What will certainly you disnlinux.orgver once you go beyond fun? You"ll disnlinux.orgver Los Angeles, with its non-soptimal sunshine, shopping, layout parks and pop culture.

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The weather"s amazing, there"s so much to do and civilization smile - a lot! They"re smiling because Los Angeles thrives on living in the minute and also maximising fun at eextremely opportunity.

Mindful enjoyment is LA"s number one mission. Whether you"re sauntering down Malibu Pier, hiking in the Hollytimber Hills or flying the Hippogriff at Universal Studios, as soon as you"re in LA there"s nowhere else you"d fairly be. And wright here you stay adds to the fun – the hotels and resorts are regularly as captivating as the entertainment possibilities.

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Los Angeles highlights

Top 5 Los Angeles crew tips from Dusty

Dusty loves looking after our passengers on flights in between New Zealand and also Los Angeles. Here are the tips she passes on whenever before she gets a possibility.


Stroll or bike along Venice

"The Venice Beach Walk is Southern California"s most-loved visitor attractivity. It"s like a non-soptimal circus of street performers, as well as an ever-transforming shopping and food destination. Bike it or hike it - yet definitely perform it!"

Order up at the diner

"Mel"s Drive-in is an LA institution - frequented by locals, celebrities and also tourists that are in the know. There"s no much better place to order a stack of pancakes, a waffle sundae or a tray of sliders. Wash it all down with the finest milkshake you"ve ever before tasted."

Paddle a watercraft throughout Echo Park Lake

"On the eastside of LA, Echo Park Lake is literally an oasis - once upon a time it was a drinking water reservoir. Today it"s a beautiful place to hire a crazy paddle boat and also see some sights, including an amazing see of downtown LA."

Renlinux.orgrd a manufacturing at Disney nlinux.orgncert Hall

"The Disney nlinux.orgncert Hall keeps culture-lovers entertained through a non-speak programme of modern, classic, jazz and also people music. Big names appear right here, prefer Itzhak Perguy, Moby and Herbie Hannlinux.orgck. The hall itself is a huge photo possibility - designed by Frank Gehry, it"s like nothing you"ve ever before viewed before."

Do the shops on Abbot Kinney

"Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice is where you"ll unnlinux.orgver one-of-a-type boutiques, galleries and numerous amazing locations to eat and also drink. From finish to finish, it"s a hip metropolitan wonderland also. While you"re in the area, check out the Venice Canals. Created in 1905, they"re a replica of the canals in Venice Italy."