Dear you..Have you ever feel so sad, cry a lot and also it doesn" goaway..? When your life appears meaningless or you feel favor you" lostconfidence? Sometimes it" difficult to make up your mind, you desire to forobtain lotsof points that make you feel sad, insecure and also hard to concerntprice.

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The problem that comes alengthy after something prefer adivorce in the family members, financialtroubles, a messed up home life, orbreaking up with a boyfrifinish or girlfriend..(read : Galau hehe)
Sometimes.. it’s better to keep your problem all alonebereason it’s your “Things” they wouldn’t understand also..To me, it’s amazing just how a song have the right to recurrent what i felt inside. With music it is feasible to open a door in the heart of the listener.Music likewise expush that which cant be put into words.
And There is just one of my fav quotes about music, from among my fav singers :" haven" constantly been there for me, yet MUSIC ALWAYS HAS!" - Taylor Swift
Music is likewise, various from any type of art in the civilization.Since it can take you earlier to a moment in your life, enables you to re-live amemory-via someone, perhaps. Hiks.. :"

But Yes Ma’m, music has actually a power to heal!Socrated when shelp, " the heart hears music, it drops it" best guard." denger kan, istilah.. “Badai pasti berlalu?”..ahh.. zaguy sekarang mah, jangan nungguin itu Badai berlalu.. kelamaan males.." isn’t about waiting for the Storm to pass, it’sabout discovering how to dance in the Rain”..
Well, just remember one point, in the end, we can" constantly pick how the music life plays for us, however we can choose just how we dance to it.


I" Indah Rahayu - It" just a location wbelow I desire to share all the random points in my life.

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