Many type of Hands Make Light Work Meaning

Definition: Even a complicated task becomes easy if sufficient civilization aid finish it.

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Origin of Many Hands Make Light Work

This English proverb days all the means back to the 1300s. It initially appeared in a story called Sir Bevis of Hampton and has been included in many kind of collections of proverbs from that allude onwards.

For instance, John Heytimber included this proverb is the book of proverbs in the 1500s.

This idiom has actually a good instance of synecdoche, in which the word hands represents not only the hands themselves but also the totality perchild who is helping with the occupational. Light, in this expression, implies easy.

People regularly use this idiom to stress the importance of collaboration and participation, especially in confront of a challenging job.

Examples of Many Hands Make Light Work

Here is an example in which two roommates are discussing a huge job.

Mario: I can’t think that our landlord just kicked us out. And just how have the right to he provide us only 24 hours notice? That must be illegal.

Axel: Yeah, illegal and also impossible! There’s no way we deserve to load up all our points on such brief notification.

Mario: What if we contact all our friends and sell them complimentary pizza for their help? They say that many type of hands make light occupational.

Axel: That could job-related. Let’s try it.

In this instance, two college students are mentioning the group task they will need to finish for course.

Roger: We have to pick our partners for the team task in class tomorrow.

Noel: I recognize. It’s going to be exceptionally crucial to pick someone that is reliable and also professional.

Roger: Why? Don’t you feel favor you could execute the entirety project on your own?

Noel: No, it’s over 100 pages. It would be very difficult to do it all by myself. But many hands make light work. If all my partners in my group pitch in, it must be easy!

More Examples

This excerpt is from an short article around cleaning up a city.

The second excerpt is the headline of an article about making pasta.

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The expression many type of hands make light job-related is an additional method to say a task becomes simpler as even more human being help.


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