Korra was forced to face the past in The Legfinish of Korra seakid 4, episode 9. Check out our recap and also share your thoughts on “Beyond the Wilds”!

Bad choices

Hipster airbender Ryu leads a tour via Republic City’s Spirit Wilds, wright here everyone is snatched by angry vines. Jinora senses the “surge of spiroutine energy” from the wilds, and goes to investigate via Opal and Korra.

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Korra reads the vines for indevelopment, and also sees Kuvira’s mechatanks carving up the Spirit Swamp — though her objective is unrecognized, it must be bad. Opal and Korra run to tell President Raiko — Opal wishes this will certainly gall him into attacking Kuvira. Jinora stays to search for Ryu.


Korra and also Opal burst in on a tense meeting between President Raiko, Tenzin, Fire Lord Izumi, Lin, and… Prince Wu. Raiko and also Lin want to assault Kuvira’s pressures, but Tenzin observes that Republic City has actually not been struck.

Korra is upcollection that she was not asked to the meeting. Bolin and Varrick race in too, and also manage to interact that Kuvira has a superweapon, which Korra conveniently connects to the harvesting of the spirit vines.

“If she figures out how to harness their power, we are all doomed,” Varrick proclintends.

Raiko considers this simply reason for attacking Kuvira, however Tenzin refuses to use the airbenders for an unprovoked assault. Fire Lord Izumi feels the same way — she will not drag the Fire Nation into one more “nonsense war.” She does agree to assist fortify the borders when Raiko capitulates to her objections.


After Bolin apologizes to Opal, Lin and her niece make plans to rescue Suyin and also their family on their own. Korra and Bolin each lament their recent failures, and also then they all team hug through Mako aobtain.

Jinora is seized by the vines, yet manperiods to astral-task her distress to Korra.

Locked in, locked out

Korra races to the Spirit Wilds with Mako. They escape from a vine assault by racing right into an overgrvery own structure, wright here they find Jinora, Ryu, and the others suspended in stvariety green pods; they are trapped in the Spirit World.

Korra tries to meditate into the Spirit World, but finds herself blocked by the terrifying memory of her final fight with Zaheer. She convinces a reluctant Tenzin to let her challenge Zaheer.


Bolin reunites adorably through Pabu and has actually the fire ferret lead Opal to a sneaky picnic. Opal is furious, and also refprovides to eat via Bolin.

On the other hand, Raiko recruits Asami and Varrick to occupational together to stop Kuvira. Asami reluctantly agrees, and also twists Varrick’s arm until he guarantees not to double-cross her.


Korra goes to check out Zaheer. She finds her old nemesis floating in his chains, unsurprised to check out her. Korra is figured out not to fear him any longer, but her solve easily falls short and she transforms to leave.

But Zaheer teases her ago. “I spend most of my time in the Spirit civilization,” he claims, “and also it’s popular that the Avatar Spirit hasn’t been tright here for a few years.”

Korra is furious that Zaheer have the right to meditate right into the Spirit World, while she cannot. She clintends that he is the trouble — “You poisoned me,” she cries. “You ruined me!”

“Blaming me is a crutch to make you feel much better,” Zaheer observes, informing Korra that her power is “limitless.”

Korra shoots back via the after-effects of Zaheer’s search for chaos — killing the Planet Queen brought about “the worst dictator the people has ever before checked out.”

Zaheer appears genuinely sobered by Kuvira’s power. “She needs to be stopped,” he moffers. He uses to lead Korra into the Spirit World, promising that she deserve to trust him. “We may have been enemies once,” he states, “but for now, our interests align.”

The means out

With nopoint to lose, Korra starts to meditate. She finds herself reliving the fight through Zaheer. Zaheer talks her via the terrifying memory.

“Don’t be afrassist,” he claims, as Korra crashes helplessly to the earth. “Hold on!”

Korra plunges to her death… and also finds herself sitting serenely in the Spirit World. Korra reconnects through Raava, that leads her to Jinora and also tells her that she is the majority of effective in the Spirit World. Korra is able to release Jinora and the others via spirit-bfinishing.

Leaving the prison, Korra tells Mako that she feels “totality.” She deserve to accept what occurred, and that will make her stronger.

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The points we carry out for love

Bolin apologizes aacquire to Opal as she prepares to leave with Lin. He tells her he loves her, and also won’t speak trying to win her ago. Opal appreciates the sentiment, and also invites him to assist rescue her family members in Zaofu.

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