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"Let the Music Play" is a song tape-recorded by American singer Shannon for her 1984 deyet studio album of the very same name. The song, created by Chris Barbosa and Ed Chisolm, and also developed by the former and also Mark Liggett, was released on October 24, 1983 as her deyet single and as the lead single from the Let the Music Play album. "Let the Music Play" was the first of Shannon"s 4 number ones on the US Dance Club Songs chart, getting to the top spot in October 1983. It also became a huge crossover hit in the US, peaking at number two on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart (behind Patti LaBelle"s "If Only You Knew") and number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1984. It was Shannon"s just Top 40 hit in the States. Some mark "Let the Music Play" as the start of the "dance-pop" era. "Let the Music Play" was ranked 4third on the 2009 VH1 Special 100 Greatest One-Hit Marvels of the 1980s. The song also shows up in the video games, Dance Central 3 and Scarface: The World Is Yours.even more »

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We started dancing and also love put us into a grooveAs quickly as we started to relocate.The music played while our bodies displayed through the dance,Then love picked us out for romance.I believed it was clear the setup was we would certainly share,This feeling simply in between ourselves.But once the music readjusted, the plan was re-arrangedHe went to dance via someone else.We began dancing and also love put us into a grooveBut currently he"s via somebody brand-new - what does love want me to do?Love said:Let the music play he will not gain ameans,Just save the groove and also then he"ll come earlier to you aget, let it play.Let the music play he will not gain ameans,This groove he can not ignore, he will not leave you anyeven more, no, no, no.He tried pretending a dance is simply a dance, however I seeHe"s dancing his means earlier to me.Guess he"s uncovered we are truly lovers,Magic from the extremely begin, "cause love just retained me groovin",And he felt me movin" even though we danced acomponent.So we started dancing and love put us right into the grooveAs quickly as we started to move, as shortly as we started to relocate.Love said:Let the music play he won"t get amethod, ...He tried pretfinishing a dance is simply a dance, however I seeHe"s dancing his method back to me,He"s dancing his means back to me. - Love said:Let the music play he won"t get amethod, ...Let the music play he won"t acquire away, ...

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Shannon Shannon Brenda Greene (born May 2, 1958), much better known by the mononym Shannon, is an Amerihave the right to recording artist and also singer/songwriter.

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She is probably best well-known for her million-selling record single "Let the Music Play". more »