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Hammers at MY House

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My small arsenal of power hammers has nine systems at existing. Eight of them are in an out building that I loosely call my "Museum". Five of the eight are Little Giants. One is a 50# Mayer Bros., one is a 25# Mayer Bros. (made after 2 of them relocated to Wisconsin) and one is a 25# hammer made by Novelty Iron functions, Dubuque, Ia. In Little Giant 25#"ers, I have actually one "old style " (wrap around guide), one "change hammer", one "brand-new style" and one "Easy" hammer. Lastly, I have actually one old style 50# hammer in my shop and also one in my "Museum". This arsenal is a handy location for regional people to concerned compare various sizes of vertical hammers and adjustments that the product line had actually seen over the years. Some need work-related and some are all set to go. We hosted a Fred Caylor/Harlan (Sid) Suedemeier Power hammer restructure workshop out below in 1992 and aobtain in 1996 and the collection acquired fairly a going over at that time. 24 civilization and also their family members came for the initially 2 1/2 day workshop and also about 18 employees came the second time. Sid Suedmeier, former owner of Little Giant, holds one of these workshops yearly, commonly in his shop in Nebraska City, NE. You deserve to phone him at 402-873-6603.

gmail.comIt has actually been a good 22 years, and we are profoundly grateful to have actually been a part of the blacksmipoint neighborhood. We have actually often shelp we have actually the finest customers in the civilization, and we execute expect it. It has been an honor to not only aid store these venerable equipments in procedure, yet to have actually made so many kind of excellent friends in the process. With sincere appreciation, Sid Suedmeier and also Keri Hincker (End of Announcement)P.S. An added email states that Sid"s wellness is excellent.

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The foregoing description of my power hammers is not an market to market, yet I have actually been reasoning around it lately. I collect them. Lots of human being ask me why. I suggest out that when I was a little boy, I used to collect popsicle sticks and also currently I am massive.

In January of 2015, a man contacted me via concerns around a 50 pound "New Little Giant" of an accurate style that I hadn"t seem before.He sent me some photos so I put up a webpage around it.A Unique, to me Old Format 50 pounderPete"s Modified "Scraping" procedure for reshaping worn Die Cavities

Vertical Hammers

What Format of Hammer IS That???????> Click HERE to discover out how to distinguish the layouts of Litttle Giant/Mayer Brothers Hammers from one one more. I usage examples of 25# and also 50# hammers to show each style.

Horizontal (Helve) Hammer, the RAREST of all the Mayer Bros.

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Click HERE to view my Easy Hammer (Before and also After) and also to uncover out how I went about restructure it.

My Power Hammer FAQ Section

How carry out I find a Power Hammer to Buy? Read this article: How perform I get began in blacksmithing?It largely suggests that you go where the blacksmiths are to uncover the devices you want.And, given that power hammers are pretty heavy and therefore expensive to ship, you will have the finest possibility to minimize that part of the price.

How execute I move my brand-new Power Hammer from tright here to here?What kind of Foundation Do I Need for My 25# or 50# Powerhammer?

What size Motor and Pulley do I Need for My 25# or 50# Powerhammer?

Why does my 25# Powerhammer Bog down?

What"s this old trip hammer worth?

How perform you Relocation Clutch Facings on the Old Style Little Giant 50# Hammer?Wbelow are the Answers to the Little Giant Triphammer Facts Crossword Puzzle? Well, HERE THEY ARE!