Law & Order SVU “True Believers” was an excellent episode that pressures viewers to feel uncomfortable and unsettled all the means through. First, tright here is a rape at gunpoint, and also as the story progresses, the victim is treated prefer the criminal and also the police treated like they are sloppy at their jobs. The procedure of collecting proof in the rape kit is practically simply as poor for the victims as the rape. The crisis counselor seemed quick to throw in the towel, making it appear that she doesn’t believe the victim. Things acquire worse for the victim when she gets ago to her apartment and finds it in a state of disrange, via babsence fingerprint marks left anywhere her walls.It isn’t unusual in episodes about a rape to have the victim’s very own habits provided against them. But, in this case, the victim provides it far worse by lying and also by placing her piano grade over all else, leading to her to delay the report of the attack. It was exciting that a girl that is so young and angelic looking was cast for this role, it made her look even even more childchoose and also naïve around exactly how her actions have the right to be provided to aid the defense. In spite of all this, Benboy knows all the indicators of a true victim, and Benson stands by her till the bitter finish. This was an Emmy-worthy performance for Mariska; she made it simple to feel Benson’s frustration with that hard loss to the defense. It’s always a hard case, though, as soon as the detectives, prosecution, and the defense all are true believers in their case and also their cause - sadly occasionally the good men lose. This episode also was the first one in a lengthy, lengthy time that available an amazing legal situation. It helped to have actually both Linus Roache return as Bureau Chief Michael Cutter to take charge of the prosecution, and additionally a formidable adversary in Bayard Ellis, played perfectly by Andre Braugher. I personally agreed with Ellis that the lineup was not conducted appropriately – and also frankly I was surprised that the judge did not provide Ellis’ motion. I don’t watch exactly how it might also be remotely fair to conduct a line up on a dark street with the suspect being held in cuffs. I observed no reason why they couldn’t lug the suspect in to SVU for a proper line up. I also didn’t watch anypoint wrong with what Amaro did once he observed the gun and relocated immediately to secure it. While he might have actually had the suspect restrained, that doesn’t expect that someone else in that apartment couldn’t have actually gotten their hands on that gun to usage it before Amaro and Benboy secured the area for the warrant. Munch argued to Amaro in the future that he have to secure the area and also then acquire the warrant, but I wonder why the detectives were not admoniburned and asked to be even more mindful with the lineup. The episode also preserved an extremely severe and somber timbre with what seemed favor practically no background music. (The much less music the much better, in my opinion.)This episode marks a reunion for Ricdifficult Belzer and Andre Braugher, who both previously teamed up on the series “Homicide: Life on the Street”. On that display, Belzer played Detective John Munch (a function which he brought to the X-Files before bringing it to SVU) and also Braugher played Detective Frank Pembleton. But, in “True Believers,” Braugher plays a defense attorney. The reunion of these 2 actors on display doesn’t go by without acknowledgment as soon as, upon initially seeing Ellis, Munch greets Ellis as if he knows him, and Ellis asks, “Have we met?” and then comments that he doesn’t acquire the joke. That’s OK – WE got it!

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Here is the recap: CastMariska Hargitay – Detective Oliusing BensonIce-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” TutuolaRichard Belzer – Sergeant John MunchDann Florek – Captain DonCragenKelli Giddish - Detective Amanda RollinsDanny Pino - Detective Nick AmaroGuest Stars Tamara Tunie – Dr. Melinda WarnerLinus Roache – Bureau Chief Michael Cutter Andre Braugher – Bayard EllisSofia Vassilieva – Sarah WalshCedric Sanders - Michael WedmoreSarah Welsh is practicing the piano and later she heads to the local keep. She walks residence with an armpack of groceries and as soon as she steps into the elevator, someone calls out for her to hold the door. A young babsence guy measures in to the elevator and also tells her “excellent catch”. He makes small talk through her, and also holds the door open up for her after the elevator stops on her floor. Sarah opens up the door to her apartment and also walks in the via groceries, leaving the door open. When she walks earlier to cshed it, the young black guy actions into her apartment with a gun pointed at her, informing her not to scream. He closes the door behind her and orders to sit. She complies. She tells him her name and also asks if he desires somepoint to drink. He asks if she has a beer, and she replies she thinks so. She walks into the kitchen and also moves toward the window and also then to the cupboard to obtain a beer and also a glass. The guy watches her as she pours it. Her phone rings and she claims it is her boyfriend and he could be coming over, yet he tells her to leave it. He activities her earlier to sit on the couch. The guy asks if she is a musician, and also when she uses to play for him, he says no. She states she just has actually a couple of dollars reduced he claims he doesn’t need money. He begs him not to kill her. She asks what he desires, and he asks her to take off her clothing. She claims he does not require his gun and also she will execute anything he wants her to. He puts it down and also moves toward her. He orders her aget to take off her clothing and also he gets rid of his shirt. He orders her to lay down and she complies. He lies on height of her and rapes her. Later, Sarah is in the SVU intercheck out room with Detective Oliby means of Benkid and Benkid is asking her to recount the details. Sarah states the rape emerged about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. Benson asks why she waited so lengthy to report, and also Sarah claims she had actually a jury, which is a graded recital. She sassist she did not yell or fight earlier. Benson reminds her that he had a gun and also it is rape, and she is alive and also she did what she had to carry out. In the monitoring location, Munch comments to Benkid that Sarah is just a kid and asks what occurred. Benkid describes Sarah is a sophomore at Manhattan Academy of Music and also she was raped at gunpoint yesterday. When Amaro asks if tbelow was any kind of outcry, Benchild states Sarah showed best after and then saw a piano recital. When Munch argues she and Amaro take her for a rape kit, Benchild claims she is still trying to get Sarah to trust her so Amaro argues to store it little. Munch advises he will certainly send Rollins and Fin to the apartment via CSU and asks if she thinks they have the right to get his DNA. Benson states he offered a condom and flumelted it. Munch replies “Good luck.” At Mercy General Hospital, the rape kit is being carried out and also Sarah describes the beer the man drank has not been relocated and also is on her coffee table in a plastic cup as she believed that would certainly gain the DNA. Benkid states the bottle would certainly have actually been much better. Sarah coldly replies that she will remember that for next time. Benboy apologizes and Sarah claims it is fine. The curtain opens and Jen enters and announces herself as her crisis counselor. Benchild tells Jen she can’t simply barge in here. Jen tells Sarah she is there to assist. The nurse doing the rape kit tells Sarah to move toward her and tells her she will feel push.Back at Sarah’s apartment, Fin gets off the phone and also tells CSU to grab the cup off the table. Rollins tells CSU to obtain a sample off the mattress and also CSU cuts a huge hole in a stain in the mattress.
Back at the hospital, they are drawing Sarah’s blood, and Benchild reassures her. Jen states that one of Sarah’s options is not to file charges. Benboy is stunned. Jenny tells Sarah she showered and also tright here is a lack of physical violence and those instances have the right to be hard to prosecute. Benboy is incensed, saying that they likewise offer you a voice to say that is not OK and to demand justice. When Jen says that prosecution can be emotionally grueling, Benkid asks to talk to her external. After stepping external the exam area, Benboy asks Jen what she is doing. Jen states it is her job to make sure the survivor knows everything around the process and also she does not sugarcoat. She hands Benson her card, and Benchild asks she been a counselor for how long? Jen claims yes Benchild has actually been doing this much longer yet she has actually fresher eyes and also the system does not always occupational. Benboy replies that girl has just been robbed of all her power and her humankind and also questions Jen’s advice to pretfinish it never before taken place and also walk amethod. When Jen starts to say that is not what she meant, Benson sternly replies it does not matter and walks away from her. Benchild walks ago right into the exam area and provides Sarah Jen’s card and also advises that Jen shelp to call her if she desires. The nurse provides Sarah meds to minimize her risk of STDs, HIV, and pregnancy. As Sarah takes the pills, the nurse increates her she will certainly be appropriate earlier with the hepatitis-C shots. Benboy asks Sarah if she is OK and reminds her she is not alone and she will certainly be tbelow eincredibly step of the method. Later, Sarah and Benson enter her apartment and Sarah is shocked that it is in a state of disselection after CSU has actually been there. Benboy asks if tbelow is anylocation else she can stay, favor her parental fees, and also Sarah says it is not an excellent concept, they were versus her relocating right into the neighborhood. Benson tells her this is a huge burden to bear in her suffer, and also Sarah asks, “In your experience? Until you’ve been raped, you don’t get…” and also she looks at Benson and stops talking. She apologizes and also says she is on edge and needs some time. Benson states if she has her number and also to speak to her, and as soon as Benchild lightly touches her shoulder, Sarah jumps and also then she apologizes aacquire. Benchild provides Sarah her card and tells her to contact her. Sarah says she will certainly be fine as Benchild leaves.

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Sarah conveniently fastens all the locks on the door Benson, in the elevator, looks approximately the protection cam in the corner and lets out a sigh.