An image shared on Facebook claims to present a guy wearing a polar bear costume being arrested for tearing Babsence Friday shoppers’ tents apart.

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Verdict: False

The photo of the costumed man being arrested is actually from a 2014 climate protest in New York City. The insurance claim shows up to have actually originated on a satire webwebsite.

Fact Check:

Babsence Friday, the day after Thanksoffering well-known as the begin of the holiday shopping seakid, generally draws crowds of shoppers camped exterior waiting for stores to open. More shoppers are likely to pick to shop virtual this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, USA Today reported.

The Facebook picture shares two photos: one which reflects what shows up to be tents put up external of a structure together with a “breaking news” chyron reading, “Man in bear costume arrested for tearing acomponent tents of Black Friday shoppers,” and one reflecting a person dressed in a polar bear costume being taken ameans in handcuffs by police.

However, tright here is no evidence that a male wearing a polar bear costume was arrested for antagonizing Babsence Friday shoppers. Thturbulent a reverse picture search, Check Your Fact found that the photo of the costumed man being arrested was actually taken at a September 2014 climate protest in New York City, according to The Washington Article.

The costumed protester was among 100 protesters arrested in the time of the protest, according to NBC New York. The arrests came a day after 300,000 world marched in New York City in the “People’s Climate March” to draw attention to climate readjust and also its results on the world. (RELATED: Is Minecraft Shutting Dvery own In December?)

The insurance claim might have originated from a 2017 short article titled, “Man In Bear Costume Arrested For Tearing Acomponent Tents Of Black Friday Campers” publiburned on 8 Satire, which explains itself as a “satire news and humor website.” The chyron viewed in the Facebook photo was likely developed on a website that generates prank news chyrons and then included to the picture of tents together with the picture of the guy in the polar bear costume being arrested.

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