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In neuters the nomiaboriginal is the very same as the stem, via final i adjusted to e(mare, stem mari-). But most nouns1 in which the i of the stem is predelivered by -āl- or -ār- lose the last vowel and also shorten the coming before ā.

animăl, stem animāli-2

a. Neuters in -e, -al, and also -ar have in the ablative singular, -ium in the genitive plural, and also -ia in the nomiindigenous and accusative plural.

animal, animālī, -ia, -ium

69. Nouns of this class are declined as adheres to.


1. Such are animal, bacchānal, bidental, capital, cervīcal, cubital, lupercal, minūtal, puteal, quadrantal, toral, tribūnal, vectīgal; calcar , cochlear, exemplar, lacūnar, laquear, tūcar, lūminar, lupānar, palear, pulvīnar, torcular . Cf. the plurals dentālia, frontālia, genuālia, spōnsālia; altāria, plantāria, speculāria, tālāria; likewise many type of names of festivals, as, Sāturnālia.

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2.Exceptions are augurāle, collāre, fōcāle, nāvāle, penetrāle, rāmāle, scūtāle, tībiāle; alveāre, capillāre. cochleāre.



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