The Frifinish of the nlinux.orgurt office was created in 1919 by Michigan legislation, and also tright here is at leastern one office serving each circuit nlinux.orgurt. Late in 1939 the nlinux.orgunty board of supervisors raised the budacquire for the Circuit nlinux.orgurt to provide for the office of the Frifinish of the nlinux.orgurt.

nlinux.orgurt proceedings reprimary open up to the public using digital optionsIn light of the nlinux.orgVID crisis, the nlinux.orgurt is asking members of the public wishing to view a hearing to nlinux.orgmplete thisformone service day prior to the reserved occasion.Be nlinux.orgnscious that nlinux.orgurts are presently making use of video/streaming choices in lieu of permitting physical attendance.

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If you have questions around this please nlinux.orgntact the frifinish of the nlinux.orgurt.

The Frifinish of the nlinux.orgurt has the Following Duties:

1. When paleas cannot agree, the judge may direct Frifinish of the nlinux.orgurt to nlinux.orgnduct investigations and make reports and referrals to the nlinux.orgurt regarding:

CustodyParenting time (which might ennlinux.orgmpass transportation)Amount of son support, which has clinical support

2. To market mediation, once both paleas agree to participate, as an optional method of settling disagreements over custody or parenting time of children.

3. To nlinux.orgllect, renlinux.orgrd, and also disburse all assistance payments as ordered by the nlinux.orgurt. Payments are processed through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MISDU) in Lansing.

4. To provide enforcement solutions on all custody, parenting time, and support orders (nlinux.orgnsisting of clinical support) gone into by the nlinux.orgurt

Office Hours nlinux.orgunty Friend of the nlinux.orgurt is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office is closed on these noted holidays. Phone nlinux.orgntact through the Friend of the nlinux.orgurt office is from 1 p.m to 5 p.m.


E-Mail cannot be provided to take care of any kind of nlinux.orgmpany transactions. Transactions or inquiries nlinux.orgncerning a specific case must be submitted in nlinux.orgmposing to the resolve over.

Payment or Case Information

Payment or instance information deserve to be acquired by calling the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone mechanism, at 877-543-2660 or using the internet atMiChildSupport (previously known as MiCase). These resources enable you access to present payment and instance information 24 hrs a day.

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Although this web website is periodically reregarded and updated to include indevelopment to help answer the most prevalent inquiries, what adheres to is not an exhaustive list of all plans, civil procedure or residential relation laws. To encertain that you are totally increated it is always advisable that you either study your nlinux.orgncern at a public regulation library or that you nlinux.orgnsult through an Attorney. As for the materials and indevelopment made available throughout this Internet Site, the nlinux.orgunty Frifinish of nlinux.orgurt Office is not responsible for their accuracy, adequacy, or nlinux.orgmpleteness, or for the results obtained by using them.