Zora Neale Hurston provides many kind of similes in her novel, Their Eyes were Watching God. These similes add to both Janie’s character and the reader’s knowledge of her. Thstormy the similes, the reader learns that Janie is strong-willed, confident, and also complete of hope. Janie’s character is revealed in many kind of means and also the similes all assist to elaborate on the varying traits she has actually.

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The initially simile reveals a lot about Janie’s character by describing her physical appearance. “The men noticed her firm buttocks choose she had grape fruits in her hip pockets; the excellent rope of babsence hair swinging to her waist and also unraveling in the wind prefer a plume…” (p. 2). From this, it is clear that Janie is a hard worker, confident, and also beautiful. She was not wimpy or weak, and was not hiding her beauty either. When Janie passed world, her appearance alone commanded attention and also respect.
The second simile brings attention to the truth that Janie has been with a lot and is able to look earlier on her life without bitterness. “Janie observed her life like a good tree in leaf through the things endured, things enjoyed, points done and also undone. Dawn and also doom was in the branches” (p. 8). The reader deserve to conveniently deduce from this simile that Janie has actually had actually an eventful life. In enhancement, this mirrors that she is satisfied through her life and recognizes that tright here have actually been both great and also bad events, completed components of her life and components that were left unfiniburned, and also negative things had taken place in the previous, but hope lies ahead.
Two similes reexisting Janie’s discontentment with unsatisfying marriperiods. The initially is “It was a lonesome place choose a stump in the middle of the woods wbelow nobody had ever before been” (p. 21-22), and also describes her feelings about the home she stayed in when she was married to Logan Killicks. It not only explains her feelings for the home, however also represents her feelings about her marriage. Being through Logan was like being alone; Janie was not satisfied bereason this is not love. The second is “So she put something in tright here to represent the spirit prefer a Virgin Mary image in a church” (p. 71), and describes the soul of her marriage to Joe Starks. At first, the marriage had been what she wanted, what she required even; but, the spirit of the marital relationship did not last and also she was left with the exact same dissatisfaction that came from her first marital relationship. These 2 similes assist the reader to understand that Janie has such an remarkable idea about love that she cannot be satisfied by lesser versions of it. This emphasizes that her character is strong-willed. She knows there is more out tright here and is willing to continue looking for what she wants.
The following simile displays the hope in Janie. “The morning road air was like a brand-new dress” (p.32). At this allude, Janie has actually left Logan and made a decision that whether or not Joe Starks is waiting for her or not, leaving Logan Killicks is somepoint she requirements to do. This simile helps readers to understand Janie’s require for liberty and her willingness to execute somepoint around her situation. Janie is not going to sit approximately and also wait for her instance to improve; she is going to make a readjust. Leaving Logan was what she essential to carry out, so she did it.

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The last simile reflects the knowledge that Janie has actually got with her life journey. She had been seeking love all alengthy and lastly uncovered it. “Then you should tell ‘em dat love ain’t somethin’ lak uh grindrock dat’s de same point all over and execute de same point tuh whatever it touch. Love is lak de sea. It’s uh movin’ thing, but still and also all, it takes its form from de shore it meets, and it’s different with eexceptionally shore” (p. 191). Janie and Tea Cake’s love was exactly the love Janie had actually been searching for, and also also though it did not fit everyone else’s conventional for love, it was pure and also true, and also can not be denied. This simile helps the reader to understand the satisfactivity that Janie found in her love and also marital relationship via Tea Cake. Their love changed her, maybe also completed her, and for Janie, it was exactly the change she had actually been searching for all her life.
The similes in this novel were exceptionally necessary in order to understand also Janie’s character. Her personality traits, hopes, and toughness were revealed in them without ssuggest stating them. The love expressed in this novel can not be explained by a simple, interpretation of prose; it took the poetic nature of similes to define Janie and Tea Cake’s love, and that is the beauty of it all.