In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you’ll come upon an necessary decision sensibly quickly after the game begins. Tbelow is a sickness in AC Odyssey that starts on Kephallonia in a little village. The decisions you make concerning this sickness have actually effects that have the right to be seen throughout the game, and it’s one of the more crucial choices you have to make in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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What is the Sickness in AC Odyssey?

On the southwest shore of the island also of Kephallonia, you’ll find the village of Kausos. When you approach it, you’ll notice that it’s been charred to the ground. The inhabitants are succumbing to the plague of unwell-known origin.

This sickness might simply seem prefer a minor suggest in a tiny side quest, yet it has even more significant ramifications than are evident at first. To begin the side search concerning the sickness in AC Odyssey, review on.

How to Start the Blood Fever before Quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


If you desire to actually have actually any effect on the spreview of the sickness, you’re going to have to complete the Blood Fever side search. You can gain this from Phoibe in Markos’s Vineyard prior to you leave Kephallonia for the first time. At some allude after you go this quest will certainly become unaccessible, so make sure you do it before you leave the island also.

The Blood Fever before search have to come to be obtainable after your third or fourth story mission. Keep checking your map, and you’ll discover an icon marking wright here Phoibe is. When the mission is available, she’ll tell you about a curse on the village of Kausos and also ask you to investigate. To perform so, you’ll just should head a bit southwest of the vineyard.

Should I Kill or Spare the Family in the Blood Fever Quest in AC Odyssey?

When you arrive at Kausos, you’ll discover a priest and also some soldiers are preparing to kill all the villagers. He tells you that this is to proccasion the spreview of the plague and is regrettable, yet a need. The villagers beg you for mercy, and you’re provided a selection.

If you pick, “Let these world go,” you’ll be forced right into combat with the priest and also his soldiers. After you kill them, you’ll gain an additional option. You can take the money they offer you or let them keep it. If you let them store it, they’ll leave to find a cure, if you take it they remain in the village.

If you conserve the villagers and return to Kephallonia, you’ll find the whole island has actually been overrun by the pester. Furthermore, there’s a possibility (which continues to be unconfirmed) that if you let them keep their money, they’ll leave the island also and spreview the plague throughout the Greek civilization.

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If you pick the alternative, “I have no say in this,” then the soldiers and priest will eradicate the village. This will remove the danger of sickness, and Kephallonia (and also possibly the rest of Greece) will be saved.