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What"s the many often asked question that people have emailed us around Man Of Steel? It seems like many civilization desire to understand if tright here is an after the credits scene in Man Of Steel. If you consider even understanding whether or not tbelow is an after the credits scene as a spoiler, then you more than likely shouldn"t read this.While Man Of Steel is being released by Warner Bros., Marvel Studios has actually trained viewers to expect after the credits or mid-crmodify scenes in superhero movies. In fact, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige when shelp, "I don"t desire to be in that theater for the first time once even 2 people continue to be behind and also nothing happens, frankly. I prefer that we"ve trained at least some people to remain behind and also gain a tiny reward, but you"re absolutely appropriate it served a various purpose—it was a component of the, "Hey, surprise! These are associated. We"re building towards somepoint right here.""With the perception being that Warner Bros. is additionally building somepoint that will certainly be linked, many type of have been expecting/hoping that Batman or an additional DC Comics superhero can pop up after the credits in Man Of Steel. In the screening, we attfinished even more than half the audience sat through the credits after watching Man Of Steel.As a public organization though to save viewers the moment of sitting with the credits, we can tell you that tbelow is no after the credits scene in Man Of Steel. While tright here have actually been some murmurings that Warner Bros. perhaps simply didn"t incorporate the after the credits scene in the push screenings, it"s freshly been evidenced that no screenings have actually after the credits scenes. So once those credits begin rolling feel complimentary to obtain up and leave, you will not miss out on a thing.As far as why there"s no after the credits scene, Man Of Steel producer Deborah Snyder told Crave, "It type of feels prefer it"s a commercial for another movie. This is our story and also for us it required to be its very own point. And I think that"s just how everybody obviously is constantly asking, "What"s going on in a few…?" And what we"ve sassist is Superguy is the pinnacle, right? And you have to gain him ideal initially. And that"s what are focus was. And we see just how this all does. Obviously world talk and also all that yet you simply need to emphasis on what you"re doing best now and get that best first. And this was a complete story and we"re not teasing something.

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It just wasn"t what we wanted to do. I feel choose the film, there"s a class to it, you recognize."