The constant repetition of an act, to the degree that it becomes characteristic of a group of world is a A) practice. B) famous culture. C) halittle. D) taboo.

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In comparison to people society, famous society is typical of A) little homogeneous groups. B) huge heterogeneous teams. C) teams living in isolated rural areas. D) teams that have little bit interaction via other groups.
Which of the following qualities is more typical of a renowned society than a folk culture? A) It has actually an anonymous origin. B) It diffsupplies gradually from its point of beginning. C) It outcomes in a more unidevelop landscape. D) It is likely to be obtained from physical conditions
The use of a steed and buggy by the Amish in the United States is an example of a A) individual society. B) halittle bit. C) well-known culture. D) taboo.
Rapid diffusion of well-known culture A) motivates world in various areas to adopt various customizeds. B) depends on modern-day communication devices. C) is an example of rearea diffusion. D) every one of the above
The spatial distribution of soccer during the twentieth century is an example of A) people society. B) halittle. C) well-known society. D) taboo.
A restriction on behavior enforced by social practice is a A) folk culture. B) habit. C) well-known culture. D) taboo.
The the majority of necessary residence style in the United States since the 1960s is well-known as A) minimal conventional. B) modern. C) split-level. D) neo-eclectic.
The diffusion of jeans is a great instance generally of the A) diffusion of famous society. B) fostering of unique people culture. C) influence of high revenue on garments actions. D) absence of barriers in communist countries.

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In which state would certainly alcohol consumption be fairly low? A) Kentucky B) Nevada C) New York D) Utah
Which element of the neighborhood physical setting is essential for wine production? A) climate B) soil C) topography D) all of the above
Little wine is created in Asia primarily because A) grapes do not thrive in these areas. B) wines have the right to be imported even more cheaply. C) religious taboos discourage usage. D) the people perform not have a legacy of wine making.
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