'm With Iron Man (30 points): Defeat all Act II and III goals as a Pro-Registration team. I'm With Captain America (30 points): Defeat all Act II and III goals as an Anti-Registration team. Legendary Schism (20 points): Defeat all Act I missions on Legendary Difficulty. Legendary War (30 points): Defeat all Act II missions on Legendary Difficulty. Legendary Alliance (30 points): Defeat all Act III missions on Legendary Difficulty. Rookie Squad (10 points): Complete a map in Co-Op. Experienced Allies (15 points): Complete 8 maps in Co-Op. Decorated Veterans (30 points): Complete 24 maps in Co-Op. Seek and also Destroy (15 points): Complete all optional mission missions. Unconsisted of Aggression (15 points): You or various other players on your team should destroy 250 health and wellness containers. Unbeat Heroes (30 points): Defeat 12 mission bosses on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without renewal or map refill. Immortal Heroics (50 points): Defeat 25 maps on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without resurgence or map reload. Back in Action (10 points): Perdevelop 10 revivals. Tactical Training (10 points): Percreate all 5 recommended training Fusions in Latveria. Heroes Unite (10 points): Percreate 10 Fusions through one more player-managed hero in a Co-Op game. United We Stand (30 points): Earn 20 high scores for each form of Fusion: Targeted, Guided, and Clearing. Powers of Two (50 points): Perdevelop all Fusions by combining eexceptionally available pairing of 24 heroes. Old Friends (10 points): Have 10 unique conversations between personalities via a background while in an HQ map. Costume Collector (10 points): Unlock 23 different costumes. Distinguimelted Service (10 points): Collect 50 Team Boosts. Extraordinary Heroism (30 points): Collect 125 Team Boosts. Above and also Beyond (50 points): Collect 200 Team Boosts. Listening In (20 points): Collect 30 Audio Logs. Superior Intel (20 points): Collect 125 Dossiers. Potential Evidence (10 points): Collect 10 Concept Art Bundles in HQ maps. Triby means of Buff (10 points): Correctly answer 15 Trivia questions. Triusing Team-Up (15 points): Score 30 Trithrough Fusions. Trivia Genius (30 points): Earn all Triby means of rewards. Sim Team-Up (5 points): Earn Mission Succeeded on a Simulator Mission in Co-Op and also return to the Simulator food selection. Sim Amateur (10 points): Earn 4 Bronze Medals from Simulator Missions. Sim Expert (15 points): Earn 8 Silver Medals from Simulator Missions. Sim Champion (30 points): Earn 12 Gold Medals from Simulator Missions. Melee Training (10 points): Complete all melee training objectives detailed on the Stats web page. Power Training (15 points): Complete all Power training purposes detailed on the Stats page. Eexceptionally Trick in the Book (30 points): Complete all combat mastery purposes provided on the Stats web page.