In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide, we will tell you every little thing that you must understand around Fly Agaric Mushrooms, consisting of their places and puzzle solutions.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Fly Agaric Mushroom Puzzle Solutions

Flying Agraic Mushrooms are a type of mystery that you will certainly find in practically every region. They are stood for by the White mushroom icon on the map.

After consuming the mushroom, Eivor experiences a psychedelic hallucicountry and is given a puzzle that you need to fix to earn XP.

Grantebridgescire Fly Agaric Mushroom

This Puzzle is situated on the Grantebridgescire coastline, which is the west of Brisleah Farm and also east of the Isle of Ely monastery.

You will certainly find a mushroom tbelow in the middle of the location, which you have to eat to start the challenge.

Puzzle SolutionFor fixing the puzzle, you sindicate have to light 3 braziers which are in front of the gate.

You can likewise find which brazier to light by looking at the gate and also then lighting the First, third, and also fourth braziers from left to right.

After that, a portal will open up, which you have to cross to complete this obstacle.


You will discover this puzzle in the north of the Rygjaflke area, simply south of the Deserted Chalet.

You will certainly watch a circle of stones and a table tright here with three statues. Tright here are mushrooms in the middle as well; eat them to start the obstacle.

Puzzle SolutionTo resolve the puzzle, you need to cross 3 doors in a details order. You need to cross the gate, which is alongside Thor Statue first.

After that, you need to cross the gate beside the Freya statue, which is the just female statue there.

After that, run via the gate, which is next to the third statue. Once you have actually crossed all 3 entrances in that order the puzzle will certainly be addressed.


While going to the west of Wenloch Abbey in Ledecestrescire you will see circular walls of stones in the clearing which are of various heights.

Puzzle Systems For solving the puzzle, you need to enter three gates. The initially door is alongside the seal and also it will glow white after entering.

If it doesn’t glow white, then you have picked the wrong one; attempt aget.

After that, for the remaining 2 gateways, follow the seal which is moving to the other gate.

Just like that, enter with all three gateways and also that puzzle will additionally be solved.

East Anglia Fly Agaric Location

You will find this in the East Angelia region on the west of Elmenham and northeastern of Brisleah farm. It is cshed to three-pointed stones ideal there.

Eat the mushroom and you will be provided the puzzle which you have to deal with.

Puzzle SolutionFor this, you have to enter through 3 entrances too in a specific order.

Firstly go via the gate near the Odin statue on your right side. After that range the floating rocks and go through the gate near the shields on the best side.

The third gate is in the forest via the purple flowers in front of it.

Once you have actually entered all three entrances in the correct order the puzzle will be resolved.

Oxenefordscire Fly Agaric Location

You will uncover this in the Oxenefordscire region throughout the river in the north.

Follow the road till the tall stones and then move forward and also you will reach a rocky platform.

You will find the mushroom there which you have to eat to expose the puzzle.

Puzzle SolutionFor fixing this puzzle, you need to cross 3 gateways also.

Firstly entered the gate which has actually one cross nearby then go for the gate via 2 crosses closeby and also in the end, go for the 3 crosses one.

Once you crossed all three gateways in this order, this puzzle will be addressed.


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