Seaboy 2 Episode 5 - Toshi

Toshi is a gifted hair stylist and also artist that showcases her skills on her face and also body, leading human being to discount her talents and also treat her prefer a joke. Air Date : 16th-Jul-2015

Season 2 Episode 1 - Lori

Air Date : 12th-Jun-2015Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 2 - Sarah

Sarah is an entrepreneurial business owner and area board member whose butterfly wings, sherpa hat and cat coat distract people from that she is and also what she hregarding say. Air Date : 19th-Jun-2015Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 3 - Annabel

Annabel is a proud Latina womale and single mother from the Dominideserve to Republic who has actually had trouble adapting to life in the U.S. and making friends bereason of the revealing and provocative way that she dresses. Air Date : 26th-Jun-2015Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 4 - Taquoia

Taquoia is a larger than life stylist whose outrageous individual style is scaring potential clients away. Air Date : 9th-Jul-2015Read More

Seakid 2 Episode 5 - Toshi

Toshi is a gifted hair stylist and also artist that showinstances her abilities on her face and body, leading civilization to discount her talents and also treat her favor a joke. Air Date : 16th-Jul-2015Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 6 - Lisa

Lisa is a 48 year old single mom of 4 whose also young, also revealing style gives the impression that she"s high maintenance and superficial, as soon as she really is anything but. Air Date : 23rd-Jul-2015Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 7 - Courtney

Courtney"s style is dark, Goth, Boy George and stems from her childhood once she experienced from bullying. Now, she feels she is at battle through her style and also demands assist to readjust it. She likewise wants to be a mortician and also so she demands to change her appearance to be more organization approachable. Air Date : 30th-Jul-2015Read More

Seakid 2 Episode 8 - Marissa

Marissa is researching for her doctorate in kid psychology, yet her style is more Jersey Shore than educated professional. Air Date : 6th-Aug-2015Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 9 - Jakki

Jakki is a band manager who only wears black, baggy clothes that make her look prefer a menace to society when she is really the oppowebsite. Air Date : 13th-Aug-2015Read More


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