Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Ruthless

It was a fun-filled and occasionally emotional hour. In other words, it was a solid hour of Lethal Weapon that struck all the ideal chords. In a seachild that has been unalso, that"s an accomplishment. 

You understand who was fun throughout this hour? Roger. I prefer it once Roger have the right to gain in on some of the action, humor, and fun without being regabrought about the "right man" to Riggs" chaotic shtick. 

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It"s too negative that Trish does not gain Roger this method. Though the vehicle lady who was hitting on him certainly did. 

I chosen seeing the flirty side to Roger. It was harmless, however I enjoyed how confident he was throughout that scene. 

Bystander: Hey, aren"t you going to offer me your number? Roger: My number, baby? It"s 911.

The Murtaugh marital relationship is generally among the best marriperiods on tv. They love and support one one more, and also they balance one an additional out, and many of the moment they"re #MarriageGoals. 

Unfortunately, they had a bumpy go of it on Lethal Weapon Seaboy 2 Episode 15, and also that spilled over right into this hour and also might become a full-on arc that can be equal components amutilizing and also frustrating depending on exactly how it plays out. 

Am I the just one disappointed in Trish throughout all of this? She"s protective of her husband also, and that"s completely acceptable and also supposed, yet why is Roger obligated to walk to the beat of her drum and also accomplish her expectations just to appease her? 


Both of them are stubborn individuals, and they both have actually valid points in this recurring conflict that they"re in, yet I"m not fond of Trish"s "My means or the highway" mindset to eexceptionally little point.

Does she suppose Roger to be in a plastic bubble? He"s a cop, for one, and also a grown male with interests that might incorporate dangerous hobbies. 

When she deliberately ran over his motorcycle, it was appalling and not the least little bit funny. She doesn"t need to favor or agree through his option to ride a motorcycle, yet there is nothing she deserve to execute around it.

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She"s supposed to be an equal partner in their partnership. She"s not his mom or his keeper. 

It"s funny that it took Rianna to point out just just how childish she and also Roger were being. Trish was so obstinate in her "rightness" that she couldn"t see exactly how immature she was coming throughout. 

Riggs: When I talked to Trish I thought probably she was overreacting.Roger: You talk to Trish? That is an unbelievable betrayal.Riggs: Oh she calls, I do not want to be rude. Roger: You ignore my phone calls all the moment.

What is funny is how everyone else is influenced by the Murtaughs being at odds.

Trish has taken to calling both Riggs and also Aincredibly. Poor Aincredibly is willing to spfinish his very own money to send the two of them somewright here simply so they can reconcile and also he doesn"t need to be bothered. 

All of their friends and colleagues are dragged into their marital problems. That doesn"t appear to be going away anytime shortly because after days of resting on the couch, and also an almost reconciliation, Roger is out in the cold aobtain. 

The Murtaugh marital saga may be aggravating, yet Roger bunking through Riggs in that tin can Riggs" calls a house is prime television for the viewing! Bring on even more of that bromance. 

Speaking of, the Riggs and also Roger partnership was at its best throughout this installment. Sure, the instance left the door open for a few cracks about killing their partners, however it was the fun bickering that we love so much. 


Riggs had to be attuned to Roger"s difficulties for a change.

Of all the human being to be dragged into Roger"s marital woes, I don"t mind Riggs being one of them. He gave unusually solid advice on the problem and did everyone a favor by tearing up that Sun Tzu book. But as a whole, he was an attentive and supportive friend. 

He was protective as well. When Booker took Roger hophase in the elevator, Riggs wasted no time doing what he does best: being a hero/lunatic. He always has actually his partner"s back. 

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Honestly, even when Strickland also was urging Roger to shoot him, it was favor Riggs was offering the OK and also willing to sacrifice himself just for his partner. That was an interesting scene because no matter how much he bickered via Roger around it later on, he was willing to take the bullet. 

Riggs: You swarm me!Roger: You told me too!

Even as soon as Riggs is making emotional development, tbelow are tiny moments choose that one which reminds the audience that he"s still a work-related in development struggling through his depression and suicidal tendencies. He"s so resigned to dying as soon as he feels favor tbelow are no more alternatives. 

When he and also Roger ran out of bulallows and had actually their sweet exchange that would have served as a goodbye if the team didn"t come in to rescue them, Riggs simply welcomed it. 

Of course, Ruthie had him all mixed up. It"s a testament to the progression Riggs has actually made with Cahill that he had the ability to job-related with and also pertained to the realization why Ruthie impacted him so a lot. 


He didn"t desire her to leave him. 

They had a nice point going for them with their nightly games and exchanging wise-cracks. Yes, Ruthie kept him sober, but he also genuinely delighted in her company.

She"s so a lot favor him in all the best methods. In a means, he had the ability to be himself through her even more than he can anyone else presently in his life. 

So that protective streak reared its head when he overheard her on the phone with her kid.

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He wanted to get to the bottom of that or what had actually his brand-new friend fleeing. Ruthie didn"t appreciate it, and she definitely laburned out in an ugly way, however she had to have actually interpreted Riggs" desperation.

Ruthie: I"m not your crutch, Marty. I wasn"t put her to conserve you.Riggs: I didn"t ask you too.Ruthie: Good, because some world are past saving.

Did anyone else find it exciting that Riggs never went out of his method to describe his partnership via Ruthie to anyone?

Everyone retained assuming or making jokes about them having sex, consisting of her son, however he truly didn"t provide a crap what anyone assumed about their relationship. 

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I think Riggs missed out on a maternal number in his life, and also he wanted to organize onto Ruthie as lengthy as he possibly can. Hell, I did too. She was extremely excellent for him. It sort of sucks that she can not be a irreversible fixture. 


The situation felt timely because it regarded firearms and a gun buyearlier going wrong. Booker was a complicated character because his undercover work was dicey from the beginning of the hour all the way till the finish. 

Sometimes it was tough to number out if he was good or poor. He retained everyone on their toes, however. The best moments of the installment were his handler and also Aincredibly bonding over their particular lunatics. 

So Lethal Weapon Fanatics, exactly how did you feel around this hour? What are your thoughts on the Murtaugh marital problems? Are you bummed that Ruthie is gone? Hit the comments below!