I have been wanting to try the Make Up for Ever 5 Camouflage Palette for the longest time. I was going with a phase wright here I wanted to try cream contouring so this palette looked choose an excellent pick. I picked up Palette No 4 that is intended for dark complexions. This looked prefer a perfect concealing, correcting and also contouring palette. 

Colors obtainable :

Very light complexionsAsian ComplexionsLight complexionsDark complexions (the one I am reviewing)Professional Corrective shades.

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Claims : Thanks to their dense texture, the Camouflage Cream Palettes allow any type of type of correction. Highly concentrated in pigments, they are perfect for spanning dark spots and also other skin blemishes and also unifying the complexion, also once wearing light makeup. The herbal shades are especially efficient to hide dark circles or puffy eyes, pigment stains and also scars. The corrective shades conceal hyper-pigmented locations. The 5 Camouflage Cream Palettes have been designed to suit all skin types:

How to Apply : Apply these easy-to-apply creams with fingers or a nylon brush, over or under foundation. Apply powder for long-lasting results. Apply corrective touches below and also tbelow to sculpt and reshape the challenge.


Pro tip: for less complicated application, the product may be diluted with a makeup primer, Castor Oil, or ssuggest through foundation.

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To develop a corrective shadow on the face, smooth out the selected color till it blends into the skin. For much easier application, the product may be diluted with a makeup primer, Castor Oil, or simply with foundation. Apply a very little amount of the product around the eye to camouflage wrinkles or sagging skin, and also mix the camouflage cream with the HD primer to protect against emphasizing deep furrows.

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Ingredients :


Price : Rs 2900

My Experience through Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Palette


Let’s begin via the colors first. I have actually numbered them 1-5 just for convenience. Btw the dots you check out are just the continual oils that the product has. Nopoint wrong via the palette.