Pirates Of The Caribbean: 10 Best Davy Jones Price quotes, Ranked One of the many fearsome and mysterious personalities in the Piprices of the Caribbean series, below are 10 of the ideal quotes from Davy Jones.

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When it comes to the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, there are many type of characters to reap, and also this contains the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow and also Will Turner. Also often thought about among the best Piprices Of The Caribbean characters is Davy Jones, played by Bill Nighy.

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Introduced in Dead Man"s Chest and also changed in At World"s End, Davy Jones remains one of the most iconic villains in film history. This is due to the brilliant acting talent of Bill Nighy, the character"s unforgettable design, and also the CGI that still holds up over so many years later. Davy Jones is likewise well-known for having so many kind of excellent quotable lines.

Davy Jones speaking via Calypso in Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End
Though Davy Jones is a monster of the franchise, he was once a great male. This is ideal shown when he has actually one last reunion via his love Calypso, the womale that caused him to tear out his very own heart. Their entire conversation is nice and brings more subtle and also softer dialogue from Davy Jones.

His final words to Calypso come once she asks him: "and also what of your fate... Davy Jones?" Davy responds softly via, "My heart will certainly constantly belong to you." Davy fades amethod while Calypso smiles, reflecting actual love in between the two characters.

Will Turner stabbing Davy Jones in Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End
Throughout the final battle on the Babsence Pearl and Flying Dutchman inside the maelstrom, Orlanperform Bloom"s Will Turner and Davy Jones have a confrontation. Will attempts to stab Davy via the earlier and succeeds, but he falls short to kill the cursed captain, who responds through, "Missed! Did you forget? I"m a heartmuch less wretch!"

He supplies his crustacean cregulation hand also to bend the blade, keeping Will from being able to withattract the sword. It reasons Davy Jones to laugh as Will provides Davy bounce and also wiggle on the blade, giving some levity throughout such an epic battle.

Davy Jones mocking Mercer in Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End
At the start of the last battle in At World"s End, Davy Jones is unphased by the maelstrom, whereas Mercer is quick to object and also call Jones mad. Davy Jones is quick to rebuttal by going best right into his challenge with, "Ha! You afrassist to gain wet?"

Not just reflecting more of that humorous side that Bill Nighy has actually perfected, but likewise that Davy Jones is a ruthless being that is willing to execute anypoint, no matter just how dangerous or monstrous. He also kills Mercer by suffocating him with his beard of tentacles.

7 "We that ready to wake... the Kraken!"

Davy Jones summoning the Kraken in Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man's Chest
Eexceptionally great villain demands a appropriate monologue to present that they mean business. Davy Jones gets one as soon as Will Turner escapes to another ship, sending Jones on a route to claim his shed prize. To spite Will"s father Bootstrap Bill, he pressures him to watch as the crew starts to summon the Kraken.

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Davy Jones, naturally, provides a speech: "Let no joyful voice be heard! Let no man look up at the skies via hope! And let this particular day be cursed by we who ready to wake... the Kraken!" Bill Nighy"s distribution, the imagery of the crew using the summoning tool, and also the horrorific music lead to this being among the standout scenes from Dead Man"s Chest.

Hinting at the hardships that Davy Jones experienced in life, this quote comes after asking one more iconic line to a seaman that declines. Jones has actually his neck reduced open then thrvery own back into the sea as one more seaguy calls out "cold-blooded!"

Davy Jones sindicate looks at the male and also states "life is cruel..." He continues to put out his pipe on his cregulation hand, including "why should the afterlife be any different?" In this act, he subjects others to pain and also suffering to make up for his very own.

5 "I am the sea."

After the Kraken destroys Will"s rescue watercraft, he avoids being spotted, for this reason bring about a Flying Dutchmale mutant reporting: "The boy"s not right here, he need to have been declared by the sea." Of course, Davy Jones is no fool and also likely suspects that Will is still alive somewright here, so he responds with, "I am the sea."

That doesn"t speak him from putting salt on Bootstrap Bill"s wound by saying "you need time alone through your thoughts. Brig!" Sending him away before survivors are presented to him. Finally, in a line that even Emperor Palpatine would be proud of, he claims that "there are no survivors," which leads to their execution.

The first-ever before line of dialogue the human being ever heard from Davy Jones as he ideologies survivors of a ship he"s ruined is "perform you are afraid that dark abyss? All your deeds lay bare, all your sins puniburned. I have the right to sell you... an escape." He"s cold, dark, and also yet filled with charisma that it"s impossible to not acquire sucked in by this line.

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This line came to be the primary catchphrase for Davy Jones across both movies. He states it multiple times to numerous characters, including Commodore James Norrington.

3 "And are you all set for what comes after?"

Technically, this is cheating, as it is from a deleted scene—yet it is a famed deleted scene. It reflects Governor Swann attempting to stab the heart of Davy Jones, thinking Elizabeth is dead. He"s quit by Norrington, yet Jones tempts him to perform it before Swann states, "Stay back! I"ll kill you!"

"And are you all set for what comes after? When I reduced that traitorous vessel from my body, I cast upon it a terrible geis. If you stab my heart, yours have to take its area. The crew is not bound to me. They are bound to the Dutchman! And the Dutchman need to have actually a captain... will ye serve?" Even in simply a motion-capture suit and also tracking dots, Bill Nighy proves to be a mastercourse actor. This scene also much better describes the curse of the heart, so many fans agree that it should have actually been left in the movie.

When Norrington lastly betrays Davy Jones and Beckett to assist Elizabeth, it comes at the cost of his life. Before he dies, Davy Jones asks his iconic catchphrase yet again, asking "James Norrington, carry out you are afraid death?" Norrington stabs Jones with the sword made by Will Turner to no avail.

Norrington succumbs to his wounds and also passes ameans, leaving Jones to smugly say, "I"ll take that as a no." Only the best of villains deserve to shrug off being impaled by a sword. To make points also much better, Jones removes the sword and commends Will"s craftsmanship, a lot as everyone else does.

1 "Damn you, Jack Sparrow!"

It"s constantly excellent as soon as Jack gets the top hand also on the villains. Even after he dies by the Kraken, Jack still maneras to win when Davy Jones opens the Dead Man"s Chest to inspect on his very own heart. Of course, Jack was sneaky and acquired the heart amethod, resulting in Davy Jones learning an empty chest.

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In pure rage, Davy Jones spits out the words, screaming to the skies, "Damn you, Jack Sparrow!" Bill Nighy once aacquire nails it, as it could have been a cheesy scream, but, rather, it"s just satisfying to watch Jones lose to Jack.