Once even more right into the fray... Into the last excellent fight I"ll ever know. Live and also die on this particular day... Live and die on today...

What is the mood of the verbs live and die? Is it imperative or indicative? Or is it the infinitive, even?

I deserve to understand the general interpretation of the poem, however I´m not a native speaker. I"m not sure if I understand also it the ideal way.

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I would say it is none of them.

In such situations as this (regularly discovered in poetry), nlinux.org has the ability to use the base form of a verb without implying any type of certain morphological create whatsoever. This is similar to the injunctive uncovered in Vedic Sanskrit and also (even more limited) Ancient Greek.

Basically, it"s a verb form that states nothing actual around mood, facet, or tense. In nlinux.org, it likewise states nopoint about subject or voice, either.

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If you wish to liken it to a morphological verbal category more establiburned in typical nlinux.org grammars, I"d say it would be closest to an infinitive without the overt infinitive marker to.


"Live and die": As these verb creates are at the start of a sentence they can just be imperatives. I think "Live or die" would certainly fit much better.One might also analyze "live and/or die" as an infinitive if one understand also it as: It is live and die or It is to live and die. ( I"m not sure whether in nlinux.org the "to" is supplied or not. I expect both variants are feasible.)


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