Don’t you hate it once you really obtain into a tv series, and also then it gets canceled? Yea? Well me as well. Television series gain canceled for many kind of factors. Sometimes the plotline just isn’t great, various other times the budget simply isn’t worth it, however that doesn’t make your link to the show any kind of much less important. It’s rather frustrating when mirrors you really reap acquire canceled, however you learn to address it….most of the moment.

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There was a present that I delighted in a lot that was canceled during the second seakid. I was upset because it was the initially present that I watched that had an actual consistent storyline to follow. The news was made that they would certainly finish the series with an 8 episode season for the 3rd seakid. That present goes by the name of Make It Or Break It. Make it Or Break It premiered on ABC Family (Freeform) in 2009. The series starred Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, and also Chelsea Hobbs as 4 gymnasts working towards their dream of winning gold at the Olympics. The series lasted 3 periods, although it was really even more choose 2 and a half.

A Little Background Info

Let me break it down on how their seasons operated. Make It Or Break It adhered to a similar format for their periods that many drama series have. The initially two seasons contained 20 episodes separation in between two parts. They would have actually a mid-season finale and also a season last. The season 2B finale of Make It Or Break It was all around the girls contending at the World Championships. I intend them doing good at the World Championships is a decent finale right? Wrong! The World Championships are not the Olympics and also the totality goal of the series wregarding check out the gymnasts win gold at the Olympics, so somepoint needed to be done. ABC Family, at the time, assumed they did somepoint to ease the fans, yet they made a mistake. Tright here was an remarkable setup that they did not take advantage of.

Let The Rhythm Flow

Season 3 of the show premiered in March of 2012, nearly a year after the seaboy 2 premiere. This seaboy focused on currently the 3 girls, Payson, Kaylie, and Lauren, at the USA training facility functioning in the direction of making it onto the US Women’s Olympic Team. I’ll admit that seeing them train and also regulate new and also old relationships and dynamics amongst a new team of athletes was exciting. However, the way they closed the series was not.

With the last episode of seakid 3 premiering in May of 2012, tbelow was a gap in between the last episode and the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics in July. Generally, the initially half of a seachild premieres in the summer while the 2nd fifty percent premiers in the following spring. With seakid 3 premiering in the spring, tbelow was an chance for reality to match up via fiction.

Personally, I feel like the showrunners should have retained the first half of seakid 3 as is yet make it an actual midseaboy finale rather of the series finale. This would certainly show Lauren, Payson, and also Kaylie making the Olympic team ideal prior to the actual Olympics. The display would then come earlier in the time of the fall lineup, mirroring the girls contending at the 2012 Summer Olympics and whether or not they won gold. It was perfect, but I acquire that tright here are various other aspects that go into whether or, not a present stays on the air. I understand also yet that doesn’t make it any much less frustrating. Seaboy 3 was a large let down bereason of just how rushed it was. Plus, Lauren sort of obtained the brief end of the stick because this seaboy sort of concentrated on her character arc, however they only had 8 episodes to play through.

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A Make It Or Break It Reboot?

Reboots have actually been popping up all over the location on various networks. Maybe that’s what Make It or Break It needs, a reboot to assist tie the strings together so we, the fans deserve to recognize what our favorite Rock gymnasts are up to and also whether or not they are Olympic medalists.

Did you watch Make It or Break It? If so, were you simply as frustrated as I was via seaboy 3? If not, what was one present cancellation that had you all in your feelings? Share in the comments!

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Londonflyy says:

The last time I watched this show was when I was in high institution. Now watching aobtain at 24 I’m pissed! Where’s episode 9 from season 3 lol! I didn’t dedicate my time and my tears and also my anger into this present to currently check out them win Olympic 2012 lol please bring it back! Plus I desire to watch what happened to Wendy evil self