We start this episode with everyone doing their morning routines – Stabler is doing pushups on his knuckles and also Jesus fucking Christ this man is in amazing form. Bless Chris Meloni’s DNA & herbal athleticism because I feel like I might train 18 hrs a day for a year and I still wouldn’t be able to carry out what he’s doing in this scene.

Ricdifficult Wheatley’s morning routine is composed of getting head from Pilar while Ayanna and Denise are having an extra typical morning. We learn that Denise is a lawyer and she’s prepared to file the lawsuit against the NYPD all while Ayanna is obtaining prepared for the Wheatley operation.

Back at Wheatley’s, he’s got a whole new defense force bereason he knows Izak is a mole. He kills him and his body falls right into the…indoor reflecting pool? Any wealthy civilization reading this let me know if indoor mirroring pools are a point.

Before we move forward, we have to talk about among the true MVPs of this episode: Rictough Wheatley’s double-breasted pinstriped suit.

Dylan McDermott is wearing the absolute fuck out of this suit. He looks remarkable. Plus- a double-breasted pinstriped suit – finish with a CIGAR – for an Italian-American gangster? A perfect callearlier to gangster movies of Hollywood’s golden age via a slightly modern twist. Very Scarface, exceptionally Bonnie & Clyde. I view what you’re doing, display, and I fucking love it.

Things start to go sidemethods with the operation right away – now that Bekher is dead, he won’t be the perboy driving approximately the CI who is intended to buy the COVID product. (I honestly believed this totality point was going to fail. Even after watching the episode twice something doesn’t feel right. Althe majority of choose ending up in police custody was Rictough Wheatley’s setup all alengthy. Idk. I’ll talk around it in my brand-new Wild Theories section listed below.) Worse – Gina is absent.

While new goons drive the CI around, Denise’s lawsuit provides the news (reportedly Denise is a lawyer that has actually no concept exactly how to say “no comment” to the push once they are asking about her wife), pissing of the captain of ESU, that already hated Ayanna because

That is correct, Stabler. ESU dude is a bigoted assbag.

Sloots, understanding that the team is just Ayanna, Stabler, Morales, and also a sack of rocks via feet, takes it upon herself to head into the field. She has a gun and everything!


When Wheatley arrives at the area wright here the buy is supposed to take area, he notices a secondary protection video camera has actually been put there by the Guardos. This pisses Wheatley off and he alters the area of the buy to the least crowded subway terminal in every one of New York City. How exceptionally fortunate that these males have the right to conduct illegal service at a volume loud enough to be overheard by everyone on the platdevelop yet badepend anyone is around. In a city of 8 million people.

Everyone heads into the subway, consisting of The Mole Washburn who someexactly how doesn’t think that this outfit screams “undercover cop.”

When the bust ultimately goes dvery own Wheatley jumps a submethod and Stabler follows him, catches him, and they arrest him. The whole Wheatley empire crumbles. All of this happens also conveniently.

When the OC team gets back to headquarters, Moenig tells Ayanna that they uncovered Gina’s body. I was really hoping that she hadn’t passed away and also they’d discover her in some hospital in Jersey but…damn.

Ayanna and also Stabler go to talk to Richie around Gina’s death. Dana, the smart one, is screaming at him not to talk to anyone without a lawyer, but Richie is kinda thick. He additionally made Ayanna cry by killing Gina and I will certainly absolutely not stand for this. We carry out not tolerate Ayanna Bell disrespect in this residence. Ayanna moves to strike Richie and also Stabler stops her saying “we don’t do that.” I’m sorry, yet the list of SVU perps Stabler did not in some method brutalize is favor 3 names lengthy. We don’t carry out that – given that as soon as, Elliot?

Then ::hefty sigh:: Angela Wheatley shows up. She’s been Up To Stuff this whole episode yet I honestly perform not treatment. Her lawyer was prefer “did you bang Stabler” and also she’s favor “no” and then he’s prefer “Are you in love with him?” which she does not answer.


Look below, Angela – You’ve talked to him for, what, a complete of 45 minutes? You aren’t “in love” through this man! You don’t recognize him. You favor him? You’re attracted to him? You’ve invested many time thinking around what it would be like to feel his weight pressing you into the mattress as he settles in between your thighs? 100%, I’ll give you that. But that’s not love. Love comes later on. Get the fuck out of here through that nonsense.

Angela has actually been cooperating (whatever that means) and her one problem is that she desires to talk to Ricdifficult with Stabler in the room. Nopoint fishy or weird about this at all! And then, it happens. The scene that made the internet explode.

I would certainly just like to quote myself in my last review and this tweet I sent out several weeks back. Emphasis mine:

“So, in a little of Shakespearean fuckery, she made a decision that if Stabler took the love of her life, she was going to take the love of his (except the love of Stabler’s life is currently walking approximately NY through a Captain’s shield and a gun.)”

I intend, we all knew. But damn does it feel excellent to hear it.

I just desire to allude out that I execute not believe a god damned word Angela Wheatley states. I believe Rictough as soon as he claims that he has actually her on tape planning Kathy Stabler’s murder and arranging it so Elliot would certainly have actually had to action away to take a speak to.

As Angela is talking Wheatley calls her out for still trying to seduce Stabler. He actually states “You understand you’re not the love of his life!” Uh, yeah, she’s recognized him for every one of 15 seconds, of course she’s not.

But then he says: “Nor was that negative woman you had actually brutally murdered the love of his life.”

Oh. Poor Kathy Stabler. But it’s constantly been pretty apparent that the Stablers’ marriage died over the course of a lot of of SVU’s beforehand periods and also had actually to be resurrected exclusively because Elliot knocked Kathy up. Again. (There’s also a scene where she pertains to ask him to come home and he starts to say no…till she tells him she’s pregnant.) That’s not to say that he didn’t love her. I believe Elliot Stabler fiercely loved his wife. But it was the sort of love that is born out of duty – duty to his household, duty to his duties as a father and also husband, duty to his principle of what a good male is and also exactly how that type of guy behaves, duty to the woman he swore to love, honor, and also cherish in front of his family members and also his God. That’s the sort of love that preserved them together. And at the end of the day, Elliot made choices to be the kind of dutiful male who honors the promise he made to his wife when he was barely 18. He was a faithful husband and also a present father…also if his heart belonged somewhere else.

And Ricdifficult Wheatley, making use of whatever inside intel he has actually, figured that out. He says:

“Plot twist – there’s someone else. Anvarious other womale. Who’s the one true love of his life.”

Much prefer the Stabler kids at the treatment, we’re all sitting roughly prefer “Yeah. We know.” BECAUSE WE KNOW. Elliot and also Oliby means of have actually remained in love for years. And they’re not extremely great at hiding it. I think the just people that weren’t exceptionally aware of their feelings for each various other were the 2 of them – or at leastern they were the last to understand. (And I’d bet that Stabler’s factor for leaving SVU without a word to Olithrough comes down to him ultimately figuring out that he’s in love with her and he kbrand-new he couldn’t be the type of dutiful, honorable family man he saw himself as and still keep her as his companion.)

But now that Wheatley knows, that means he’s coming for Olithrough. I execute hope she gives it to him as great as she gets it bereason, at the finish of the day, Olithrough is a badass who can manage her own shit.

I’m incredibly excited for the following episode!

Wild Theories:

Please note that these are just theories I have around the display. I have actually no proof and also I’m certain several of them will be incorrect. I’m doing it anymeans.

I’m still all in on The Mole Washburn. It’s too much of a coincidence that Ayanna and also Stabler remind everyone that they are additionally listening for Wheatley to talk about knocking off necessary world and then he does it. Plus, Wheatley knows around Oliusing, so he had to get someone through NYPD ties to offer him indevelopment (papers, jackets, or, favor I created last review, someone saw Elliot and also Oliusing eye-fucking each various other in OC headquarters and passed that alengthy.) And never before forobtain – Wheatley knows Stabler is a “coffee snob” currently. We learned that at OC headquarters.I’m starting to think that Angela Wheatley is the brains behind the whole criminal enterpincrease. Richard is a useful figurehead. Maybe she’s “cooperating” via the cops in order to gain Ricdifficult out of the method so she and also her kids have the right to continue running it? Somepoint is not best around how this bust went dvery own. Wheatley went also quickly. I still think him ending up in jail is part of the arrangement and I STILL believe the oloid was a message in between Angela and Richard…possibly a message to enact whatever plan Wheatley has been playing out.

Random Observations:

The shot of Stabler in the shower in the beginning where he’s breapoint heavy…was that a post-orgasm shot? (It’s right alongside the shot of Wheatley finishing.) If it was, no shame from my finish – masturbation is herbal and also healthy and balanced and no one need to feel negative for doing it. Richard Wheatley has his very own proprietary cryptocurrency. Of course he does. What a douche. Dylan McDermott transforms the Campy Villain Energy as much as an 11 in the last scene and I am so below for it. He & his suit are tied for MVP of the episode.Chris Meloni in this v neck shirt…he is so fucking warm in this episode it need to be illegal. Can we begin a petition to get Chris Meloni and also Danielle Moné Truitt to stand choose this once an episode?

Change the layout song of the present to “Booty” by JLo simply for these 2.

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God bless ’em.