So, I find this dance scene absolutely hilarious. I am not a dancer at all. I don't dance as soon as I go out drinking so I have no experiance/talent in this location, but I really desire to have the ability to pull this out at some allude and also surpclimb world.

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Are tbelow any tips or suggestions to breaking it down and making it easier to learn? So far I have tried just watching and also mimicking, however it is a struggle. Thanks for any advice.

Here is a gif of it:

And a video:

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· 7 yr. ago
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I don't desire to sound offensive,

but dude...

literally simply store trying to mimick it. :D

Dance is a pretty cool point us human beings use to socialize with others. We're pretty excellent at copying points as well. That's how dancers learn just how to dance. We copy others so we have the right to execute it ourselves. I suppose... that's how a lot of discovering takes areas right?

"Okay course, let's include 1+1 together..."

"Alrighty soon-to-be carpenters, if you all simply look here, I'm simply gonna drill this hole right here in this 2x4...."

"Okay, fellow dancers. We'll begin on the beat. Baby Got Back on one...2...3 and also wiggle!"

I don't desire to sound condescending, lol. But really it's as simple as copying the man.

I think the more appropriate question would certainly be,

When I practice, exactly how deserve to I make 'my' dancing look more like Leonardo DiCaprio's dancing?

Now this my friend, calls for a couple of things,

You feel the beat. You feel the groove of the song.

Try dancing choose the other human being in the crowd first if you can't feel the beat inside you at all. This is the most important point. You should gain your groove on. Yell to yourself, (literally say this, I want you to) "FUCK YEAH BABY GOT BACK!" and also fist pump too!

Once you acquired the groove, make certain you're even more loose too. Loosen up a little. Don't be a stickmale.

Dance is all about activity (or it could additionally be about non-activity, if you wanna be philosophical). Move ya body. Make certain you're loose though. You can't view Leo's legs, but move them also.

Put some character in your moves and also face.

You watch his face? He's thinking in his mind, "Fuck yeah. I'm partying. I gained my groove on. I'ma bust my moves." And he's not simply... wiggling. That dude is WIGGLING!

When that male reels him onto the dance floor, you can see Leo 'creeping up.' He's not just walking. He's creeping. He's acting choose he literally gained hooked by a fishing line and he's being dragged onto the dance floor. Then he moves his arms to obtain all set to wiggle.

Now, he's going off! He doesn't just wiggle his arms. He bends his back a little favor he's sending a wave from one hand also, up the arm, with his chest (or back), and down the various other arm. Popping>.

Then, he snaps both arms and also goes into a lock. Locking>.

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Finally, he's simply doing his point. Looks kinda prefer he's surfing or something.

To end it all, (this should really be the first tip) HAVE FUN!

Don't dance just be favor Leo in this video. Dance to be like the user behind the name /u/dancelikeleo. Dance to be a popper. Dance to be a locker. Dance to have fun. I'm 99.99% sure that this dance was improvised. So your dance should be also. Go in front of a mirror (no matter exactly how small or big) and fucking dance your pants off to "Baby Got Back."