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Fo' fo' bulldog, my motherfucking petI suggest it at you and also tell that motherfucker fetchI'm fucking her excellent, she got her legs on my neckI obtain pussy, mouth and ass, speak to it triple threatWhen I was in jail she let me contact her collectBut if she acquire greedy, I'ma starve her to deathTop down, it's upcollection, been fucking the civilization and nigga I ain't come yetYou fuck via me wrong, I knock your head off your neckThe flight also lengthy, I acquired a bed on the jetThe weapons are attracted and also I ain't talking bout a sketchI pay these niggas with a fact checkPrepare for the worst yet still praying for the bestThis game is a bitch I acquired my hand up her dressThe money don't sleep so Weezy can't restAn AK47 is my fucking resolve, huhI'm not a star, somebody lied I gained a chopper in the carI gained a chopper in the carI gained a chopper in the carLoad up the choppers like it's December 31stRoll up and also cock it and also hit them where it hurtsCausage if I die this particular day, remember me favor John LennonBuried in Louis, I'm talking all brown linen, huh
Big black, and an icey watchShoes on the coupe, that got a Nike shopCounts the revenues you could bring 'em in a Nike boxGrinding in my Jordans kick em off they could high, swish!I'm swimming in a yellow bitch, bossIn the red 911 looking devilishRed beam make a nigga sit downThought it were bullet proof till he got hit the fifth timeDrop ?Make it come earlier even harder than beforeBaby I'm the just one that phelp your automobile notesWell connected I got killers in ChicagoI'm not a star, somebody lied I obtained a chopper in the carI obtained a chopper in the carI got a chopper in the carLoad up the choppers choose it's December 31stRoll up and also cock it and also hit them wbelow it hurtsCause if I die this day, remember me choose John LennonBuried in Louis, I'm talking all brvery own linen, huh

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Talk stupid get ya head poppedI gained that Esther, bitch I'm red foxBig b's, Red SoxI get money to kill time, dead clocksYour fucking with a nigga who don't provide a fuckEmpty the clip, then roll the home window upPussy niggas sweet, you niggas cinnabunI'm in a red bitch, she sassist she finna come200 thou on a chain, I don't require a pieceThat banana clip, let Chiquita speakDark shades, Eazy EFive letters, YMCMBBitch ass Nigga, pussy ass niggaI watch ya looking, via your looking-ass niggaYou know the rules, kill em all and also keep movingIf I passed away this day it'd be a holidayI'm not a star, somebody lied I acquired a chopper in the carSo don't make it come aliveRip ya apart than I put myself togetherYMCMB, double M, we affluent foreverThe bigger the bullet the even more that bitch gon bangRed on the wall, Basquiat when I paintRed Lamborghini till I provided it to my bitchMy initially house intrusion, pocket gain and also 40 bricksSon of a bitch, than I made a great escapeAin't it funny momma, just child be baking cakesPull up in the sleigh, hop out prefer I'm santa clausNiggas gather round, I obtained presents for all of y'allTake it home and let it bubble thats the double upIf you acquire in trouble that simply expect you fucking upIt's a cold World I need a bird to cuddle upI call the plays, muthaf-ck huddle up