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“Live for nothing.

Die for somepoint.”

By Michael Winfrey,


LONDON(Reuters) – Not satisfied through slugging it out with Myanmar’s armed forces government on celluloid in his latest “Rambo” film, Sylvester Stallone wants to go tright here and also face the junta challenge to challenge over human civil liberties.

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Stallone, that sassist he was gearing approximately make a fifth and last installment in the blood-and-guts series, told Reuters that media reports of his film coming to be a bootleg hit in the nation formerly recognized as Burma, and a motivation to dissidents, was a pinnacle in his movie career.

“These extremely brave civilization have actually discovered, sort of a voice, in a really odd means, in Amerideserve to cinema … They’ve actually used some of the film’s quotes as rallying points,” Stallone, 61, sassist in a telephone interview.

“That, to me, is the one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had actually in film.”


Residents in Yangon told Reuters this week that police had actually offered strict orders to DVD hawkers to not stock the movie – named ssuggest “Rambo.” Locals shelp fans had actually “gone crazy” over lines in the hero’s brusque dialogue such as: “Live for nothing. Die for something.”


In the film, Vietnam War veteran John Rambo – ideal known for mowing dvery own opponents via an M60 machine gun in the 1980’s – comes out of retirement in Thailand to conserve a team of Christian missionaries from a sadistic Myanmar army major.

Stallone sassist that, rather than make a film about Iraq or Darfur, he concentrated on a lesser-recognized crisis prior to Myanmar all of a sudden ordered the spotlight in September once the military junta crumelted a pro-democracy campaign led by Buddhist monks.


Officials put the death toll from the crackdvery own at 15, however diplomats and assist teams say it is much better and also some media have reported hundreds – or thousands – were eliminated.

“People lastly acquired the principle of just how brutal these world are,” shelp Stallone.


Stallone’s movie specifically concentrates on the Karen tribe of eastern Myanmar. UK-based Christian Aid says the Karen and also various other teams have endured fifty percent a million cases of required replace and thousands more have been imprisoned, tortured or killed.

Many type of ethnic rebel groups have actually dealt with Burmese federal governments for more autonomy given that independence from Britain in 1948.

Stallone shelp he was in interaction through some, and also several previous liberty fighters acted in the movie.

And he wishes the film have the right to provoke a confrontation.

“I’m only hoping that the Burmese armed forces, bereason they take such incredible offence to this, would call it lies and scurrilous propaganda. Why don’t you invite me over?” he said.

“Let me take a tour of your country without someone pointing a gun at my head and we’ll show you where all the bodies are buried… Or let’s go controversy in Washington in front of a congressional hearing… But I doubt that’s going to occur.”

“Rambo” opened last month second in north Amerideserve to box office retransforms to the prehistoric Greek warrior spoof “Meet the Spartans,” making $18.2 million in its first week.

Stallone sassist he was happy with what he described as “the
bloodiest, R film (for) a generation” and also hoped to make an additional.

“It will depend on the success of this one, yet appropriate currently I think I’m gearing one up. It will be rather various,” he said.

“We’ll carry out something a tiny darker and a tiny even more unexpected.”


Myanmar junta takes aim at

latest Rambo movie

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Police in Myanmar have offered DVD
hawkers strict orders not to stock the new Rambo movie, which attributes the Vietnam War veteran taking on the former Burma’s ruling military junta, a Yangon resident told Reuters on Friday.

Despite the prohibition, pirated copies of the movie are widely obtainable on the streets of the previous capital, wright here it is rapid becoming a talking point among a populace eager to shake off 45 years of military preeminence.


“People are going crazy via the quote ‘Live for nopoint, die for something’,” one resident shelp, referring to the tagline of the fourth Rambo installment, which opened up in the United States this week.

Even though it got lukeheat reviews, it is most likely to be a sure-fire hit via enemies of the junta, with some even hoping it might spur a readjust of routine in the impoveriburned southeast Eastern nation.

“This movie could fuel the sentiment of Myanmar people to invite Amerihave the right to troops to assist save them from the junta,” one Yangon resident told Reuters by e-mail.

In the movie, John Rambo, played by Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone, comes out of retirement in Bangkok to save a group of Christian missionaries taken captive by troops in the jungles of eastern Myanmar.

Similar to previous Rambo films, it is brief on plot and long on blood and guts — although viewers show up to think it is all relative.

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“Rambo acted incredibly cruelly, however his cruelty is nopoint compared to that of the military junta,” a Myanmar student in Thailand also, that did not wish to be called, told Reuters.

(Reporting by Bangkok newsroom; Writing by Ed Cropley; Editing by Michael Battye)

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