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"Left, Right, Left" (also well-known as "Left/Right") is the lead single released from Drama"s deyet album, Causin" Drama. The song was produced by Shawty Redd, via Drama both co-developing and also composing it. The song peaked at #73 on the Billboard Hot 100, #18 on the R&B chart, and also #2 on the rap chart.

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Chorus: DramaLeft left left left left ideal leftGet on up acquire on up obtain on up ideal leftLeft left left left left best leftGet on up get on up acquire on upFORWARD MARCH!!!y"all niggas ain"t readyfor this 350 my Chevy24/7 peak drop brains ripped outDisshow up prefer I"m Makaveli187 Timberland also boot disposing of these leather glovesSki mask on via a Chinese chopperAnd the ammunition to start a warM-I-M-I-L-I-K around challenge double time to the rearNobody relocate till I say gain all set to ride no have to cryHope y"all niggas ain"t scared to dieYou have the right to die in here we handlin thangsA-T-L-A-N-T-A G-A that"s wbelow I stay MARCH!!!ChorusOn the grind handling mineOn that shit til my dying dayKeeping it genuine maintaining it trillNever capture me without that steelGodby Roadway is wright here I trapPutting in job-related favor a 9 to 5Stay game tight, left on rightAll my troops continue to be tru alrightT-I-G-H-to the-T 2 D-E-F that"s meP-A-P-E-to the-are see-H-A-S-and-E and also that"s till my D-to the-why-I-N-G D-A-whyNow gain your gats and gain on up and come on join my infantryChorusA-T-L-A-N-T-A G-A that"s wright here I S-T-A-why and that"s till my D-to the-why-I-N-G D-A-whyago to thatA-T-L-A-N-T-A G-A that"s wright here I S-T-A-why and that"s till my D-to the-why-I-N-G D-Ato the motherfucking-whyFORWARD MARCH!!!ChorusLeft keep it in action Left keep it in stepLeft save it in action, keep it in action, keep it in stepLeft keep it in step Left store it in stepLeft save it in step, save it in action, keep it in step1 Army2 tight military3 grenade my 4-5 still a bustin6 rounds cause i"m trill via this7 mo" for the busta in the blue suit8 choppers and they filled with troops9 seconds "enemy you shed ya life10 automatic firing weaponsnow gain on up gain on up obtain on up!!!Chorus 2X

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