Eye cream has constantly been among those beauty commodities I’d usage below and tbelow yet never before as a staple in my routine. Targeting my acne was mostly (and also, let"s be hoswarm, constantly will be) the peak priority so every little thing else takes a backseat. That is until I looked in the mirror freshly and also witnessed dark circles (gasp!) and wrinkles (double gasp!) around my eyes—seemingly out of nowright here.

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I’ve heard human being talk about this fateful day–the one where you look in the mirror and also realize your level of tired is reflected ago at you—yet I believed probably I can escape it (I"m a a beauty editor, after all)! Nope. And, while you can do a scrub or a peel or a mask to wake up your skin, it"s a lot harder to revive tired eyes.


White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire
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I recently learned about every one of the complexities of why this is so as soon as I travebrought about Palm Springs as a guest of La Prairie to learn about the launch of its newest product: White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. (Yes, it"s as elaborate as it sounds.)

“We discovered that skin luminosity is a function of shade and reflection, but the eye location is various as it has actually a 3 dimensional architecture,” explains Jacqueline Hill, PhD, chemist and the brand’s director of strategic creation and scientific research. “Light or skin luminosity in this location is not just dependent on color and reflection, but also on shapes. Color and reflection determine the high quality and the intensity of light reflected from the skin while shapes produce a pattern of contrasts between shadows and also light that expose a third dimension.”

Sindicate put: Due to the fact that of the curves and bone structure roughly your eyes, there are shadows that are being produced that can leave your skin in that area looking darker (aka more tired) than you actually are. Which is unfortunately what makes it so tough to reverse.

All of these components merged are what develop an extra light reflective surchallenge for a brighter, healthier (aka less tired) appearance. “Our skin is consisted of of two light mirroring surfaces: The surchallenge of the skin itself, however likewise the netoccupational of collagen fibers in the dermis. It"s by smoothing the surface and also densifying the netoccupational of collagen fibers that we increase the reflection of light from our skin,” explains Dr. Hill. “Reflection of light is at its best when the surchallenge of an item is perfectly smooth. If a surconfront is rough, shadows are created and also light is scattered earlier in all directions—diminishing the intensity of the showing light.”

Bottom line: All the brightening ingredients in the civilization will not help if the surface of your skin isn"t plump and also smooth.


The formula feels as luxurious as it sounds.

The rich formula is loaded through a few vital players that comprise the magical triple danger to treat shade, reflection, and shape. Golden caviar extract (the signature ingredient found in many kind of La Prairie favorites) boosts the production of ceramides to help boost collagen manufacturing and also plump the skin. There"s additionally the brand"s proprietary ingredient they call lumidose which blocks tyrosinase—the enzyme that creates melanin (what triggers pesky brvery own spots). Finally, shea butter and glycerin are what make it super hydrating to aid smooth fine lines.

The texture of the cream itself is so silky smooth that you"ll likely desire to rub it over your whole face–it feels that good. It"s additionally super thick so a little goes an extremely long method. It wears well under makeup, too, so I’m able to apply it morning and night no problem. While it does have a fragrance, it"s not overpowering and also my sensitive eyes didn’t mind. I’ve been using it for about a week at this allude and have the right to currently watch the brightening effects.

Mesmerized yet?

The applicator is a game changer.

While the formula left my under eyes moisturized and bbest, it was really the magical wand also that made me desire and also remember to use it every day. The ceramic pearl applicator not just massages the cream deeper right into skin, however it likewise helps with lymphatic drainage and raising circulation (so it de-puffs and also wakes up those peepers, stat). I would certainly use the cream first through my finger and then follow it up through the wand also in a circular movement roughly my whole eye—a ritual that I"ve really leaned into in these times of self-isolation.

It’s an investment.

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When I stated previously that the product was well-off, I wasn’t simply referencing the texture—it"s additionally on the pricey side coming in at $550. BUT, if you"re someone that suffers from dark circles or constantly tired looking eyes, or if you"ve tried many kind of other creams via no success, this might be your answer. The potent ingredients and 360 strategy to brightening, lifting, and restructuring your eye area is unchoose anypoint I had actually heard of or tried prior to. Plus, you have the right to proceed to use the magic wand also lengthy after you"ve provided up the cream itself—consider it a gift that keeps on offering.

Chelsea BurnsChelsea Burns is the Beauty Director for Women’s Health and has actually been writing in the beauty and health area for over 6 years via her work-related appearing in Real Simple, Health, Fitness, and also Byrdie.com.
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