I only have the Kit-Cat Klock company to blame, but I won’t even do that.

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I’ve organized onto my Kit-Cat clock for long enough. I’m offering up. I won’t throw it away, mind you, yet I’ll relegate it to the ago of a shelf in the laundry room.

In 2014, my daughter provided me the clock as a birthday existing. It operated beauticompletely for around two years and then quit. After consulting the trouble-shooting website, namong the feasible remedies for the malfunction fit. The only one that seemed plausible was to rearea the batteries, so I did. Still no success.

So I put the dang point away for one more day. That day came and after piddling about a tiny even more, I figured out that I had earlier reinserted the batteries incorrectly. After correcting that, my Kit-Cat Clock swung aacquire and it was simply peachy… till it wasn’t. About a year later on, those eyes and also that tail quit aobtain. The clock still worked, but the eyes and the tail—the reasons one purchases a Kit-Cat Clock in the first place—didn’t.

So I reput the batteries aget. Nothing. Dorked approximately with the eyes again. Zilch. I took the batteries out again, and also then put in various batteries. Nada. Tapped and also relocated a few internal components and also still no go. Then I looked a small closer at the clock. No, it wasn’t working after all.

This was more severe than I believed. The Kit-Cat clock could actually be lastly dead, I believed, ready now more than ever to simply chuck the totality thing in the trash.

But I didn’t. I left it, still and silent, on the wall.

About a year later, we moved. And since I’m never before one to give up, I packed the clock (all the while asking myself why am I doing this?!) and also relocated it into our new residence, where I ultimately tried yet aget around a month ago to revive the pile of plastic. Still no luck.

By this time, my devotion to the clock started to wane. I had lost patience and also chucked the negative, cute little bit clock into the trash. (Okay, it’s not as cute as it offered to be. Could that grin actually be a smirk?!)

However, half an hour later, I kbrand-new I couldn’t leave it there. So I went ago, lifted the cat from the garbage deserve to, dug roughly for the tail, and found it. And then I inserted the clock and its accompanying tail in the laundry room. It’s sitting tbelow at this incredibly minute.

And tright here you have actually just how much I like Kit-Cat clocks. Even as soon as they don’t job-related, I still store them for two feasible reasons: 1) I prefer old things; thus my arsenal of twenty-4 vintage steel recipe boxes that looked really awesome alongside my Kit-Cat clock… when it worked, and also 2) the clocks remind me a tiny of my childhood and also a board game we maintained in the hall closet based on Felix the Cat. I remember looking at the game, but not really learning just how to play it. Or perhaps I did know exactly how to play, yet didn’t have someone to play it with. (Who knows?! This was a really lengthy time back and also I couldn’t have been even more than 6 years old.)

It doesn’t issue. My Kit-Cat clock is currently officially dead. I tried to conserve it. Several times, in fact.

I can’t even blame the malfeature on Chinese manufacturing. The Kit-Cat Klock Company(yes, they spell clock with a K) is based close to Los Angeles in Fountain Valley, California and also renders eincredibly clock right tright here as it has given that 1932.

I only have the Kit-Cat Klock firm to blame, but I won’t even perform that. Even though it doesn’t work, I still prefer my crazy clock, and also though it provides me a little sad to view it staring lifelessly ago at me in the laundry room, I more than likely won’t get rid of it anytime quickly. Call me sentimental.

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Thanks for reading! If you can believe it, this short article around my Kit-Cat clock is my highest-perdeveloping post of all time on this blog. Go figure. I wrote it at the last minute simply before we ventured over to my in-legislations in 2016 for Christmas Eve. Today, I believed it was time for an update on my clock, even if there’s nopoint really to tell other than that it is currently officially dead.