It’s reunion time! Finally, the initially part of the Love& Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion aired and also it appears prefer tensions havejust gotten worse. Nina Parker was on the phase to corral all the cast membersof Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Throughout the introduction, she pointsout theApryl and also Fizz drama, A1 and Lyrica’s partnership woes, and also the standing ofB2K’s tour.

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Everyone is present: Lyrica, A1, Lyrica G, Pam, Princess,Ray J, Yo-Yo, Mr. Ray, Teairra Mari, Jaboy Lee, Apryl Jones, Zell, Lil’Fizz, Paris, Micky Munday, Moniece, and also from a remote area, Kimberly(aka K. Michelle). How did things go? Here’s a recap of the LHHH reunion—whichwas full of fighting.


Lyrica Anderkid of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ | Arnold Turner/Getty Imperiods for The Zeus Network

A1 and also Lyrica’s saga continues…

There was a recap of Lyrica speaking to Summer Bunni andconfronting A1 about resting with her. They’re split up, but A1 claimed hedidn’t cheat after they renewed their vows. Tright here was lots of back and also forth,with his mommy, Pam, interjecting that no one looks out for her son’sfeelings. He states he’s hurt. Lyrica confirmed she moved out and A1 doesn’t evenknow wbelow she resides.

A clip was displayed via Ray J calling A1 a cheater andlaughing, and one more wbelow Mr. Ray told A1 that Lyrica had actually an additional man. Lyricadenied that she was messing with a new male, however the anxiety maintained up. Thatbegan another screaming enhance, but this time in between A1 and the moms, who arecursing and yelling at each other to stay out of it. Lyrica G calls A1 an a******.In the meantime, fans on social mediaare hollering for the mamregarding mind their business too.

If your husband also told your mother to “SHUT THE F*CK UP” favor A1 did to Lyrica G what would certainly you do?#LHH #LHHReunion

— Love & Hip Hop (
loveandhiphop) December 10, 2019

Security had to escort the mothers off the stage, and Pamwas extra irate, wanting to fight. A1 stood up and also said he feels like R. Kelly andtells Lyrica to store her mommy ameans from him. This went on for about 20minutes.

Ray J and also Princess seemed to be in a great place

Moving on, Ray J and also Princess are up. A recap of the dungeon scene and them trying for baby number two was shown, and Princess’s gripes around Ray J being missing from residence for long periods. Fans learn they’re having actually a boy, and also they’ve worked on their communication issues. Ray J shelp they operated on their relationship and advised his co-stars/friends that if they work at things and also remain loyal, love will certainly prevail. We’re reminded this reunion was tape-recorded months back and they’re back at not being on great terms.

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Tbelow was also a review of the Boogotti kidnapping episode,and also it was evidenced the perboy who wanted to case the reward was the sameperkid that snatched him. Boogotti the bit dog is safe.

Apple is still grinding

Next up, was Apple Watts, Yo-Yo, Mr. Ray, Micky, and TierraMari. Apple talked around losing the chance for the shoe deal and also dustingherself off to save going. She spoke around her drinking problems, but shelp she’smore focused on NOT fighting someone. She said she won’t soptimal drinking, yet she’llregulate her halittle. Yo-Yo has additionally taken her under her wing favor a mentor.

Teairra Mari chimed in and said she offered up the drinkingbereason she decided she wanted to live, yet Apple said because of the life she’slived, drinking helps her cope.

The episode ends through another round of suggesting about Fizzand Apryl

In the final 15 to 20 minutes of the reunion, the spotlightwas on Apryl and also Fizz. Joining them on phase was Marques Houston, J Boog, Paris,and also Zell.

Fizz talked around his relationship through Omarion, and also reiteratedthey were only co-workers going right into the B2K Millennium tour. He shelp that Omariongreatly kept to himself after B2K damaged up and also didn’t sheight to anyone in the group,and also they weren’t friends, let alone close.

Fizz shelp his finest friend is J Boog, the just perkid from B2Khe talked to. Fizz additionally said that when Omarion joined the cast of LHHH,he was brought on to pretend “O” had actually friends in B2K. Why bring this up? Tojustify his connection via Apryl.

Paris then level out said she messed with her ex’sbrother/finest friend. Then the 2 woguys acquired into a shouting enhance. Paris shelp Iknow you and also you’re a liar and you lied on TV. Then the two started callingeach various other b****.

More clips were displayed through host Nina Parker saying Fizz andApryl going “bump bump bump” was causing difficulties. But the pair ultimately admittedthat they’re together. Apryl safeguarded her actions by saying world believed whatthey experienced on cam around her and Omarion’s connection, however behind the scenes,it was the “terriblist” relationship.

Parker asked J-Boog if they didn’t have actually a tour, would hehave actually a difficulty through Fizz and Apryl being in a relationship? He sassist he tries toremain out of people’s organization, however then turned toward Apryl and sassist it’s unfortunateshe messed with Omarion prior to messing via Fizz, and also that collection Apryl off. Sheintimidated to tell J Boog’s company, and also he encouraged her to say whatever.She did, and implied that he slept through a family members member or 2 in Omarion’shousehold.

"Tright here was various other relationships that were happening through members via various other family members members."